Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another Wonky Week with Lynn and her Art

I continue, as you can see, to draw in public at the local coffee houses and capture people from all over the room ... some even have their head in the clouds!

Some are wheeling and dealing, as others remain oblivious, minding their own business.

Outside the coffee house for a 'one minute dog drawing assignment' in Sketchbook Skool, this pup appeared out of no where!

While still another assignment had me using my imagination to recreate my day using drawings, story and lettering (seen above)

Meanwhile back inside ,real time,, Minnie Mouse showed up on a woman's pajama pants. I am always amazed at what is now "normal outdoor wear!" ...

... While others try to figure out their day!

We hadn't eaten at Tacos Jalisco in a while so it was nice to get back there. Carlos was working so we could catch up on his life!

On yet another day people were working hard at the back wall on colorful laptops!

I love drawing and coloring different clothing! I actually have a sweatshirt-jacket not too unlike that colorful one above.

I like scarves too, just like these guys did.

We had a fun day trip to San Francisco last Monday. This beautiful pelican was happy  to pose.

And I tried my hand at a selfie using my new iPhone. Hey, it worked!!! I'm just like all the other tourists now!

Dear husband semi-agreed to pose for his pic with the Golden Gate in the back ground.

I love going home over this colorful bridge!

We stopped in Sausalito to use the restroom at the Bay Model Center and were amazed there is still a pay phone booth standing!

Oops, a tad out of order, but we stopped at Fort Mason and I went into the new Flax Art Store there!!!
Came out with a bag full of goodies!

And I drew this couple in the warming hut having lunch and planning their day, as we ate our lunch!
*back by the pier.

We are drawing our pets, present and past, over at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, my interactive blog with Ann Hyde from the UK and a wealth of other artists. You are welcome to join us. The links on the name.

Another challenge group I'll involved in is Every Day in February and we are on a virtual travel trip around the world. I had a stop in Canada where I "met up" with my friend Kelly and we talked about our campaigning for  Bernie Sanders! Our Choice for President!

These gals were on break from their job at the coffee house.

This couple was there too and had some phone issues it seemed.

These women sat close, but never really interacted. I am amazing at giving them "other lives".

Brand was another of our dear cats, one we had for fifteen years!!! for PPP&P blog.

And further virtual travel took me to Dominica and past islands I have actually been to years ago!

That's it for this week.
I hope you enjoyed yours.
I wish you a creative week ahead.
I thank you for visiting me here. Remember if you aren't already you can
become a follower of this blog!
And thanks for your comments and they are my encouragement to keep drawing!



Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Week Drawing Here and There and Everywhere

I've decided to let my drawings tell their own stories this week.
I do think most of them do a good job of it without further help from me (and I happen to be tired tonight and want to go to bed) Thanks for understanding.

 Did you know that eating carrots would help you see better in the dark?

"A brother from a different mother" was the prompt, but I changed it to "A brother from a different planet". I hope he doesn't get mad at me. I do love my brother!

Prompt: "Two peas in a pod".

 Met my friend Janet for coffee this week and she asked me to draw her!

 "The Cat's Pajama's" was the prompt for this one.

An assignment this week in Sketchbook Skool was to make an accordion book! This is mine.

And we ended the week there and here:

I wish you a creative, happy and healthy week! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments, as they really do inspire me to keep drawing!

Happy Paint Party Friday.

Stop over at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, join us in the current prompt there and a new one on the first of February.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another art filled week

I'll begin with the last drawing I did this week (so far) which I actually drew for the prompt on my other blog, Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens: Tools.

This is my new art supply bag and it's a real dream, as its so roomy and easy to use! You can see how much it can hold! 

You know I love drawing at Starbucks, and making my people talk ...

... or dream up stories about them!

          "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie "

Cartoons for prompts for Everyday in January ...

       "Snug As a Bug in a Rug"

This one is "My Time Flies":

A friend at Sketchbook Skool drew me this week, as part of some homework for our Expressing klass on lettering, so I returned the favor and drew her:

It's been a difficult week as we waited for a dear family member, the father of my children, to die, which he did early this morning. I drew my way through several days of learning he was in hospice, my kids at his side, along with his dear wife, her kids, grandkids, and our two oldest grand children. We remained friendly over the years and family gatherings were places we could be together comfortably. 
So I feel his loss deeply. He was a good, loving man. I will miss Michael and am very sad for our kids and grandkids! 

It's hard not to think of ones own mortality at a time like this. Art helps.

I'll let these two speak for themselves.

Some of my homework for Expressing klass:

Earlier in the week at Starbucks:

Another selfie!

Starbucks people 

More lettering

Another crazy selfie:

 "Painting The Town Red" was a Prompt for Everyday in January. 
This reminded me of buildings I drew in Germany  last year!

More homework:

Collage of first 15 selfies this month 

"A Herd of Turtles":

This was selfie #15. I apologize if I am repeating some pictures from last week. I'm too tired to check that out! 

I visited my friend Deb,who is recovering from surgery. I drew her sister... She's reading Danny Gregory's book "A Kiss Before You Go" about how he used drawing and keeping an art journal to process his grief when his wife, Patti died. Deb is grieving the recent death of her husband! I hoped the book would be helpful to her and she said it was. 

Meanwhile back at Starbucks ( can you tell I'm a little discombobulated today? I am!

This might be a repeat too!

This is Deb, I need to call and see how she's doing! I talked her into joining sketchbook Skool and she already did some awesome art! Art heals, you know!

Breakfasts at Starbucks:

People leaving before I'm done with them can be a challenge...

And I'll end on a happy note with my dancing mouse and pig!

Wishing you a creative week! I apologize if you are seeing any of this for a second time, but I know you'll be understanding and let me off the hook just this once. 

Be well and enjoy every minute! It's what we've got!
See you next week!