Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cloth Paper Scissors Judy Wilkenfeld

Please buy the Jan/Feb. 2008 latest edition of Cloth . Paper Scissors and look at the artist's profile on Judy Wilkenfeld from Sydney, Australia. (page 60-65) She has art there...a wonderfully poignant tribute to her father and to Jews everywhere, to survivors and victims of the Holocaust. I was moved to tears reading about this and looking at her art pieces. Please get it. And REMEMBER not to Forget. Her blogspot is:
Others may also enjoy or gain from seeing Judys blog site redvelvetcreations and looking at the pieces and her process close up. On the right side of her blog you see NUMBERS LINK and it takes you to her whole story of yet another interesting piece of work. Very moving to say the least.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks very much for your comment on my blog, i truly appreciate it. Could you please email me with your email address - the link to mine is on the right side of my blog.
    You may also be interested in "Numbers" another piece which had a direct link on the side of my blog too. The link takes you to the beginning of the posts about the piece. It too is about a couple, Sam and Esther who survived the Holocaust but explains their history and the reasons for all the symbolism in depth.
    Once again thanks and regards

  2. I will have to get that next time I go to town. I notice they have a 50% off coupon for Micheals where I got the last one.
    Will check out her site soon.

  3. OK Lynn, Thanks for the heads up on the right month for that magazine. Jan/feb with Red cover. I'll use my coupon too. ;)

  4. Although I am not a Jewess I will never forget.

  5. Thank you Annie, that means a lot.

    And Cris, its more purple than red, but definitely Jan/Feb. (And not orange/yellow)...

  6. Hi Lynn. I recently subscribed to the mag. so y'day received my Jan/Feb copy in the mail and last night!! read the article. Fascinating. She is an amazing person. The story of the suitcase is just extraordinary. I will never forget but one wonders as time passes how blurred that memory in history may become for those not directly effected re: family. I know that even though I am not Jewish, I could not visit Aushweitz (sp) or Buchenwald, it would be too painful simply on the terms of human being doing this to human beings. Blessings, Suki

  7. Dearest Lynn, thank you very much for your comments that are always encouraging and insightful... Reading them, I'm filled with lots of energy to go on...

    As to what you have written in this post , unfortunately i do not have access to that magazine, but I can understand your feelings.
    It tortures me to death to see people of some minority should suffer hardships or death just because they have a different religion or culture or even a different political viewpoint.

    When I was in my teens I read a book about the horrifying sufferings of a boy during Holocaust; The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski. It was a kind of shock to my soul who was in search of a peaceful world full of justice... This story is also a metaphor for all those who are in a way different in their society like that painted bird...
    My feelings are not that of sympathy but empathy...

    You asked me to write about the shocking assassination of Buto who you beautifully described: in her prime...Prime Minister, WOMAN, Leader, Mother, Wife. ( I really liked that capitalization of woman)

    I just can say that some forces do not want peace in the Middle East. Maybe it is not profitable for them... And they do anything to stop that...
    In Iran we have a saying: Politics has no father and mother! It means it's not a well-behaved child with decent behavior ; you should expect the dirtiest acts and conducts ....
    And unfortunately in Middle east we are bombarded with such disastrous events..
    Friends like you, Suki, Andrea, Kelly,... doesn't let my heart to lose its warmth.. thank you for being there...
    I've read all your previous posts and watched all those beautiful pictures that tell us how life can be beautiful when we love and when we share...

  8. I LOVE Judy's work, discoverd it a few months ago and discussed it on November 4th on my blog. ( really just fell in love with her work and approach. I've emailed her to ask if she will be teaching a class in the US - and she is writing a proposal for that now - but I don't know where. I'm sure she'd post it on her blog.
    Thanks for letting us know that she will be in Cloth, Paper Sissors - I'll buy that issue asap!

  9. I just added the photos of the magazine and Judy's article first page, as a friend ran out to buy it and got the wrong issue. Wait for this newest issue which is Jan/Feb 2008.

    Thank you all for your interest shown here and sentiments.
    And thank you Judy for responding to my inquiry at your blog!

    Others may also enjoy or gain from seeing Judys blog site Redvelvetcreations and looking at the pieces and her process close up. On the right side of her blog you see NUMBERS LINK and it takes you to her whole story. Very moving to say the least.

  10. Mim: Judy will be teaching in Portland Oregon at the Art and Soul Art Retreat this year. I posted the registration start on the right side of my blog: March 11. Maybe many of us can meet up there?


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