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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Drawings from Portland, Oregon!

We had a great week visiting grown son, awesome daughter-in-law, and three year old grand daughter. She and I made art together every day!

 I drew my son.  
I also bought a new art bag at Cabela's, and art supplies at The Muse art store...

The week ended on a sweet note when we met up with Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, Carmel Cambell and her husband , Dwight. We spent the day, the only sunny day of our week there, on their sail boat, drawing and talking. Followed by dinner on the wharf,  then tea back at my son's house! 

I'll add photos of that visit next post when I'm back on my computer!

In the meantime I wish you all a creative week, a happy Paint Party Friday, a happy Sunday Sketchers day, and a reminder to visit us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your supportive comments, I appreciate your visits, they keep me drawing!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I DrEw SiXeTy TwO PeOpLe ThIs WeEk!

Again, we start up where last weeks blog post left off, at TACOS JALISCO, where I go to draw and eat lunch... If you've read my  book (see side bar) you know "The Couple" (above)! They were there again last Thursday and I got to draw them AGAIN! I also got them to sign their drawing! That was fun.

This couple was there too, but I did not know them. They were really into each other, holding hands, starring into each others eyes; staying and talking a long time after they had finished eating. I think they liked each other quite a lot. Carlos Sr. was cooking and keeping an eye on them too from the kitchen!

My week isn't complete without a dive into one or two Starbucks. This group always seems to be there in one form or another. Their members change in and out, some leave, others take their places ... I can bet that they will be there next week again!

That guy next to them is there again too. He hides behind his pile of stuff working on who knows what in some sort of electronics.

My husband makes a good model as I can count on his being there. What I should also count on is he'll change his hand and arm positions several times in five minutes time  making it hard to get him drawn.

Another day, a different Starbucks: This group took up more room than my scanner could manage so I took two scans to get them all seen. That or someone would feel left out.

Last Sunday we went to Sausalito so I could meet up with the San Francisco Urban Sketchers and the East Bay Sketchers at the Bay Model. The Hawaiian Chieftain  and the Lady Washington, two Tall Ships, were in dock and we were all busy drawing them. (20 of us)

I drew the kayaks piled high on the dock and the guys coming to unload some into the water so people could kayak out on the bay; then we got let into the dock and I found this woman working up on a beam of the sail on the Hawaiian Chieftain.  

Volunteers work on the ships and one guy climbed up the rope ladder on this mast nearly to the top. I worried for him, as he was not tied on to anything for protection and he was wearing sandals.

Here's that woman working on the beam again...

I drew one of the sketchers as if she was drawing what I was drawing, but she wasn't really. It just looks that way.

Afterwards, I drew from 9 a.m. till 1 pm, we went over to my cousins' Condo. This is her dog! His name is Butkus. I thought she said Butt Head! But I was wrong.

I also spent time taking care of my car this week and documented each step of the way ...

On Tuesday night we went out for St. Paddy's day; a group from Travis Air Force Base, The Band of the Golden West was singing downtown and we went to hear them and see the step dancers.

I drew them playing and dancing and being listened to!

These folks sat in front of us.

I had a really good Portabella Mushroom sandwich for lunch at the Nugget grocery store deli. I drew this little group while eating it outside at a table. It was sunny and warm out.

On Wednesday I had lunch at Tacos Jalisco again. A nice way to end showing off MY ART.
Now I want to show you the art of my new friend from Sketchbook Skool. Her name is
 Darlene Campbell and she is a cartoonist. She does other kinds of art too, but these are some she sent me recently.

Obviously, Darlene knows I draw at Starbucks and she knows I love her main character, Zebra! I love that she has us in this relationship drawing above!

This was a cute Christmas cartoon Darlene drew of Zebra and the Pine Sol episode!

Zebra can be a little naughty at times. I will let this one speak for itself.


When I got my gift of Zebra cards from Darlene I was inspired to gift her back so I made a Zebra cartoon of my own and put myself in it dancing with my new crush, Zebra! See below!

Thanks Darlene, for all the generosity of art giving, and friendship giving! I love that we have met in Sketchbook Skool. I look forward to the day we can draw together in person!
Wishing you a Creative Week
A Happy Paint Party Friday
Enjoy Sunday Sketchers
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments,
They keep me drawing!
A new Semester #4 is starting in April at Sketchbook Skool.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MuChO ArT tHis WeEK bY lYnN cOhEn

...  the saga of my life continues; since I post on my blog anew, mid week, the first drawings are often done the previous mid week, this time at Tacos Jalisco for starters, over a grilled vegetable burrito bowl with rice & beans, no dairy, vegan style!

 This is the week I drew fifty six (56) people!

Two pictures are posted to get the guys at each end into it, as my scanner cuts them off!
And we can't have anyone feeling left out!
I will let the folks speak for themselves in the drawings:

Also last week I got to meet up with some fellow artists to draw together in Napa, California. We were to meet Janice at Barnes & Nobles in Fairfield, and she would then ride in our car to Napa. We got there a bit early so I had time to draw these folks enjoying coffee and whatever they were doing on their laptops. I didn't ask!

Janice and I were meeting, Elizabeth, who was down from Ashland, Oregon, at the Ox Bow Market in Napa. I'd never been there before so had no idea what to expect! Both Elizabeth and Janice and a third artist friend from Oakland, who also came, are friends from Sketchbook Skool. I am telling you that Sketchbook Skool has all kinds of perks!
Making friends from around the world just one of them!!!!

I had no idea I'd be drawing flying goats and cows either, but I did!

Here Janice, I, and Elizabeth are saying good bye at the end of our day together.
We had so much fun!

And here they are again, plus Aikaya, who I drew there at the market sitting under the flying animals!

I also drew those people above from my vantage point sitting at a tall table on tall stools. They were sitting just next to us but down below!

And I drew this whole group of people sitting at the Oyster Bar across the room. This was a fun place to go to draw! We were there drawing, eating lunch, talking, laughing, having fun from
10 a.m. till 3:30 pm. What a day!

Meanwhile, my week continues, and I find Starbucks my standby place to draw people.
This first drawing is just one guy and his parts drawn over and over again ...

These two gals & baby were sitting at the far wall, with a nice spring day basking in sun, behind them out the windows.

Still another day, a different Starbucks, different city, this gal was all hooked up to cords and machines writing away!

These folks go with the other baby picture day, he was so interesting for his garb of earrings, multiple tattoos and brightly painted toe nails. She had tattoos too. I don't think the baby did.

Ah ha, again out of sync. These people again, all hooked up to electronics were with the first woman with the big white headset /head ear things on ... Many people seem to make Starbucks their office away from home and/or office.

And again a repeat picture to let everyone get seen at both ends of the double spread pages!
It just seems fair.

This guy, also there sitting at a high table, on a tall stool was alone on his laptop. But then ...


... no one is really alone with so many others there doing the same thing.
I was the only one drawing.

Meanwhile, over at our other blog, Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, we are still drawing our fantasy destinations until the 16th of this month when we will have a new theme to draw to.
The fantasy here is to repeat a visit we took last September when we went to Germany (and 7 other countries in Europe). I drew this picture then and again now. Or I photographed it then and drew this from my photo. The buildings were all so colorful and inviting.
And real flowers were in great abundance!

This is Weisenburg, Germany, where my husband was born to his
war bride, German mom and American soldier dad.

We (Ann Hyde from the UK and myself) are always looking for new artists to join us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, so if you want to draw and post your art to a new theme every two weeks hop over to the blog via the link here or on my side bar; see the side bar there or the tab for how to join. And come draw with us, any level artist, with other artists from all over the world.
We have fun there too!

Another day of drawing at Starbucks ... I hope these don't bore you ... I just really love drawing

This weekend I will be drawing in Sausalito (near San Francisco) ... tall ships, sail boats and more people, meeting up with the San Francisco Urban Sketch group and the East Bay Sketchers group!

So be sure to come back here next week to see what I drew!
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