Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Every Day in June Winds Down, I go Drawing on Mare Island, in Copenhagen, and Close to Home too!

Every Day in June winds down with numbers 27-30:

#26 "Night Lights" reminded me of putting my little grand daughter to bed and making sure I leave a little light on for her in her room.
#27 "Something You Collect" for me meant all the friends I've made since making and sharing my art on line. This particular friend, Carmel Campbell, and I were Skyping with each other and drawing each other, while I opened a big box of gifts she'd sent me for my birthday: What do artist friends give each other? ART SUPPLIES of course!!!
Thanks again, Carmel. You are a gem!

#28 "Spit Shine" reminded me of how my mother used to 'clean me up' if we were out in public and she saw a smudge of something on my face. She'd moisten a tissue with her spit and dab it on the offending spot to make me more presentable, I guess.

#29 "Vacation"

 The memory of the first vacation I took my self on at age 19 to Mexico. I went alone. Traveled by bus. And really did sleep all night in that hammock on the beach in Acapulco. Breakfast was freshly caught fish, re-fried beans and homemade tortillas from a small locally own kiosk on the beach. Yes, I was quite adventurous in my youth. People I met along the way looked out for me and I had a safe journey.

and #30 "Religious Icons/Imagery"
was done last Sunday when I was at a Meet Up with San Francisco Sketchers and a Nature Journal group from the City on Mare Island, in Vallejo, CA. Mare Island is a now closed Navel yard.
People do live in the grand old officers homes!
We hiked around the island, looking at Osprey's nesting and flying over head; and later in the day visited this St. Peter's Chapel with it's beautiful Tiffany Glass stained glass windows.
I'll show you more of that day later on in this post.


Also this week I did another Collaborative Drawing. this time with Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, Ditte Neilsen, from Copenhagen.
I donned my new Rainbow Cape, in commemoration of the Supreme Court Ruling for the legalization of Same Sex Marriages in all States in the United States of America.
I am very proud of my country today because of that!
So I flew over to Copenhagen and Ditte drew this wonderful page and sent it to me to add to:

I had fun coloring it and adding myself into her scenes she set for us.

Thanks Ditte for playing along with me; and for your wonderful sense of humor!

Meanwhile, back at home in California, I dropped into the Town Square where I heard loud, blues music being played and sung!
Lots of people sat and watched while others got up and danced! It was a fun Saturday Morning!

Later that day we had lunch again in Winters, yes, you guessed it, at the El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli. My husband really LOVES their hamburgers! The fish tacos are good too.

Sunday morning we stopped at Starbucks, and Fred ran in to get his coffee. I stayed in the car and drew this old ford pick up across from where we were parked.

We went to Vallejo and onto Mare Island and gathered with the San Francisco Sketchers and the Nature Journal group. We went on the nature hike, which felt fine at the time, but my legs are still screaming from all the hill climbing I did that day. The day right after I was shuffling around here like I was 140 years old!

I drew these folks looking at the Ospreys in that big nest on top of that tall tree on the right.

I met a lot of really nice people on this trek. Mel, the guy in the dark shirt below here, is a science teacher, he was there with his bird watching wife, Pat. Mel told me he always had his students draw each other the first day of class, to teach them observational skills. He seemed interested in taking up drawing himself, so of course I told him about Sketchbook Skool. I hope he joins us there.

That weird looking open structure is a boat called "The Spirit Boat". I don't have the rest of it's story, sorry. We stopped in the cemetery and I drew one grave stone. And then I drew Linda, an artist I had met at the Fort Mason Life Drawing Marathon back in January. It was fun talking to her again.
She's sitting in St. Peter's Chapel drawing one of the stained glass windows like I did and posted above in my EDJ drawing collection.

It was my birthday last week. I had a great time. My son, in the little sketch on the right was down for a Grateful Dead concert and my daughter who lives in the Bay Area gave him and a friend of his a place to stay; she also invited us down for dinner the night of my birthday. I was so surprised to see my son there, who'd come down from Portland, Oregon! On Monday, Dan and his friend, Rocco, met us in Winters for Breakfast at the Putah Creek Cafe before they headed back home to Oregon.

 It was
indeed a very, very happy birthday!
Well, that's all my art from this past week since my last posting!
I hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Have a creative week.
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 Bragging: I finished two art journals this month: One handmade by me, 30 pages of ledger sheets for EDJ, 5" X 8.5"; and 49 of 50 pages in another 5" X 7.5" hand made art journal I found at a thrift store. Started 6/5/15 ... one page to go.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Week in Art by Lynn Cohen

Day 19 in Every Day in June: FASHION!
This came about around the same time as the horrible murders of nine African American people in their church in Charleston. So I melded the two with a flash to my past in the early 1970's when I was sewing jean ware (hats, purses, vests, jackets and skirts from old jeans)
and our wishes then for PEACE that included Civil Rights!

The next prompt was to draw animals or pets so when I found Henry V laying in the clean clothes in the laundry basket with is eyes open glaring at me defying me to tell him to get out, instead I grabbed an art journal and a ball point pen from a bathroom drawer and drew him quickly! He was comfy he did not move.

Last Saturday we went to the Free Folk Festival in San Francisco, where I met up with a group of San Francisco Sketchers and we all drew the musicians in action.

It was a long day with lots of different kinds of music and people who sat still long enough to be drawn with comfort and ease.

I did love this woman's second pair of glasses; and was stoked I could draw an accordion!

I met Monica (on the right here) at the lunch area. We were both waiting for our orders so we chatted. She was there to do Egyptian dancing which she teaches to this group. She knew about the SF Sketchers from the year before and was stoked we were there again (me for the first time).

The last group of the evening was where my husband (in the middle here) sang a solo. I was go glad I got to hear that and draw it too.
He knows the two guys on the right, been singing with them since the early 70's.

I got a chance to use my Parallel Pilot pen on the gal below. Love it's versatility of thick and thin lines.

Back to Every Day In June: "Sporting" shows my  brother and I playing our favorite card game of spite and malice. He always accuses me of cheating. I don't cheat!

The next prompt was "Rain", something we are dearly in need of in California right now!

Of course I am still drawing at Starbucks as well ... loved this curly haired guy and the older folks on the right.

This one comes with a story. I was drawing the woman on the left who was sitting directly behind the guy next to her here. He got up and came over to ask me if I was drawing him. I said "No, I'm drawing the woman behind you!" He went back to sit down. Then feeling he must really have wanted me to be drawing him, I did. Later I called him over as he was on his way out and showed this to him. He said "I like it!" and so I asked him to sign it and he did.
(see initials on his knee)
Then he said "I want half the royalties when it sells!"

That was fun. So was drawing these next three victims, I mean models, who had no idea I was drawing them. At least they didn't indicate that they did.

I still draw the First Northern Bank in Winters if there aren't any folks inside to draw, as was the case on this day.

The next EDJ prompt: In the Can brought these images to mind:

And the prompt for June 24 was "Sweet": which got me drawing something I no longer eat, and that brought up memories of when I did and with whom. Happy Birthday memories!

Wishing YOU a happy creative week.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Adventures of Lynn "Flash" Cohen in ink and paint!

 In my continuation of our collaborative drawings with friends, Jutta Wenz and Heidi Likar, in Salzburg, Austria you see me, "Flash" Cohen flying in and landing on top of the Alp where Jutta and Heidi and their cat climbed to meet me. (Heidi and Jutta drew themselves climbing the mountain and I drew, colored, cut and pasted myself into their picture!)

Jutta and Heidi then took me to their Faire where they picked out a costume for me to wear and I beamed myself magically into their picture.
(Again, I drew, colored, cut and pasted myself, a la Jonathan Twingley, in the center of their Faire scene)

Collaborative drawing is a lot of fun and can be done between folks all over the world no matter where YOU are! If you want to draw with me send me your email address and we'll set up a time.
My next destination is Copenhagen, to meet up with yet another Sketchbook Skool friend. Or maybe I met her through the Every Day in June group. I don't remember now for sure.

Meanwhile, back in California, I make my usual weekly forays to Starbucks where I draw the people there!

I love giving them things to talk about ...

I don't know "George" but he is there regularly and has a whole group of friends and possibly family who meet him there as often as we go there. This day we got there early and he was waiting for his group to form. It did eventually.


This week held other adventures for us personally. My DH had to have some work done at the hospital and I spent my WAITING TIME drawing all the people in the waiting rooms with me. They changed out from time to time, as various patients were admitted into the surgery room, or doctors came out to tell families how their loved ones were doing.

I sat across from these folks while waiting to be let into the room pre-procedure to see my husband and talk to his cardiologist beforehand.
The doctor turned out to be a cool dude we both felt comfortable with. He told us what to expect.
It was going to be a long day.
As DH went from Admitting to Surgery I got shuffled to other waiting areas. The woman in the wheel chair was obviously the "victim" here and she and her daughter had some loud words. Mom was hard of hearing, I could so identify with the loud frustrated voices, as it is what happens in my family because of my loss of hearing too.

This woman didn't have to wait long it seemed. The doctor came out to tell her something and she got up and left the room. Probably to go be with someone behind the big doors.

I continued to wait with these folks in the big room again.

Well we did NOT get to go home by noontime, or one or two o'clock either. They finally came and got me and let me go into the post op room. I guess they had cleared out a lot of patients, as my DH was almost the only one still there. They were waiting for his vitals to stabilize.

The nurses were really nice. I got some cranberry juice and some canned peaches to eat. I was so hungry by then anything was appreciated. Next time I will bring a picnic basket of food!

They made us wait until six thirty to be released. Then I had the fun of going to find my car in the parking garage and figuring out how to find my husband at the side of the hospital. I did it, but it was not easy.

Two tired people finally got to drive home.

It's nice this story has a happy ending! Color me RELIEVED!!! Drawing while waiting really helped too!

I continued to draw all week in Every Day in June:

This one was really fitting after my ordeal getting lost in the parking garage at the hospital. I know the floor and stall number, but they were not easy to find. Lots of walking later, I did! No one had stolen my car after all.

But I am terribly directionally challenged!
I stole the cover I had made for one of my Travel Art Journals from our trip to Europe last fall for the prompt "Transportation". I just drew the same things again, including us with back packs climbing the mountain! Now I think we will be able to do this again!
Here's to good health!
Modern Medicine!
Wellness Wishes for all!
Have a creative week!
Thanks for coming by.
Thanks for your comments and following my blog!
See you next week!