Thursday, April 13, 2017

Urban Sketches, Portraits and My 200th Portrait for Sktchy!

Today we went to Barnes & Noble Café where I drew patrons. This lady was with a guy, but he kept getting up and leaving and coming back and leaving and finally they left together. Just so you know.
She came in and ate a nice little piece of cake with her coffee and then got up and left.
But stayed long enough to draw her. I'm fast now so they don't have to stay long.

My husband was my next victim (or model) as he sat across the room from me drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. I caught the guy above him too.

This couple had the honor of being the last drawing in the art journal I started in March and finished on Wednesday. April, 12, 2017. Took just a bit over one month to fill it.

This was a day I chose a bag of markers and crayons from my bag to use different that my usual tools. Something for variety sake.

Another day, another Starbucks. Long lines, oh yes, it was on Sunday last.

These guys were there too. When they got done they shook hands in a sort of knocking knuckles thing and each turned his hat the opposite direction. Not at all sure it that was significant of anything, or if it was totally unconscious acts on both of their parts. Your guess is as good as mine.

And then there are the Sktchy portraits I am doing one a night. The challenge is Sktchy30, one a day for each day in April. But I am sure I will continue it.

We are drawing to themes. This one was the use of a quote.

This one was "Storytelling".

This one was using a medium I don't generally use. So I chose water soluble pencils and pastel crayons, which I had not used in a very long time.

The theme here was "frustration". I thought this guy was a teenager and we all know how frustrating that can be. However, he later told me he isn't one. He looked very young in his photo.

Do you recognize her? She's me. Theme was "Selfie". I did three.
And my (DRUM ROLL) 200th portrait done this evening is to the them of a cause that matters to me. I chose Black Lives Matter!

This one was last week at Barnes & Noble Café.

And another Starbucks fellow.

And last but not least the Garden ladies, or so I dubbed them. They were really enjoying themselves and me drawing them.

That's it for me this week to date. I wish you a very Creative Week ahead. Have fun drawing, painting, creating in whatever ways you do that. HPPF too.

Thanks for coming by. Your support and encouragement keeps me drawing.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Welcome to My Weeks Worth of Drawings

Starting with the most recent, I drew today at the Napa Deli where we eat lunch often on Thursdays.
I am in a challenge with Sktchy to draw every day in April called Sktchy30 and today, day 6, the idea was to draw minimally. Other people obscured my full view of this couple so I literally drew just what I could see. Thus my minimal drawing.


Earlier in the day we were at the Barnes & Noble Café where I drew this woman with her back to me. She had lovely braids and/or extensions in black and gold in her hair. I chose not to use a gold color as I feared it would get muddied by the black ink. So you must imagine them.

You know I make up stories for my people I draw. However, the fellow on the right did in fact have on polka dot tights and high pink rubber rain boots that matched his pink headset. I have no idea what the woman is fantasizing.

These two women rarely miss a Thursday at this café, always doing something on their duel laptops, talk a while and then get down to work. They MUST know I am drawing them, but they've yet to ask.

Meanwhile, back a few days at Starbucks where one is never alone even if they are.
This young fellow was really dressed up and I loved that I had a bright turquoise marker pen to color his shirt. It was that bright!

I was enjoying for some weird reason drawing guys sitting with legs spread! It's what they do.

This guy is a regular, who I have met and talked to there. But not on this day. 

I continue to enjoy watching my own growth and development with the Sktchy App Portraits from photos. I love Emma Rose's eyes!!!

She had lovely long braids that were very meditative to draw.

The Sktchy prompt was "Color" so I gave her lots of colors!

And this one done last night had a black background which was perfect for a night sky.

I am so enjoying all this drawing. My garden is growing too. I am staying nice and busy enjoying life, and I hope you are too.

Thanks for coming by. Your comments and encouragement keeps me drawing!

Have a Creative Week.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Arty Week in Portraits and Urban Sketches

This week I will start by sharing four Sktchy Portraits from the Sktchy App. I do these relaxed in my recliner at night, often while watching TV. Or the TV is on in the background, as I do pay full attention to my art journal as I am drawing. It's very meditative for me.

This is "Big Al", a California artist, who said he loved what I did with his photo.

I'm really having fun with backgrounds as you can see ...

And I love, love, love focusing on fabrics like the folds in her head scarf.

Needless to say the background on this purple/pink/redhead's photo was a true challenge and one I enjoyed immensely.

Then during the mornings of my week I have time to stop in coffee shops where I draw the other folks there, embellishing colors sometimes, and of course putting thoughts in their heads and words in their mouths.

Sometimes it's  a body position that catches my eye, or a bright red hat ...

And sometimes it's just the next person my eye finds along the wall or at the tables in front of me, who gets chosen.

It's fun to make up conversations they may or may not be having ...

And sometimes those thoughts and words come from my own experiences and from what's on my mind at that particular time.

It's definitely spring in California. I've been planting in my vegetable garden, pulling weeds, and thinking of more things I can plant in containers. I found three wire bowls at the thrift store today and will fill them with those inserts and add dirt and maybe some strawberry plants or tomatoes that can spill over their sides after I hang them on my fence over my veggie garden.

These women were more interested in the colors of the season ... And almost everyone has changed their black coats for more colorful outer wear.

Except this woman below, who may or not be a spy. I think she probably isn't, but again the stuff in the NEWS gets stuck in my brain when I write these things.

I wish you a creative week to come. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your comments that are the fuel that keeps me drawing.