Saturday, November 4, 2017

After a very long break, I am back...

Well if you can see this you know I have been gone for months, and this is just a snippet of my life since I was last here.
I still draw at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble Café most days of the week.

I am fully retired now so my days are spent drawing, quilting, volunteering ... I volunteer in my grand daughter's art class, which is just an awesome experience for me.

I still draw for Sktchy, but not as regularly I had been doing:

And my latest adventure is working with a personal trainer in a gym, just she and I, to strengthen my body and learn and improve balance. I've had seven 45 minutes sessions over October and early November, going twice a week, and I love it. There were moments early on when I asked myself what I was doing, was I nuts? but now I look forward to my sessions and I am starting to see improvements.
I'm keeping a sketchbook just for these sessions to record my progress.

I'm now lifting eight pounds and pulling 40!
I draw in other public places as well.

Since March I have completed five quilts for all five grandchildren and they all love them. Here are the two most recently gifted.

 And this is the one (below) I am currently working on. I'm really happy that I've gotten back into working with fabrics. It feels so creative and yummy to the touch.

So I hope this finds you all well. It took me a few minutes to remember how to even do a blog post. Really, it's amazing what one can forget when they aren't doing it regularly.
Take care and enjoy your creative lives!

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you comments should you feel like leaving any.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Four More Work Weeks to Full Retirement, In the Meantime ...

Semi retirement continues. I work parts of three days a week, seeing clients in my counseling practice. I love my work, and I used to joke I'd die in my chair. But finally decided not to let that happen. (I hope it won't happen in the next four weeks! I feel fine!) Instead I've been looking around to add to my already very arty life for new things to do.

I have a call into my grandkids (age 12) art teacher at their school. I want to volunteer in her class starting once a month and maybe more often ... it's a 45 minute drive from my home. But it would include a day with grandkids, probably taking them to their soccer games on the day(s) I am there and having dinner with them afterwards at my daughters home.

I also talked to a woman at the local knit shop (in Winters, CA) and she  told me they meet on Mondays to make quilts for charity. That sounded like a good way to be with like minded people.

Of course I will continue drawing at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. And my Sktchy portraits at home.

Speaking of which here's one for you.

A few Sundays ago we went to Sacramento, CA to the theater. I hadn't been in a very long time. I have a very talented cousin named Donald Corren, who lives and preforms in New York City and his show, On The Town,  came to our area so we went. It was a fun musical and I drew these two young women who were also waiting in the on call area for their tickets before show time.

This gentleman was fun to draw on the Sktchy App.
I'm enjoying playing with my Copic markers experimenting with different skin tones. He let me know he was pleased with the results.

These women were at Starbucks. I'm not sure what they are discussing. But I am guessing they are all retired too as it was a work day. Or maybe not. Maybe just on a lunch break.

This next one was a very fun experience at Starbucks. This guy sat across from me while I was drawing people behind him. He motioned with his head and eyes as if to day: "Are you going to draw me next?"
So I did. He was very occupied on his cell phone and I doubt was much aware that he was actually being drawn. But I showed it to him afterwards and he said he loved it. He asked to take a photo of it. But he wanted to know why his head looked like a potato. I said it was just my wonky style. He sent a copy to his daughter. We had a nice conversation and he signed the drawing for me too.

Meanwhile back at home on my Sktchy App. on my iPhone. This guys wife made him this hat and I was very pleased, as was he, at how well I could replicate it.

I loved her wonderfully fun smile.

Here are some women talking about me as I draw them ...

And another Sktchy woman.

Okay, time to brag. Sktchy gives out "Picks" and I have had a few. This is my latest! It feels very nice to have one's art chosen in this way. It's the equivalent of finding a blue ribbon on your drawing at the art gallery or county fair!

I have started top sewing free motion style on the grandson's monster quilt. My next door neighbor lent me one of her sewing machines that is a little larger than mine making the quilt easier to sew on at this stage. I am so appreciative of her generosity. The free motion sewing seems much more user friendly on her machine too.

Here are more examples of what it's like to draw on a quilt which in turns Quilts it.

I like finding photos to draw in Sktchy that have interesting facial expressions. I am sure you will agree with me that she fills that bill just perfectly.

Today I drew all six of the young women sitting across from me at Starbucks. I am pretty sure they knew I was drawing them, but none of them came to ask or check it out. Just as well, as when they left it was still in black and white and didn't have the life color gives it yet.

On another note I am back to making vegan, non-dairy N'ice Cream. That bowl full below on the book is what I ate today. Very creamy and very delicious.
I took a little from a few different recipes so if you want to try this at home you pop in a food processor or good blender the following:

1 13.5 oz. can of organic coconut milk. Put in the refrigerator the day before and then only use the solid creamy part.
2 cups of frozen organic strawberries
1 frozen banana (optional)
3-4 Teaspoons of organic maple syrup for sweetener
(I used 3, I could have used less as the fruit is already sweet to my taste)
1 Tbsp. of nut butter (also optional)
I added: A handful of almonds, and 2 squares of dark chocolate from a bar of Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate.  I like a little chocolate and crunch in my N'ice Cream.

  Bon Appetite.
Have a wonderful week. I am late in posting this week. I had way more art I could have posted, but I hope you enjoy the ones I chose for you.
Have a very Creative WEEK and thanks for coming by. I appreciate your comments as they inspire me to keep drawing.
Four more weeks till I am fully retired. Oh, did I already say that? :-)

Monday, July 24, 2017

I"m Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I know I've been away from my blog for about a month. Here are some Sktchy Folks I drew while not blogging ...

I also draw my husband at Barnes & Noble Café!

And other folks there too.

And I still draw several mornings a week at Starbucks.

I loaded these drawings a while ago, a month ago? But never posted them. Now I will. I've gotten busy in other areas of my life and blogging has definitely taken a back seat. For one I have decided to retire from my 36 year career as a counselor (ten years as a Biofeedback counselor/trainer and 26 years as a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist). It's been a wonderful time in my life and the decision to stop has been an emotional one, with lots of changing of my mind over the past two plus years.
But now I am sure and I will be saying good bye to a handful of clients (about a dozen) and emptying my office completely by September 1st. At age 76 I want to devote 100% of my time to making art and playing. It's time.
I'll continue to go to Starbucks to draw.

I've also made a return to quilting. I am on #5. My eldest grandson has traveled extensively and brought home fabrics from many different countries. He asked me if I could turn them into a quilt for him and that has become quite the project.
It's a large one so it is taking a slow paced but steady paced job.
I plan to continue working in fabric art again too.

I'll enjoy more time with my husband. He's the one on the right!

And I'll continue to meet new people whereever I go. I'm excited to see what new adventures open up for me as I step through this door to this new part of my life.

In the meantime, enjoy yours and your art making. Thanks for coming by to see mine. Happy Paint Party Friday too.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fifteen of My Favorites From This Week

I found some neon markers at the thrift store and went crazy over using the yellow one! Glad there were a lot of blonds out this week where I was drawing!

And they each had their story to tell ...

*yes I am
These ladies below were more in the grey haired realm (as am I) so I stuck to water soluble Woody Stabilo crayons and water brush. Perhaps some Tom Bow markers as well.

My online friend, Darlene Campbell, challenged me to get more creative from my imagination, so I added lines (actually one line was a mistake, which I used to create more lines like water and added fish from my imagination. The people were in this pose on the SKTCHY APP. See what I mean by

More drawing at Starbucks ...

* something my husband might say

and more Sktchy folks ...

... and more opportunities to use that Yellow Neon Marker again!!!

... and again! They were all of 99 cents for three. I like when little things can bring me so much joy!

And three more Sktchy People begging to be drawn. I love this nightly ritual of drawing portraits from photos people post there. I'm very pleased with all of these.

Now it's time to wish YOU a creative week ahead,
and to thank you for dropping by and letting me know
what you think of all this drawing!

May happiness and good health rain down upon you.