Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Every Day in July, Sketchbook Skool Playing Klasses, Starbucks, Pure Grain Bakery, and MORE

Time marches on ... I got this time piece at the local farmers market from a local jewelry maker, who painted the top of the watch. My husband loves pocket watches, I thought it was time I had one too. It's fun to wear in my pants pocket and pull out on it's long chain to check the time. I drew it for Every Day in July prompt: "#16 Old School, back then.

In Summer Skool Sketchbook Skool we were to draw one thing in many variations. I chose to draw our teacher, Danny Gregory, over and over again using different pens. He liked it. It's fun getting kudos from our teachers in Sketchbook Skool.

Another assignment in SBS "Playing" was to use ink blots and turn them into monsters! My monster was a mean guy on a trapeze.

For EDJuly we were to draw in the style of an old Master painter. I enjoyed using new water soluble crayons my friend, Carmel Campbell, gifted me. I love how the lighter colors are not covered over when water is added to the darker colors next to them. The fun of wax.

Again for ED July we were to come up with a song title and draw it. Well, I drew this group of people at the Pure Grain Bakery on Saturday, and then chose the song title to go with it: "People"!

This was a fun hap stance for me. A woman walked by our table when I was deep in the zone drawing those people up above. She asked me if I had drawn "Tacos Jalisco." Of course I told her I still do, but not this week. At least not yet.

Meanwhile back at EDJuly the prompt was "Transformation". I drew me in my over sized jeans having used eating vegan/whole foods to transform myself from a size 12 to a size 6 these past two years.

I continue to draw in my fold out art journal on toned paper, made by Carmel Campbell for me. I especially enjoyed drawing the fabric of the dresses two of these women were wearing.

Monday I had a dental appointment for a teeth cleaning, but before that we stopped in at Barnes & Noble's Starbucks and I drew these unsuspecting folks. I really appreciate how still they sat for me to draw them.

Later we went to lunch on the Marina in Suisun where I drew boats for a plain air piece for Every Day in July prompt: "plein air"... The women below were also eating outdoors as were we for more plein air drawing time.

That night for dinner I made lentils and sautéed veggies and drew it while it cooked to post over at my other blog with Ann Hyde, 'Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens' where we are currently drawing our favorite meals. You can join us there you know!

And finally, again for Sketchbook Skool, Summer Klass, Playing, I was to draw S L O W L Y, something I do not normally do, that's why they call me "Flash Cohen" over there. But I took my time to draw the mess or piles of books on our couch and end table. It was fun, especially all that cross hatching on the couch.

Now I need to catch up with the prompts for Every Day July and my next Sketchbook Skool assignments. Never a non drawing moment around here.

HAVE A CREATIVE WEEK and Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and your comments so much.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wild & Wonky Selfies From Distorted Photos, & Lots of Laughter

By far my favorite assignment in "Playing" Klass in Summer Sketchbook Skool was to draw myself in a wild way from a distorted photo! Each one of these "Me's" tickled me more than the one before it.

So many selves! It's such a good thing when I can laugh at myself! And laugh and laugh I did!!!!

I also laughed hysterically this past week when I fell off my thread mill and found it difficult to figure out how to scoot off the moving belt with out killing myself in the process.

I felt less humorous when I had to undergo dental surgery again for a tooth removal and bone grafting! But I am healing okay from that ordeal.

I continue to have fun with the Every Day in July drawing prompts, this one was "Puzzled" ...

and the next one was "dreamscape" ...

I continue to have fun drawing at Starbucks almost filling up my new handmade (by Carmel) toned paged art journal in one direction of this wonderful folded book.

I will let these three ladies with their delightful laughter keep us in theme! It's been a humorous week for the most part.

Wishing you a creative week!
Thanks for coming by, I appreciate your visits and your comments.
I hope I left you with a smile.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Vacation Weekend, Six Days in July, and Sketchbook Skool Playing in Klass

We went to Fort Bragg over the forth of July. I got to christen my new folding art journal that my friend, Carmel Campbell in Oregon, and a SBS Klassmate, made for me! It's on beautiful toned paper that really soaks up paint. I used markers on this first page and they really pop off the page!

Same for the second part of this first spread ...

The next day, July 4th, I reverted to watercolors. (Winsor & Newton) As you can see the colors are nice, but not as vibrant as the markers. (Faber-Castell)

The people were abundant and gave me lots of opportunities for variety, men, women and children!

The following day I was still using watercolor paint ... these thirsty papers drank it in ... I went over it in ink again after painting it.

On our last day there I went back to markers. and some colored pencils too. It's fun trying different art supplies! I really like this new black Pentel pen I picked up while I was there.

I am part of a group of artists doing Every Day in July!
Our first day was to draw a caricature. It's easy to turn my dear 10 year old grandson into a caricature, as he has big ears to begin with! I did exaggerate them, however!

I stretched a bit for the next prompt which was "National Icon" and settled for the California State Bird icon! I've been in California all my life and it's a big state! I think we think we are a nation onto ourselves! In a good way, that is.

Third prompt is "Desert"... I drew these cacti from my imagination!

Meanwhile, back in Fort Bragg we went to the beach an that gave me a chance to meet the prompt for "Summertime".

Prompt #5 was "Something that made me feel Yucky!"

On July 6 I was to draw "Something I carry in my pocket", not much, as I carry most of my stuff (art supplies, journals, pens, markers, pencils, flip phone, money, in my back pack).

This week a new Klass in Sketchbook Skool began. It's called Playing, and we are being encouraged to use our imaginations as much as possible and to just have fun. This assignment was to lay down shapes using Gouache paints, and then see what you see in the shapes and draw that sparingly with pen! Mine fit in our return home from our long weekend away and Fred going off to pick up our cat.

Reflecting on the Coming Week!
Make it a creative one!
Have fun!
Wait till you see what I am doing in the next Sketchbook Skool Klasses for Summer,
Playing (July) and More Playing (August).
Next week will be a lot of fun here!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Every Day in June Winds Down, I go Drawing on Mare Island, in Copenhagen, and Close to Home too!

Every Day in June winds down with numbers 27-30:

#26 "Night Lights" reminded me of putting my little grand daughter to bed and making sure I leave a little light on for her in her room.
#27 "Something You Collect" for me meant all the friends I've made since making and sharing my art on line. This particular friend, Carmel Campbell, and I were Skyping with each other and drawing each other, while I opened a big box of gifts she'd sent me for my birthday: What do artist friends give each other? ART SUPPLIES of course!!!
Thanks again, Carmel. You are a gem!

#28 "Spit Shine" reminded me of how my mother used to 'clean me up' if we were out in public and she saw a smudge of something on my face. She'd moisten a tissue with her spit and dab it on the offending spot to make me more presentable, I guess.

#29 "Vacation"

 The memory of the first vacation I took my self on at age 19 to Mexico. I went alone. Traveled by bus. And really did sleep all night in that hammock on the beach in Acapulco. Breakfast was freshly caught fish, re-fried beans and homemade tortillas from a small locally own kiosk on the beach. Yes, I was quite adventurous in my youth. People I met along the way looked out for me and I had a safe journey.

and #30 "Religious Icons/Imagery"
was done last Sunday when I was at a Meet Up with San Francisco Sketchers and a Nature Journal group from the City on Mare Island, in Vallejo, CA. Mare Island is a now closed Navel yard.
People do live in the grand old officers homes!
We hiked around the island, looking at Osprey's nesting and flying over head; and later in the day visited this St. Peter's Chapel with it's beautiful Tiffany Glass stained glass windows.
I'll show you more of that day later on in this post.


Also this week I did another Collaborative Drawing. this time with Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, Ditte Neilsen, from Copenhagen.
I donned my new Rainbow Cape, in commemoration of the Supreme Court Ruling for the legalization of Same Sex Marriages in all States in the United States of America.
I am very proud of my country today because of that!
So I flew over to Copenhagen and Ditte drew this wonderful page and sent it to me to add to:

I had fun coloring it and adding myself into her scenes she set for us.

Thanks Ditte for playing along with me; and for your wonderful sense of humor!

Meanwhile, back at home in California, I dropped into the Town Square where I heard loud, blues music being played and sung!
Lots of people sat and watched while others got up and danced! It was a fun Saturday Morning!

Later that day we had lunch again in Winters, yes, you guessed it, at the El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli. My husband really LOVES their hamburgers! The fish tacos are good too.

Sunday morning we stopped at Starbucks, and Fred ran in to get his coffee. I stayed in the car and drew this old ford pick up across from where we were parked.

We went to Vallejo and onto Mare Island and gathered with the San Francisco Sketchers and the Nature Journal group. We went on the nature hike, which felt fine at the time, but my legs are still screaming from all the hill climbing I did that day. The day right after I was shuffling around here like I was 140 years old!

I drew these folks looking at the Ospreys in that big nest on top of that tall tree on the right.

I met a lot of really nice people on this trek. Mel, the guy in the dark shirt below here, is a science teacher, he was there with his bird watching wife, Pat. Mel told me he always had his students draw each other the first day of class, to teach them observational skills. He seemed interested in taking up drawing himself, so of course I told him about Sketchbook Skool. I hope he joins us there.

That weird looking open structure is a boat called "The Spirit Boat". I don't have the rest of it's story, sorry. We stopped in the cemetery and I drew one grave stone. And then I drew Linda, an artist I had met at the Fort Mason Life Drawing Marathon back in January. It was fun talking to her again.
She's sitting in St. Peter's Chapel drawing one of the stained glass windows like I did and posted above in my EDJ drawing collection.

It was my birthday last week. I had a great time. My son, in the little sketch on the right was down for a Grateful Dead concert and my daughter who lives in the Bay Area gave him and a friend of his a place to stay; she also invited us down for dinner the night of my birthday. I was so surprised to see my son there, who'd come down from Portland, Oregon! On Monday, Dan and his friend, Rocco, met us in Winters for Breakfast at the Putah Creek Cafe before they headed back home to Oregon.

 It was
indeed a very, very happy birthday!
Well, that's all my art from this past week since my last posting!
I hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Have a creative week.
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 Bragging: I finished two art journals this month: One handmade by me, 30 pages of ledger sheets for EDJ, 5" X 8.5"; and 49 of 50 pages in another 5" X 7.5" hand made art journal I found at a thrift store. Started 6/5/15 ... one page to go.