Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lessons, Teachers, and EDM

I enjoy drawing portraits and my teachers in Sketchbook Skool. I drew Miguel from one of his live videos while he talked to us about his art and suggested assignments for us.

And I continue to draw for EDM: Every Day In May. This is "The place where I sit to read" ...

Not far from this thing "hanging from our ceiling" ...

One of Miguel's lessons was to draw one scene but in panels. This is me capturing things in my back yard including my own crossed feet.

Our next teacher Jason Das, is a NYC Urban Sketcher, and I feel that my jaunts to Barnes & Nobles and Tacos Jalisco are very Urban!

The story that goes with this picture is the fact that these people were NOT sitting together, but were gathered from around the room and situated where I wanted them to be; I am sure they all left good friends!

Another Urban scene was done while standing at a parade downtown last week, while listening to Mexican music played on drums and a tuba, as a cowboy circled his lasso, and others sat astride their horses waiting their turn to march.

What's fun about this urban sketch is that it's done in a "Folding Art Journal" made for me by my friend, Carmel Campbell, as these are pages that turn up and out of the normal flow of the other pages in the book, and are therefore drawn upside down from each other. I am sure it will all make sense when I have finished filling this book with my art.

I really enjoyed my physical proximity to the folks outside the window where I was sitting in Starbucks. I don't think they knew I was drawing them, but we were only a couple a feet away with only the window between us.

Jason gave us an assignment to do some collaborative drawing. Carmel, living in Oregon, and I, in California, decided to hook up on line and sent drawings back and forth building this story together in cartoon style.
                                    #1 I started it here with me and my sign ...

#2 and Carmel added to it by adding herself ...


That was great fun, and we've decided to do more of these ...
Here's our next one:
I started it with a drawing I did at Starbucks again showing my day ...

And Carmel added her day to the top!

Collaborative drawings are fun. I am sure you will see more of them here in the future!

In the meantime, Have a CREATIVE WEEK! 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Life and Times in Drawings by Lynn Cohen

A week ago Friday we went to Starbucks. I go there exclusively to draw. I am so very appreciative of all the people who sit for me. None of them know it, yet they are very compliant models. Sometimes they even "talk"! (but never directly to me).

 I had a suspicion that the blond woman who was with her young son got wind that I was looking at her from way across the room. It might just be my paranoia, but they got up to leave very soon as I was finishing them. The guy on the right hadn't a clue and he sat much closer to us.

The people in line to place their orders are easy as they are all focused away from me! I'm good at backsides and profiles!

Just this past Friday we went to visit family. We had breakfast with my brother at Fat Apples! Their oatmeal isn't as good as Starbucks oatmeal. Maybe that's because I put a ton of cinnamon on the one at Starbucks! And my brother does not normally put his elbow and hand in his plate, but he did here for some reason!?  Later in the day we took our two grandkids out for ice cream. Well, they ate ice cream and I drew them. Okay, I had a tiny taste of my grand son's Jamaica Almond Fudge! (I don't normally eat dairy) ...

We were there for Grandparents Day at the kids school. There were presentations by the kids in all the classes and we also got to go into their individual class rooms to see what they were doing and learning. We also got interviewed about our own childhoods. That was fun.

On another day my husband and I went to Winters, CA for lunch at the El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli. It's a new haunt of ours and I do like drawing there too. It looks like my husband is in the meat display case along with the chicken and shrimp, but he's not. It just looks that way.

On Sunday I had a field day drawing this rather large woman, who sat at the table right across from ours. I love drawing large people. There are so many interesting curves and turns to their bodies. The other woman looked very familiar to me. I must see her somewhere else out in the community.
This doesn't really look like her so she won't recognize herself here.

These women were fun to draw in their colorful clothing, and chatty ways, as they placed their orders at the counter!

 "Something Used for Measuring"

Then I am continuing to draw daily for EDM (Every day in May) to the prompts there. This is a ruler I have on my desk with Hebrew letters, which are also numbers!

 "A favorite recipe"
 "Something I could give or throw away" ... or recycle, which I do!
 "Something I use every day"

" Lipstick"
I don't use lipstick at all and haven't in years, so this is just from memory!

These two were done in digital art using the app Paper 53 and my finger for the stylus

" a cupcake"


We went back to the grand kids school on Monday for a special ceremony they and their fifth grade class were involved in. It was lovely to be there again. My grand daughter is the girl with the long curly hair, she kind of stands out there, as she does in my heart. Her brother was drumming to the side and I couldn't see him so he's not in the picture. Their parents are the couple watching on the far right. My daughter had flowers on her sweater.

Afterwards, my husband and I drove into San Francisco. We had lunch at the Warming Hut by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was fun to draw there too. I thank Sketchbook Skool for my passion for continual drawing in multiple sketchbooks and most days of my life now. I'm a little behind on my homework, but will share that with you next time.

Have a Creative Week!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Challenges, Challenges ... Drawing Where ever and When ever I can

I have joined a new challenge to draw Every Day In May (EDIM) on Facebook.
The following drawings are not in order nor are they all I have done so far, but enjoy these few:

Things with Bristles

An old envelope was the first love letter I ever got from my then boyfriend, now husband ... I liked how my paint made the envelop look every bit of it's 38 years of age!

My Favorite Food

Something Hot and Something that Can Be Turned On and Off



Spice Bottle

A book of Arty Postcards I am now sending one by one to my grand kids for the fun of it!

Now back to Sketchbook Skool, where last Friday Koosje Koosne introduced us to our new teacher, Fabio Consoli!

They were both on bikes, she in Amsterdam and he in Italy!
I drew him again as part of a lesson on goal setting, goals I made up for myself:

And I drew my cat just cuz... The square cut away on his leg was done by the vet to clean cat bites and let his limping leg heal. Old Warrior never one to run from a fight!

On Monday last we went visit my uncle Harry, who is 96 and living in assisted living. We wore him out talking and when he dozed off I drew him as you see him here:

At lunch time we met some of his friends in the communal dining room ...
It really makes one contemplate life, and time, and how much we have (left) and
what we are going to do with it ...
We go out to lunch and I draw!
We go out for Breakfast and Coffee and I draw!
Starbucks is a great place to find people to draw!

I drew this portrait, as a gift to my friend, Carmel Campbell, in Oregon. She is a klassmate
and dear friend from Sketchbook Skool, who I have had the honor to meet with in person in Oregon and to draw with. We will do that again this summer for sure!
A real bonus from SBS is meeting your klassmates in real life when you can!
Happy Birthday, Carmel!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your visits and your comments, they keep me drawing!

Have a creative week.
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