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Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Busy Week of Art Making by Lynn Cohen

Often when I am watching TV at night I draw the people I am seeing there!
I drew these young singers on The Voice:

And sometimes I just doodle in this Zen fashion!

Lately I have been knitting while watching TV in the evenings, as it's time to make our youngest grand daughter her Selfie Doll and her Grandma and Papa dolls, as I made for her cousins a number of years ago. The first doll is ready to stuff. And then I will knit her wardrobe of clothes.

I still make a point of going out to draw in public. I like drawing at Barnes and Nobles while people are deep in thought over books and such.

Last weekend we went to hear my cousin Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet read from her new prize winning poetry book, Greenhouse! She was terrific and so is her book. You should buy it.
Her first book Tulips, Water, Ash won a prize as well. Buy them both!

At my other blog, Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens we are doing ten minute drawing challenges this week and next. Come join us there and do some too.

I still eat lunch at Tacos Jalisco and draw there. Remember my book of drawings from a year of lunches there? See it on my sidebar: One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco. You might want to think of buying some copies for friends for the holidays!!!  I'm told its very inspirational for artists wanting to draw more and in public. Or just for a fun read!

One more ten minute drawing done in my office:

Did you know I am the luckiest lady on the planet married to this amazing singer? I am. The picture tells the story! (He sang to me the first time on our first date in 1978 on the Berkeley Pier)

Wishing you a good week, a creative week. A week of drawing and fun. Happy holidays to those who celebrate Thanksgiving. I sure have a lot to be thankful for and will be enjoying that with family and friends. I feel very blessed.

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Thank you for coming to visit me here and for leaving your wonderful comments,
you make my week very special.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Busy Week Drawing in LIFE!

On Monday I met with a fellow Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, Janice L-h, who lives nearby me to draw in Vacaville. We met at Tacos Jalisco for lunch, shared our art journals, then went outside to draw the town.
(I had to go to the bank first to finish up our Living Trust business, but now that's done!)

We both drew the mansion on Buck Avenue ...

... and then I drew the Opera House while Janice drew the bell tower. It was so kool when the bells tolled for us while drawing there on the streets of Vacaville.

The weekend before I went to meet up with some East Bay Sketchers to do some live figure drawing.
This was a first time experience for me and I really enjoyed it. I will go back again to do more.

After three hours of drawing there I met my husband for lunch and we drove to the marina in Emeryville where I drew the scene there. The park was full of sun bathers!

 ... and the San Francisco skyline ...

Earlier in the week I got to do some Starbuck drawings per usual, but there is always a story to be told there:

And then I added this bright bowl of fruit for my other blog: Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens. You can join us there to draw too if you like. We change the theme every two weeks. All drawers are welcome.

Happy Paint Party Friday too!
Thanks for stopping by, I love seeing you here and getting your comments/feedback about what I am drawing.
Have a creative week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Keeps me Busy Drawing

Jean-Christophe Defline is a student AND a TEACHER in Sketchbook Skool.
He does a wonderful series of book covers taken from the Tin-Tin books but based on his family and their travel adventures. When he assigned us to make a book cover, rather than steal from another authors book I chose to cover my own book of art I drew in Europe with the cover you see below:

And I covered a second art journal with this drawing I did of our time in Doolin, Ireland.
I went on to cover a third art journal in which I have done many portraits with a drawing from inside it of two portraits I did of fellow klassmates from SBS; and a forth art journal with a drawing from inside it of a scene done at Tacos Jalisco. I may very well go on to add these wonderful glossy prints to the covers of all my art journals. It's much more fun that just looking at black or brown covers and trying to remember what kind of art is inside them. The covers give hints to that subject matter.

Our teacher since last Friday has been Veronica Lawlor. She is teaching us gesture drawing, drawing quickly moving subjects. I drew her quickly as she talked about this in one of her klass videos.

This was one of my first quick drawings trying to capture body posture of my husband on an early morning when he was complaining about his back and walking while bending over.

Then I was to follow him around for an hour drawing him in motion. Well, I first found him asleep in the recliner, where he kept moving while changing position. I was standing on the stairwell, looking down on him and drawing him while I was standing there.

He continued to change position and I continued to try and capture each one ...

Later he got dressed and we drove to Dixon to go to Starbucks. I drew his hands on the steering wheel as he changed hand positions over and over again...

At Starbucks I captured the people standing in line. They changed positions too. The guy kneeling down stacking shelves was working there.

Here my husband is reading the paper and putting his hands together...

Meanwhile, back in Klass, Veronica showed us a beautiful video of her drawing two dancers.
I slowed it way down to draw this dancer on the floor.

And then her again, and then with her partner, a male dancer.

I feel very good about these drawings. I see myself learning more and more in Sketchbook Skool. To me it is worth it's weight in gold. If you haven't already I strongly recommend checking it out:

Wishing you all a Happy Paint Party Friday (on Friday) You can get there via the icon on my sidebar; and be sure to visit us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens as well. Thanks for your visits, your comments, and for following my blog. I appreciate it all!

As we get closer to holiday time I'd like to remind you that my book:
"One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco" is available at Blurb Books and can be reached via the icon LINK on my sidebar of the book cover. It's a great book for inspiring artists who want to brave drawing in public. Something I was afraid to do two years ago and now do with out giving it a second thought all the time. Or to inspire any artists on your gift list who want to be inspired to draw at all.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased my book
and to those of you who may be doing so for the first time!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Busy Week in Art and Life

Well, Art seems to be my life!
This past weekend we went to spend one night at my daughters so we could take our grand daughter to her soccer game on Saturday morning. Actually the ice cream was AFTER the game; Yael likes to draw me and me her so we did this while we were there (again) I think we've been doing this since she was six. She's ten now.
(In fact she drew the photo of me in my self published book you can see on the sidebar when she was seven)

The game was exciting. It ended in a tie score. Yael made the one goal for her team and blocked the last goal attempted by the other team at the end of the game! She is #20. I was attempting to draw action shots, which isn't an easy task, as the running is short lived and the standing around is much longer!

Earlier in the same week we went to Stockton to visit uncle Harry. He enjoyed looking at photos and my art done in Europe the past month! It's always a pleasure to feel like we are brightening his day, as he is still grieving the loss of his younger sister and wife. But he was in pretty good spirits in spite of all that.


 This past weekend there was a Sketch Crawl with the East Bay Urban Sketchers and I went to Jack London Square in Oakland, California to meet up with them. We were eight all together. The majority of them are also Sketchbook Skool Klassmates, which was fun meeting them in person for the first time!

I started by drawing this huge crane that moves cargo onto ships! I thought it looked like a gigantic dinosaur. I think you had to see the real thing to see it that way!

From there we walked over to the farmers market that was going in full swing. Live music helped me draw this scene above. The produce seller from "Swank Farms" came around to see what I was doing and gave me a nod of approval. When I turned my angle a bit I saw this tall pole with all the bicycles hanging from it and the flags waving in the breeze. It was a warm sunny day! One little girl stopped to see what I was doing and said "That's really good drawing!" I told her she could do it too and she nodded her agreement back at me! A passing guy also told me it was good. It's nice to hear this when you are out in public drawing!

Later we gathered together to eat our lunches and I drew the group! I had more time so I drew this new friend (SBS) too.

When my husband came to pick me up, some of the group had left already, but he was able to take this great photo of the four of us still there! It's so much fun to meet up with other artists and draw together. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
That's me on the far left waving at you!
Four of the Eight of us who came out to draw together on this day!

Happy Paint Party Friday ... Happy drawing and creating ... We've only been home less than two weeks from Europe, so images of that still dance in my head, but slowly I am acclimating to being back in the states, home with my cat, house, job, and "normal life" ... but I sure wouldn't mind still being traveling!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 It's hard coming home after a months travels abroad. I'd like to write more in depth about our trip, perhaps things we learned along the way would be helpful to others making a similar trip sometime.

On this particular day we were visiting the Aran Island off of the village of  Doolin, Ireland. We walked around the island, enjoying it's stone walls, and green fields, coming to this ship wreck rusted out hull, and I stopped to rest and draw it. Matteo, is the Italian fellow we met on this walk and he wanted to take a photo of me drawing the ship. Below you can see one half of a double page spread in my large Moleskin art journal I did of her.

We absolutely fell in love with the village of Doolin.  This is part of the main drag. The other part is as small. A few shops to encourage tourists to buy wool Irish sweaters. I did! And in the post before this one you can see my drawing of the pink store with the thatched roof below. If you look very closely you'll see me sitting on the stone wall next to the jeep wearing my new green Irish wool sweater and sketching away!

and here I am adding water brush to paint or colored pencils not sure which now.

We backpacked in Europe, meaning all our belongings (clothes, toiletries & art supplies) had to fit in a 40L Osprey backpack and a smaller day pack,  and be not too heavy, as I had to carry things up and down flights of stairs in underground train stations, on and off buses and trains, in airports, on cobbled streets, etc. Sometimes for way longer than I felt humanly possible, but I did do it and I am proud my body held up for it all.

We took a boat ride from Doolin to the Island and it took us on a side trip very near the Cliffs of Moher. Beautiful is an understatement.

Back at our BnB on our last day before heading to the bus to Galway and the train to Dublin for our flight home the next day we stopped to say goodbye to our friend the donkey, who lived a few doors down from us. The whole atmosphere here was so very tranquil, peaceful, quiet, that it was a very difficult thing to say goodbye to all of this and head back to bigger city life.

My husband did an excellent job of planning our trip; I lucked out finding us perfect accommodations to stay in, always spotlessly clean, friendly proprietors, comfortable and attractive. Language was never a barrier even when we did not speak each others languages. We made ourselves understood.
We both thought it was one of the best months of our lives!
And were so glad we got to enjoy it together.

 These baggy black pants were "rain gear", although we met up with very little of that. I'm wearing them over black tights. On the way home I was wearing layers of clothes to lighten the load on my back in the backpack. Thus also wearing the green sweater under the down jacket even though it was not THAT cold.

And so off we went saying goodbye to Doolin, our last village on our journey, to Dublin and our flight home the next day. We can't wait to go back!

Some more Sketchbook Skool assignments completed:

And the front of that ship wreck on the top of the post!