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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Week in Art by Lynn Cohen

Going backyards this week from yesterday, my grand kids (three of our five) came to visit for three days and per usual we make art together at their request. I drew my grandson twice "A" and my grand daughter "Y" once, plus us in the background for this group shot. I am sure there will be more like this for next week to be drawn today and tomorrow...

Meanwhile, back in Sketchbook Skool, I did a one line drawing of myself to show off my new glasses using a water soluble Pilot gel pen and watercolors ...

Over at my other blog: Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, we are following the theme of "Wildlife", so I drew this kitten my husband befriended at the house we stayed in in Arcata, CA over the forth of July. Also a one liner (don't lift pen from paper start to finish) ... and watercolor.

... and Henry V, our cat, in several posed done live!

This horse spotted in a Wyoming pasture is also a one liner and watercolor ....

... as is the ram, seen in Custer State Park, a one liner and watercolor ....

The first assignment this week in Sketchbook Skool was to draw three objects using one line only and frame it leaving some parts out of the frame. This class is taught by Brenda Swenson.

... another one liner ...

And one more selfie done from a photo taken in a toy shop where my husband and I were trying on silly hats!
I like how the silver pen I used, a gel pen I think, makes the silver leather look shiny as it was.

All this put on my new Student Body Card designed by one of the other students using Danny Gregory's logo for the class and that student's calligraphy. They call me "Flash" because I produce a lot of art over a short period of time.

Wishing you a creative week!
Happy Paint Party Friday!
Thanks for your comments, they are all very, very much appreciated.
Now the grandkids need breakfast!
See you later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

25 Selfies Done for Sketchbook Skool Homework this past week by Lynn Cohen

Some are drawn while looking at myself in the mirror ... and tell tales that are startling to realize ...

... some are playful and fun ...

Some are contour drawings, one liners again in mirror ...

and more mirror self discovery work ... sure makes one uncomfortable getting comfortable with aging!

This one is a selfie drawn from a photo selfie taken last week on stop of Mt. Diablo in CA.

This one was me drenched in water from my broken hose!

Me on a hike down to Agate Beach at Patrick's Point State Park up north over the forth of July this year...

Blind contour drawings are fun too ...

For some reason this exercise was the scariest for me, drawing from memory!

... I had no idea my mouth was so small when closed ...

I love this "from memory selfie" as I look all of sixteen in it, and I like my big smile!

This one from a photo while watching "America's Got Talent"! The patch work design behind me just grew and grew all on it's own.

A potpourri of all the different kinds of drawings done in one sitting of 19 minutes ...

And four more last night trying to meet a goal of doing twenty five!

It's been a fun challenge and class. Friday we get our next teacher and new lessons. Stay tuned to see what I do this coming week.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate each and every one of them.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Portraits, Sketchbook Skool Homework, Houses by Lynn Cohen

 Ellen Etzler is a Klassmate in Sketchbook Skool
She was my 107th portrait of the month

I continue to draw portraits, and this one was done right before we left on a five day mini vacation; and the beginning of Semester 2 of Sketchbook Skool, called SEEING.

Skool started with Danny Gregory's class in SEEING. This was the second lesson that was called: Fast and Slow. We were to quickly paint an outline of an object and then slowly do a line drawing of that object. Well, leave it to me to choose to draw a whole big basket of objects (vegetables) from the local farmers market. I splashed my color and some of it actually matched what I would be drawing on top of it. However you will see a lot of white kale and basket. It was a challenging and fun exercise!

On our trip in northern California I took numerous photos of Victorian houses. This one was in Ferndale, CA. Again, I tried using the Fast, Slow exercise doing it.

The Green Mansion is in Eureka, CA. It is HUGE! I guess I like large challenges. Again, paint splashed quickly, and then three hours went into the drawing of these gables, roof tops and house parts.

In Ferndale, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Victorian Inn. I repeated the fast slow method for this part of the building.

The first lesson in the SEEING first class with Danny  Gregory was to draw a piece of toast, slowly, and getting all it's crevices and valleys and bumps. I don't eat bread, we were traveling so when my husband had his ritual morning coffee from Starbucks, I asked for their bumpiest bagel in the shop.
She asked if I'd then want the cheese, seeded bagel? Yes, it was indeed bumpy enough. She then asked if I'd " cream cheese on that?"  I said, "No, I am not going to eat it, I was going to draw it."

I forgot to ask her to toast it.

But I drew it in the car as we traveled on. And here it is.

I will end this post with one more portrait. This time it's not of a Klassmate, but of my Israeli nephew (from my first marriage) Shay (pronounced Shy), who I have reconnected with fifty years later via Facebook. He saw this and liked it and said he was hanging it in his office.

Wishing you all a creative week. Draw and paint and enjoy life! See you at Paint Party Friday, and Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens!
Thanks for leaving your comments as they mean the world to me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Portraits and one Plein Air at Starbucks Drawing this Week

Sketchbook Skool is something so special that even when you are not in class, when you are between semesters, you are involved with the group of students in Facebook "playground" and are continually stimulated and inspired by the art of so many awesome artists that you are compelled to continue drawing. And we all know that practice, practice, practice pays off, right?

I do believe that this last week of drawing where I pushed myself to draw 100 portraits, a self inflicted goal, shows that practice pays off.

I loved doing each one of these, some using paint (water colors), some with brush pens, and many
with colored pencils, but all started in ink.

I love the black and white and some color effect too!

This group of artists is full of humor, you can hear the laughter out the door. Our teachers can be pretty humorous too sometimes. As is Danny Gregory in the photo he offered up of himself to draw.

There are probably way more women in the group, but the guys are nice too.

When I got to portrait #99 and #100 I wanted something extra special, and I didn't want to hurt any students feelings so I chose to honor the memory of my dearest friend, Patty, by drawing her and her husband Bob from a photo I had of them. Maybe you can read the story I wrote on the page. It took me a while to realize that tears were streaming down my cheeks while I was drawing and writing this.
My dear friend will be gone one year at the end of this month. It was on this day in 2013 (July 1) that she learned she had lung cancer. She was gone on July 31. I miss her more than words can tell.

One of the students asked me what I would do after I reached #100. I said I guessed I'd keep going, at least until second semester starts on July 4th.

And so I have ... I may do one more today ... and one tomorrow ... and then SKOOL begins. It's not too late to sign up for semester ONE or TWO. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The teachers are great, helpful, friendly, generous with knowledge and sharing. The students are teachers too with all the same  qualifications mentioned about the faculty.
My life has been enriched beyond words by signing up for these classes. Six weeks, six teachers, and 2000 classmates to play with in the playground. (Facebook page) check out and see for yourself.

I still do some of these out in public drawings when I can too.

Have a creative week!
Happy Paint Party Friday!
Thanks for stopping by to see my art. If you missed the last few weeks scroll down a few posts for more portraits!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Portraits and More Portraits by Lynn Cohen

If you have been following my blog the past few weeks you know that I have been obsessed with drawing portraits of my fellow Klassmates in Sketchbook Skool, the online class that Danny Gregory and Koosje Koone started in April. While we are waiting for the second semester to begin we students in our closed Facebook Group "Playground" are drawing to numerous challenges we set for yourselves. Portraits is just one of them. My goal is to draw 100 by July 4 when the second semester begins.

This is actually Barbara's mother I did in pencil and pen.

I've become quite enamored with colored pencils. I use both regular and water soluble ones by Prismacolor and Ink Tense. I also have discovered Derwent blender pencils.

Joss got in there by request. We've been friends for a long time now. I could not say no, and besides it was a joy to draw her!

Judy Wise has joined us in Sketchbook Skool and she will be in Semester 1 while I start Semester 2. But we are in the same "Playground" Facebook group together.

If you check the dates on these you can see I am doing 1, 2 and 3 a day.

The next three are done off videos I watched where Danny Gregory was introducing the new teachers of the upcoming classes I will be taking. I drew these very quickly for the 4-5 minute duration of the video and did the writing and coloring later.

Ninety Two completed, eight to go!
I probably will not be able to stop when I reach 100!
It's a weird feeling. These last ones here are all in a 9 X 12 Moleskin sketchbook.
The pages are slick. Pen and colored pencils dance across the pages with ease.
Water color is a little tricky but I have used it some.
Brush pens work well too.
I look at these and the ones in the previous few posts and have a hard time believing that I did them,
and yet I know I did. Do you ever feel that way when you comeback to see your own art?

Crazy good feelings from it all.

Have a creative week! And if you want to have a lot of fun with a lot of awesome artists
from all over the world sign up for Sketchbook Skool on line.
It is so worth the price of the class!

Happy Paint Party Friday!
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