Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No photos

If you are also not seeing photos on my most recent post before this one I am sorry. Neither am I. I am also at a loss as to how to pose a question to Blogger help. If anyone has ideas that might help I'd appreciate hearing. One note says I am using 3% of some 1000 mb of photo space. Doesn't that sound like I still have a lot of room to go? In the meantime, I continue to sew morning and night around my work schedule and the #2 quilt is coming closer to completion. It's larger than the other #1 quilt so is taking longer to do. The #1 is in the washing machine now getting a fresh look after all the handling it took during sewing. I may take it to my office tomorrow for a showing. Let it see if that is to be its new home or not. I'm sorry I cannot show it to you with its binding in place and cut to size. I'm going to go sit with the #2 quilt now to tie off threads. A number of squares yet to quilt and then the border. And then the binding. It's a steady process and leaves me feeling accomplished and satisfied.


  1. Wow you are working like a .... well a fast thing! Shame about the photos, wish I knew how to help.

    If you have only used 3% of space you have a LOT of space left. Email blogger tells them what has happened (with your blogger web address) they should be able to suggest something. Good Luck

  2. Glad the cookies thing worked. I was really missing your photos.

  3. I saw your comment on Foxy Art Studio's blog. You were saying how nice it is to have handmade quilts, that you are doing machine made ones. What I did about that was to pick a small size block (an 8 point star about 4.5 inches-I figured stars were too hard to get right with a machine anyhow). I traced around my templates and cut out a bunch of pieces, enough for several squares. I put them, a needle and spool of thread, and a pair of thread snippers in a sandwich baggie (oh, and a few pins). This fit in my purse and I had it handy any time I was stuck somewhere waiting. I ended up with a good sized pile and when my 3rd grandchild was born I turned them into a baby quilt which I machine quilted as I figured that would hold up to all the washing it would get. There is a bit of satisfaction from having done at least a few things by hand.

  4. Freebird, that is a wonderful idea. Today I went to the quilt shop to "show off" my lastest quilt. There was another woman/quilter there doing the same.
    Her's was all done by hand. Well, the pieces were machine stitched, but the quilting was done by hand. it was so soft! Our teacher there said mine would be sturdier for the kids use...but her's was oh so soft. I may just stick some squares in my purse as you suggested and start some pieces to do by hand in the car on long drives. Great idea. Then I can see what hand work in quilting is like too.


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