Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Week in the Life of Lynn Cohen, Artist!

Picking off where I left you last week, there I was Thursday last over lunch at Tacos Jalisco. I drew these first folks at the table right in front of mine. They were so engaged in conversation they did not notice me at all. And besides they are getting free advertisement for the place they work!

Carlos was in the house! He's much handsomer than I made him here. But I think his spirit shines through! He was still waiting to hear if he got that acting gig he auditioned for ... actors wait a lot!
You can see his signature in the orange spot by his head!

Friday found us at Starbucks again. In case you wonder, I don't drink coffee, I just draw there. As so many models are available; ever changing too. My husband gets a coffee and reads a book and the newspaper, which he buys there, so they do get a little change from us for our use of the table.

Meanwhile, Sketchbook Skool klasses have begun again!  Starting my second year.  I am taking my fourth semester's worth, called "STRETCHING"! Our first teacher is Jonathan Twingley. I encourage you to google his name and find his website full of his wonderful art. A joy to see. Very fun stuff.

He got us started with an exercise using ink blots, ink poured on a paper towel and put between two pages of an art journal, then draw anything that comes to mind around them.

Here's Jonathan! Everyone loves him. He's very present and helpful, and encouraging and VERY INSPIRING too! Did I mention that I LOVE HIS ART?!

Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene, are our founding teachers in Sketchbook Skool. Both also inspiring and supportive. They introduced the new klasses and I drew them and Jonathan from their videos.

Koosje liked hers so much she asked my permission for them to use in in public media. So don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else sometime! What a compliment! And you can google too! They offer a free class to get you interested! I'd take advantage of it if I were you!

I really had fun with that ink blog exercise!

And here are a few more:

On Sunday I had the urge to draw and husband was doing something else so I headed out alone to the market where I buy my organic fruit and vegetables, and organic Brazil nuts. They also have an okay deli and a place to sit and eat. So I sometimes do that and draw. This woman and boy were not together there, but they sort of look as though they are. He was sitting across from me waiting for his drink to get made. She got hers first and left. I always drop stuff out of my Portabella Mushroom sandwich onto my art journal pages. Luckily it wipes up fairly well.

Meanwhile back in SBS, Jonathan gave us a collage assignment. To draw random things on a large sheet  of watercolor paper, cut them out and create a drawing around them. On the one above the boys head and truck were the cut outs.  The rest drawn in around him.

Her head and car and the cat are the cut outs here. These were fun to do. They actually are two of my grand children age progressed about six years!

Monday of this week found us at Starbucks AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The folks at top are often there, well some part of this group always seems to be there and always in the same spot. We can pretty much count on them. Not the first time I've drawn them either!

If I run out of customers there I can always count on my very own model, he is always available and cheap too. He's the one in front with the book!

We still go to Winters to the Mexican Pueblo Meat Market and Deli for lunch. The fish tacos were really extra full of fish this week. My husband says they make the best hamburger he's ever had.
Oh, that's the bank across the street. How many times have I drawn it now? It's time for me to turn around and draw the people eating there I think. And no, I do not know what a Winter Fish is. Forgot the S in Winters!

Thanks again for stopping by to see my weekly art endeavors, I hope they entertained you some.
Your visits and comments keep me drawing! Who doesn't enjoy feedback?

You will probably see drawings of children here next week. Come back to check it out ...

In the meantime I invite you to hop over to Paint Party Friday via the icon on my side bar; same with Sunday Sketchers! Lots of great artists post in both spots!
And a whole international community of artists hang out in Sketchbook Skool! Lots to see and to be inspired by.

Have a creative week and I will too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Blog Look! Welcome to MY ART JOURNAL!

You probably noticed I changed the look of my blog. It's still a work in progress. Feel free to tell me what you love or hate about it or something in between. I'm not even sure how I feel about it yet myself. I just felt it was time for a change!
I no longer feel as though I am "Getting My Feet Wet", thus the change in name!
Without further ado on with the art journal chronicle of the past week or so:
You can tell it's spring when folks are wearing shorts and brighter colors in March and April.
Here's a parade of them at Starbucks!
You can also see lots of serious talk going on there! Two guys in business garb on a Friday morning;
Three women not as serious at their table in the back.

Just before Passover we'd gone to the Nugget to buy organic vegetables for roasting and I needed some organic grape juice (instead of wine) for a recipe with apples and cinnamon. It was fun watching this couple over their green smoothies surrounded by stuffed chicks, Easter baskets and Passover Matzo boxes! Nice that there is always something for everyone there.

My husband and my brother sat in the front of the car as I drew them from the back seat on our way to a family gathering in Stockton, CA. We take back country roads and everything was green and yellow and quite beautiful. Even the cows looked happy that it was springtime.

We were gathering to celebrate Passover with family. Our uncle Harry is our last remaining elder, at 96 and he was able along with his grand daughter, Lisa to lead the Seder.

I'm not sure what sacrilegious act it was to sit with art journal on my lap and draw everyone there, but I enjoyed doing it and no one else seemed to mind.

Later in the week we showed up at Starbucks, my usual haunt to draw. This might be the first time I drew the guy on the far left, but he soon becomes an regular in my art journal. Keep your eyes peeled.

There are always plenty of models for me to draw there. And my own table with art supplies and empty oatmeal container.

Sometimes we stop in Winters on our way home and I draw the First Western Bank. I'm sure you recall seeing this here before.

And the next week we are back at Starbucks. I love the characters I find there to draw.

Sometimes they meet up in my art journal with other people from different places I find my self during the week, like the Starbucks gal meeting the Cherry Pit gal in this drawing.

I had to get my car smogged. It only took a few minutes, but enough time to draw her  waiting for her car to get done.

And on Thursday of that week I had lunch at Tacos Jalisco. Of course it's a very colorful place to take out art journal and pen and paints!

See, there he is again, third time I drew "Mr. Regular Guy" ... and friends.

It was hard not to love drawing her Love Pink sweatshirt! And the lady with all the scarves!

There was a contest and these folks made it into my new banner. I may change that picture from time to time, what do you think? Does a banner need to stay the same all the time?

I love it when it is warm enough to go up the street to the park and draw kids and parents playing there! I turned off my hearing aides to shut out some of the kids screaming voices. But otherwise, it was quite pleasant to be there.

Once in awhile for a change I draw people on the TV. This is the same guy twice using two different pens.

Yes there I am again!

We had a lovely drive to Bodega Bay last weekend. Just in time for the Fisherman's Festival.

I loved meeting up with a sweet six year old boy who asked me, "what are you writing?"
I told him I was drawing too, and did he not like to draw? He said no. We went on to talk about my drawing and at the end of our quite long conversation he told me he liked my drawing and I suggested he go home and draw too. I hope he did.

We often walk along the headlands. I drew them first and then we walked up there over looking the ocean, noticing colorful wild flowers ... it was very lovely and kind of romantic too.
I sort of feel like this is one of our special places.

This is the forth time I drew "Mr. Regular Guy" ... and those gals for the first time.

This one is self explanatory.

And lastly today, this two page spread, featuring Mr. Regular Guy #5 on the far left top
and Mrs. Spontaneous Woman, who popped in just in the nick of time as I had run out of
people to draw there ... She saved the day and the page!
I hope you enjoy this LONG journey through my journal today. I know it's a lot to look at. It was a lot to draw too. I hope you will have an equally creative week.

Be sure to join us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens where the theme changes tomorrow! I think it is to draw in a café or something like that! Gee, wonder what I will post there? LOL

Meet us at Paint Party Friday via the icon on my side bar on Thursday night, and Sunday Sketchers on Sunday.

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for coming by and thanks for letting me know what you think of the art and the changes here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Portland Oregon Trip: Part 2 and Home Sweet Home AGAIN

While we were in Portland a week or so ago now, we went to the Tulip  Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The shoe maker came round to see what I was doing, said he knew I was drawing him, and when I asked if he'd sign the picture he did! Fun personalization!

I walked out to the tulip fields with my little fold up stool and sat and drew this old tractor in the midst of all the beautiful, colorful flowers. It felt magical to be there.

Later, back at the entrance where there is  a gift shop and places for people to sit and chat I drew the folks I saw there. You know, my favorite thing to do!

Everyone seemed quite settled, except the girl in white, who I had to draw hoping out of her chair.

We tried to go to Crater Lake afterwards, one of our most favorite wonders of the world to visit, but unfortunately the gate we came to was closed and then it got too late to go to the other entrance ... so next time! I did a selfie in the car instead.

We spent the night in Yreka, CA. We ate at another beer brewery. Funny, as neither of us drink beer, but the burgers and veggie burger are okay there. I drew the people around us. Our waiter saw me doing it and came by to chat about it. He told me his mom did this too. But she was shy about drawing people in public. So I of course told him about Sketchbook Skool and my book about when I challenged myself to draw in public. He took it all down to give it to his mom. I asked him to sign the page in my art journal. His name was Israel.
I wonder if he'll see this.

On the Monday we got back we had an appointment to see the Tax Agent to have our taxes done.
We stopped at Barnes & Noble first so Fred could get coffee and I could draw.

This guy sat down with a stack of cook books! I hope he went home to make something good. Dinosaur stew maybe?

She got up just as I got started! It happens. He was very pensive. Maybe he was getting his taxes done today too!

These folks could have been doing their own taxes on their lap tops sitting across from each other on opposite ends of the tall seats outside the area where we were sitting. I had paper left over so filled it with signs over the book shelves there.

Afterwards, I asked her to sign it.
She wanted to rip it out of my art journal.
But I sent her a copy instead!
One just NOT rip drawings OUT of an Art Journal! It's not done!

You know life is back to normal when I start drawing at Tacos Jalisco again!

April 1 was our 30th Wedding Anniversary. I gave it its own blog post ( two right before this one) scroll down to see it if you missed it) ... but our friends, Jutta Wenz and Heidi Likar, who we met through Sketchbook Skool, then in their home in Austria when we were there last September, sent us this wonderful portrait of our younger selves. Jutta drew and painted it. I think it deserves to be seen here! Thank you again Jutta and Heidi for your gifts, friendship and well wishes! They and you are so appreciated.

And the week continued with me eating and drawing at Tacos Jalisco ...

I drew so much more, but this post is getting really heavy with drawings. I will save the rest for next week, when we had Passover with family. More Starbucks draw outs, and more. Wait and see. You have to come back then.

In the meantime enjoy others art via the icons on my sidebar for Paint, Party Friday and Sunday Sketchers.
Join us drawing at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, where we are drawing landscapes this week.

Have a wonderfully creative week! Be well and Be Happy! Thanks for stopping by.