Thursday, February 16, 2017

"LOVE" from artist friend Jessica Sporn and my weekly drawings and portraits

I have been fortunate to meet a multitude of artists from all the world from on line klasses and Facebook art groups as well. This first piece of art here is NOT mine, but that of the wonderful artist, Jessica Sporn. Jessica's art adorns my walls, table tops and bookshelves. When she recently posted this on Valentine's Day and said we could share it I decided to share it with my blog visitors. I hope you take a minute to read within the letters. Jessica is not only a verbal activist for peace, but an ACTIVE one too. She goes every year to Guatemala where she helps build houses for families in need, and has adopted families to continue to help beyond the roof over their heads. I admire her greatly. Check out her website as her art is stunning.


And now for MY ART: My week in reverse, as I drew these folks at Barnes & Noble Café today!

These ladies were chatting about the books they were reading. Maybe they were a book club of two.

I love this one. (Can I say that?) I have drawn the woman on the left multiple times. I think she knows I draw her, but she's never approached me. I sit across the room from her, but directly across, and it is not all that far. I drew the other woman first, who was in the corner. Not her friend, who came later.
Oh, check out the first of MY drawings above and find her and her friend she works with here in the bottom half of that double page spread. Her friend is sitting next to her there all in black.

These guys looked like they were crowding each other from my perspective!

Yesterday we were at Starbucks where these people were chatting away. And the guys on the right sorted out their space problem.

I love the idea of older people getting back into dating. Don't know why. I am sure this is really a happily married couple, however, I liked giving them a different life. Silly me.

This gal come in and just stood at the table for awhile. Long enough for me to draw her there.
Finally she took a seat.

And eventually she was joined by two other women and you can see them chatting below.

Last Sunday, I am so glad I sometimes put the days on my drawings, we were at the same Starbucks.
These people were in their own worlds. I have no idea what they were thinking.

I love this little family. They were together, yet each busy doing her own thing. Mom in front and two daughters all at separate tables. I have seen mom there often in some work capacity talking with other adults. I smiled at her on their way out and she gave me the nicest smile. Perhaps she recognized me as well.

These three sat for a second or two and then got up quickly and left. I was pretty sure the woman on the far left knew I was drawing and maybe thought it might be her, which it was. Anyway, I may have frightened them away.

Another day, another Starbucks. They sat right across from me, but I don't think they had a clue what I was doing, they  were so busy with their own devices. And then two other women arrived and they put down the  phone and laptop and were in deep conversation all four.

 I drew them and then we left to go grocery shopping, and guess what? So did they. As we were checking out they were coming in to the same grocery store. Small world. No words were exchanged. My  husband is always so surprised when I tell him who was where and how I "know them". He is always reading and not paying a bit of attention to who is around us. I, on the other hand, grow to know them intimately. Or so it seems.

This may have been the same day. Two sisters, one annoying the other.

Sometimes it's fun to draw in black and white and just leave it that way.

And other times it's fun to switch to colored pencils that change colors as you turn them in your hand.

And then I drew quite diligently using the Sktchy App on my iPhone. I love my Sktchy People too.

This is a drawing of me done by another Sktchy Artist, Judy Novak. I think she did a great likeness of me, don't you? Thank you again Judy.

And this week was significant in that I completed yet another at journal full of my out and about drawings of people in  public places, like these below:

And I wish you all a Creative Week ahead. Thanks for coming by. Know full well that your visits and comments
keep me drawing!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

THIS WEEK: Nine (9) Portraits and 37 People in Urban Drawings

Welcome to my art gallery of Nine Portraits from Sktchy (app for iPhone) photos:

I choose photos for the characteristics I find appealing in a photo, something that grabs my eye.
I am sure it was his red hair and beard that got me to draw "Paul".

I am using Copic Markers and I liked the challenge of her skin tones and shadows.

This young woman asked us to draw her and her boyfriend for his birthday.
She said she liked this one.

I made some egregious errors on this drawing, but saved it nonetheless. I have learned in SBS that there are no mistakes and was happy with the outcome once I "fixed" them.

She had a spunky attitude and wonderful hair to draw!

I liked her red hair and lips in contrast to her green eyes. And I also had to fix some errors.

This one went more smoothly. I loved the blue streak across her face.

Again, a painted face drew my attention here, but I age regressed the woman in the photo to that of a little girl.

I continued to draw all week long in coffee shops using my sticker conversation balloons for added fun.

Some times I just add my own dialogue directly to the page.

And sometimes I make my own voice balloons and cut and paste them to the page.

They were obviously talking to softly for me to hear.

But be sure that I am making up these conversations.

They really did pray before they ate their lunch.

He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I pretended I was drawing someone else. He left quickly.

I had a good week drawing. I hope you did too. Thanks for coming by and thanks for any words you leave me. They always encourage and inspire to me to keep drawing.
Wishing you a Creative Week Ahead!