Thursday, July 21, 2016

Art on Paper and Art in the Garden!

I start this week with a Sktchy guy in my big ledger art journal ...

And jump to Starbucks peeps having their experiences as I interperate them ...

(sorry these are a bit blurry which happened when I transferred them here from my phone)

... And back to Sktchy portraits ...

... And back to Starbucks... 

We visit a variety of them! 

Exciting event of the week was getting a call from a Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, who was visiting family in a nearby town from across the country! Hannah Six and I spent a wonderful day together! 

I drew her ... 

... And she drew me ...

... And I drew her again!

We went out to lunch and drew there too! 

Earlier Hannah and I shared art journals and I drew her!

My dear husband read his book and waited patiently ...
It was a great meet up! Thank you Hannah! Let's do it again before too long.

Later in the week I went back to a different Starbucks to draw!

This I drew copying style of Hudderwasser, an Austrian artist, whose work I admire! I did this sunset for my other blog, Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens.

First strawberry in my garden was so delicious!

My favorite flower, they are growing more profusely !

Meanwhile back to drawing ...

These two were an experiment in drawing with paint first then pen!

Same couple as above, but pen first then paint! 

Another Sktchy guy! My husband is getting jealous of all the guys I am drawing! LOL

And a few more garden shots and that's my week to date! 

Wishing you a wonderful week! Be creative! It brings me joy! Thanks for stopping by, your wonderful comments keep me drawing! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Garden and More Drawings With a little Family Sprinkled In Too

Welcome to my Blog, My Art Journal, my LIFE:

The dry creek is finished so I drew it! You thought I wouldn't? 

Henry loves walking the boulders and sitting on them too!

Here it is in all its glory! The landscapers outdid themselves! We are over the moon happy and the neighbors are super impressed! 
No more grass to mow or use up water in our California drought! All plants are on a drip system underground and will require far less water usage than before! They will get larger and fill in over the black bark. The plants nearest the rocks are creepers and will crawl over the rocks and over the bark as well. The plants among the rocks are all different grasses. Our cat likes eating some of them.

I drew part of the crew and gave them the original and copies as a thank you in parting! I miss them! They are all super guys and workers! 

This was at a grocery store Starbucks! The worker brought my oatmeal to my table! That never happens! My husband knew him from a different store, knew he played guitar and is a nursing student. My husband talks more to strangers than I knew about.

This is a shot of the front side yard!  It now also has three medium sized boulders on it's bark area between the plants. Garbage bins are behind the new fence with lattice top, and the new curved cement walkway makes taking them to the curb so much easier and keeps them out of sight! 

DH sits under our three 28 year old very tall redwood trees viewing the new gardens in back! They give us shade! 

Veggies growing in specially dug bed (trenched) for them by back fence! Other plants will fill in three garden beds surrounded by decomposed granite paths! 

             It's fun to draw them too! 

              Another trek to draw and coffee! 

And seems drawing in the garden might happen more than naught! This is Tony, part owner of Sunset Landscaping in Dixon, Ca. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Rusted out wheel barrow filled with flowers now and attached to drip system! 

Drawing and painting in my own backyard is fun! 

And drawing st Starbucks is too of course! 

Sktchy app portrait!

          2 Different generations! 

      This morning at Starbucks again! 

Hey, that's my handsome son and his daughter, our lovely grand daughter! 

And here she is with her fiancé! We love him too!

We stopped to chat with these ponies on our way to the coffee house this morning! 

My newly planted morning glory vine flowers wish you a creative week! 
Thanks for stopping by! It's your comments that keep me drawing! Really!!!!