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Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Prolific Week Drawing and Remembering

Starting with last Friday at Starbucks: a morning ritual now my husband and I do so I can draw while he drinks coffee and reads the paper and/or his book.

There is always an abundance of subjects to draw there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch/sketchbook skool: We were assigned to pick an artist whose work we admire and to copy their work as a way of studying their style. I picked Natalie Goldberg because a friend I met through blogging sent me her book saying that my art reminded her of Natalie's! Wow, such a compliment. I had to agree I saw some similarities.
(see my truck in my banner on this blog)

This was Saturday at Starbucks. A whole family had gathered around this baby. Other couples engaged in conversation. No one was on a computer or iPhone or laptop! Except the little boy whose back is to you. He was playing a game.

On Sunday we went out one more time. This family or group of friends were sitting around in a circle together. I couldn't help think it looked like a self help meeting. I titled it:

"My Name is Lynn, I'm an ART-O-holic!"

MOLDY PAINT, Who Knew? When I took out my travel kit of Daniel Smith paints I noticed something that looked like mold on some of the colors. It was! Yuck. I'd never heard of this happening before. I got advice from SBS teacher Roz Stendhal and some klassmates. I had to toss the paint, wash the kit well, spray with Lysol, wash again, dry well before adding paints anew. Then layer them in thirds letting each new layer dry completely before adding the next. And then let them dry after using them completely before shutting up the tin.
Also was told to toss the brush I used.

Next assignment at SBS: Draw my childhood home as it looked then and now!

Draw family from old photos, look for similarities in features, dress, etc.
I went much deeper, and will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments, if you do. They are much appreciated.
They inspire and encourage me to keep drawing.

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Have a creative week.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introducing My Behind The Scenes Life Drawing Art; And What I drew the rest of the week!

This icon is now on my side bar, see it there (top right), it's the gateway to my
 Life Figure Drawing Art,
that I started doing in November 2014. I've gone to three 3.5 hour sessions to date. I want to share this art with anyone interested in seeing it. Just click on the icon of pens and it will take you to the page. I have made this a separate page from my main blog page, as a few people (2) have let me know they are not comfortable viewing art of nudes. So out of respect for their feelings I guide you to my page behind the scenes.
I will update there with new drawings 1-2 times a month.
Now onto my recent drawings for all to see:


Oh look, another cow!

 This was not an easy week ...

A not so easy assignment in Sketchbook Skool:

A weird day at Starbucks... My artist friend Joss Rossiter, who likes my Life Figure Drawings, suggested one of the nude models might just show up at Starbucks, and sure enough on Sunday, this one did! So in her honor I drew this. (she's not a real model, I just made her up)

There were lots of different discussions going on that day ...

Meanwhile, back in SBS and Boot Kamp:

My mid week jaunt to Tacos Jalisco where I was to meet my husband for lunch, but went early so I could draw!

(he wrote the "as usual" on that page above!)

A good week, a creative week. I hope yours was too!
Thanks for coming by to see my art.
I appreciate your visits and your comments.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holiday Memories, and Cows! Lynn Cohen

One of the gifts I made this year was for my son, an art journal depicting his early years. I stopped far short of getting all of his fifty years into the book, but promised to continue it on visits to his home in the future. It was a birthday gift given eight months late! This was the last drawing for the cover of the book. (Dan and his children and wife)

When I was in Portland last week we went to see "The Nutcracker Ballet". It was the first time I'd seen it! I was mesmerized.

Other gifts I made this year were drawings of family members. Above my dear brother, and below
my twin ten year old grand children.

Meanwhile back in Sketchbook Skool we started drawing cows... One of our Klassmates, Louise Fletcher, does these amazing cows. I liked them so much I bought a years worth of her cows on a calendar she produced for sale. Find it at Redbubble!
My cows here below were spotted along the road between Vacaville and Dixon, CA.
They were a friendly group just waiting for me to capture their likenesses. I think I did a better likeness of them than I did my family.
I'll keep practicing.

And finally, my last drawing is of a buffalo cow we saw a few years ago on one of our "out west" trips! Drawn from a photo I took then.

Thanks for coming to see what I drew this week! I appreciate your stops and your comments too.

Have a creative week.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

Happy New Year everyone! My year has been full of creativity, family visits, and fun! I've enjoyed sharing it all with you and I appreciate your continual visits to my blog, which of course encourages me to keep creating and blogging more.

Today Allie, age 3, and I decided to make hearing aides for her Grandma Lynn doll. Hard as this may be to believe she went into a cupboard and came out with two metal clips declaring they could be the dolls hearing aides. And since I'd sewn magnets inside the dolls head where the ears are the metal clips stay in place and now grandma doll can indeed hear! 
If you look very closely you'll see Allie in the background and her hearing device on her head, a Cockular Implant, that also fastens with a magnet to her skull. 

Allie and I have been collaborating on drawings all week long. Today I drew her drawing her Papa and she then helped color it and the next one!

We just drew every day!

Then I went out to meet Judy Wise for lunch and more drawing! That was so much fun. Judy is such an amazing artist in so many medias, it's always inspiring to spend time with her!
As you can see we drew each other! 

Allie and I drew more later...she's busy practicing drawing B's this week! 

Earlier in the week we'd traveled through Ashland, OR where we stopped and spent time with our friends, Elizabeth and Michael Flannagan. Elizabeth and I drew and the guys sang and played guitars together! Elizabeth and I met through Sketchbook Skool. This was our third meet up in person.

At my son and daughter in laws home we celebrated Chanukah together. My other two grandkids who live up here came over too. It's been a long, very precious time together. 


I want to wish everyone a happy New Year! May it be filled with happiness, good health, and creativity in whichever ways that brings you joy! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Winding up 2014, Getting Ready for 2015

I drew my way through 2014 and you are welcome to scroll back through 12 months of posts to see them.  A month ago I started knitting dolls for Allie Bel, so when we went to visit I could gift her with three new dolls. Meet Allie Doll in the red dress. Papa doll in hat and glasses, mustache and beard...and Grammy Lynn doll with multi colored hair and purple dress !

Allie enjoys baking cookies for her company including dolls, and they are quite delicious!

I ended the year with a trip to the art supply store where I stocked up on art journals, pens and brushes! 

Sketchbook Skool starts anew in January and I am ready! Are you?
They are offering intro klasses for free so if you are even a little bit interested check it out through SketchbookSkool.Com. 

Have a creative year! Thanks for your visits and comments,  they mean the world to me!

Happy New Year!