Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Juried Art Show, Playing Around With Felting, & You've Got to Hear Susan Boyle

The next couple of days are going to be busy ones for me. The local art gallery is getting ready for it's once a year juried art show. I have volunteered to help out on the day the judges select pieces to be in the show. Nothing like putting your ego on the chopping block, as I will be taking several of my own pieces in on Saturday to go through that selection process on Sunday. Friday I will be running around looking for the right length of hanging bars and picture frames and making final decisions of my own as to which of my pieces to enter. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Just getting in is a big deal in my book! Oh that piece up there? Just me playing around last night on my felting machine. Letting off tension. Nothing to write home about. I don't have time to figure out how to upload a video right now, but if you haven't met Susan Boyle yet, believe me you want to. My friend, Judy at her blog called Red Velvet the video on her post from yesterday. It is linked and says "go HERE"...I strongly encourge you to go to her blog and see "go HERE" to watch the video it takes you to. Just use the URL above/click on the blue words. You will not be disappointed. Come back here and tell me what you think. There are more Susan Boyle videos on UTube as well. Enjoy today!


  1. HOpe you get into that Show. Fingers & toes crossed. :)
    I saw that Video. It brought tears to my eyes it was so good. and I saw her on GMA this morning. GOOD MORNING AMERICA. What a talent.

  2. Yes,she's fantastic isn't she?
    If you scroll down my blog list, you will see a photo of her and a link to u tube,Maddie posted about her earlier in the week.Her blog is called the world from my window.

  3. Oh Lynn, I am going to be focusing on you getting into that gallery show. This is so exciting...I am thinking positive thoughts and willing the judges to 'choose Lynn, choose Lynn'! If it is the right door, it will open very wide for you, I can promise you that!

    I completely agree about Susan Boyle! What an amazing voice...and amazing teacher to us all! The hardest part is the pressure must be incredible for her to get that album made! I ADORE this story!

    I am going to adore your story too, Lynn! Fingers and toes crossed!

    PS the word verification is: ingio
    mmmm, in Lynn goes?

  4. Cris, thanks...hope your fingers and toes don't get sore before Sunday! LOL Much appreciated though.

    Jude, yes, and thanks for more sightings.

    Kim, thanks I feel your energy and will will it to the judges!
    I think your word is a bit of a stretch but love that you see me in it!!!! Too sweet!

  5. Good luck Lynn! Have a great time. I loved that video. I have watched it over and over. Her voice is amazing.

  6. Good luck with your show. I bet you make it in. Your work is wonderful.

    I have seen the Susan perform on the video. She is now realizing her dream.

  7. I have seen it a few times and it is so amazing! I love it!!!!
    And I love listening to it!

    And you are in Lynn!
    Of course!!!
    your work is gorgeous and original!
    Try to enjoy everything! Don´t be nervous

  8. Thanks Chris, Marianne and Lisa.

    I sure am appreciating all the support I am getting here today. Now, will you all go talk to the judges? LOL This year
    all are male, one is a photographer, one a painter and one a ceramist. Gosh, I hope they like textile art work!

  9. gooood luck, you are so brave....yes i saw the show here in the uk...loved her, simon is very tugh but also very honest and if he says she's good, then she's good!!! she's gonna win for sure, now you go out there and win too!

  10. This is the 4th time for the day someone is telling me about Susan Boyle/sharing her link. She has really taken the world by storm.

  11. I cried, it was very moving and so special...thank you for sharing this. I think we do judge a book by it's cover so much of the time. This is a good message.
    Hugs, Mary

  12. lynn, good luck with the show. i hope the whole experience is wonderful. nothing like being among other artists to get your juices flowing.

    i saw susan boyle on tv tonight for the first time. she's becoming known like wildfire. what fun.


  13. Good luck Lynniskynni, you'll get in! Love your new header, very textile, gorgeous!
    Have a great and busy weekend

  14. oh yes i've watched that video several times... and love it when the jury's eyes are wide open when she sings... and when they give her the biggest YES!

    i'm sure your art will get a very big yes... and all eyes are attracted to your marvelous artworks...

  15. Best of Luck for the Art Show! May the Lord help you with success that your heart desires.
    I happened to hear Susan Boyle today Morn'. Isn't she marvellous! I got goosebumps hearing her. So much potential:) Reminds me "Ne'er too late."


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