Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conversations in Cafes, Every Day in October Prompts including Frida Kahlo

Our modern technology is great for us, but not always so great for the next guy!

I love making up conversations for the people I am drawing when I am out and about!
I mean really! Doesn't she LOOK like Annie?

These two women were obviously busy and not with each other so were enjoying a quiet moment!

This answers to the Prompt in Every Day in October: "Children's Literature". I love this book I found for free at the folk festival last week. It's all about Yiddish, stories set in Chelm using Yiddish words with explanations. My late uncle Harry LOVED the Yiddish Language and would have loved this book. Unfortunately, I found it the week after he died. I was able, however, to read it to one of my grand daughters. The family tradition continues!

We sat outside at Bernardo's in Davis, CA for lunch. It was a bit breezy and peoples napkins were blowing away all over the place! My husband, being the nice guy he is, was getting up and picking them up and throwing them away!

Boy, it was busy at Starbucks on Saturday! I could have drawn line after line like this. I thought it would never end! A good thing for an artist at work!

Sometimes, I get inside peoples heads and "read" their thoughts!

Another prompt for EDiOctober: "Beached" I copied this off of a drawing done recently by Tommy Kane, one of my favorite teachers in Sketchbook Skool. He always gave us permission "to steal", so I felt okay stealing from him. He saw this on Facebook and left me a comment saying: "Damn good!"
Boy, did that ever make MY DAY!

As a marriage, family therapist I have actually had couples in trouble for this very problem. So it's no wonder it has finally shown up in my art! (I do NOT KNOW these people).

These young kids were oh so laid back! I am sure this is the way they were talking even though I couldn't hear them from my spot clear across the room!

Sometimes friendships are difficult! Modern technology doesn't exactly help either!

I figured she was doing some online shopping. When I posted it on Facebook there was all sorts of speculation as to what she was buying. Feel free to put your 2 cents worth into the conversation!

"Polaroid" was another prompt for EDiOctober. So I drew Mr. Land and his camera upgrade in '72.

Often times people come and go so quickly that I give first arrive-ers' new friends, even after they have left the territory!

See what I mean? Again, friendships are being given the short end of the stick to someone's
Virtual Reality Life!

And once again I draw half of a couple (woman in white) while she waited for her guy to come out of the restroom. I had hoped to draw him and his long ponytail  too, but they left immediately! Just grabbed their drinks and split the scene. So instead, I drew the gal in pink in a different part of the room. Why do women think it's okay to have their underwear showing under their shirts now? Am I just being OLD fashioned?

The prompt for today, Oct 7, was "Frida Kahlo". I drew two new ones. I have five I think all together now. Maybe I'll add a collage of them.
The one above is from her painting called "Roots" 1943. I loved the bright colors and imagery.

This is copied from her "Self Portrait With Monkey" 1945
It was fun doing it with black ink and black marker.
I enjoy drawing from one of the books I have of her art
called Frida Kahlo The Paintings Hayden Herrera 1991
HarperCollins Publishers

Wishing you a CREATIVE WEEK!

Thanks for stopping by. Your visits and comments keep me drawing!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Every Day in September, El Cerrito Free Folk Festival, Starbucks Folks, ETC.

A prompt for U in Everyday in September was Uni. Of course Freda's Unibrow came into my mind immediately! This is maybe my 3rd time drawing her. Such an inspirational artist!

Last Saturday we went to the Free Folk Festival in El Cerrito, CA where we listened to musicians all day long ...

We listened and I drew as many of them as I could for 4 and half hours: total: 30!

2 braids, one long, one short

We knew some of the folks there going back to the 1970's when we first started going to folk festivals in the Bay Area. My husband sang a solo in the "Out of Harmony's Way" group in the afternoon, and he got his  usual response: Amazement! And lots of YIPS!~

It was fun watching clothing too. There was floral and Tie-dyed, silks and linens, music note prints on socks and guitar printed shirts!

The age range was mostly older folks like ourselves, those old 1970's hippie types, but a few young people too. We sure hope this genre of music does not die out with our generation!

Afterwards, we went to my daughter's home for dinner. It's always fun being with our kids and grandkids!

I'm trying out some new art supplies here: A toned art journal, and "Generals" pastel pencils. I'm enjoying using them.

Here they are again, but on white paper!

The last prompt for Every Day in September was "The end of September, the road, of life as we know it ... be creative." I was going to make a collage of all the drawings I did for that challenge in September, but my computer program brought up all the art I've done since I started Sketchbook Skool in 2014 (April). It about knocked my socks off seeing how much I had drawn in all that time in one place!

And now we begin Every Day in October. The first prompt is "Pink Ribbon (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month)". We are to be creative. So I drew my best friend from childhood, Patty, who died from cancer two years ago (July). My tribute to my greatly missed best friend. I love you Patty.


I wish you a Creative Week! Enjoy whatever form that takes for you!

I finished another book. I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I am learning a lot about WWII, this time in the Pacific. It's a heavy read, but I couldn't put it down.

Thanks for coming by and for your comments that inspire me to keep drawing! I appreciate them so much.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Twenty Drawings Since Last Weeks Post

Drawing at Starbucks is my habit and forte I'd say. This day was ART DAY there, as not only was I drawing there, but the guy at the table across the way was making posters, and the guy to my right was making a carving on a wooden gun.

I continue to play around with Every Day in September. This prompt was "Quotable Quotes", I liked this one from Margaret Mead.

I was finishing up the last pages of the second side of this accordion art journal. You see the sequence with the wood carver on the left now (from the previous day) and more people on a different day. I have drawn the couple (woman with brace on her knee and the guy next to her with arms spread, before, lots of regulars go to Starbucks, not just us); I liked the guy with his motorcycle helmet on. He didn't have a coffee to drink. He never removed his helmet the whole time he was there.

The spread goes on with a guy with white hair sitting in the back writing, two women chatting together, and finally part of the last page with Retro Guy reading a book ...

and the very, very last page with the older guy drinking his coffee; and then you see the back cover of the book that has collaborative art done by me on the bottom and my friend, Carmel Campbell on the top. I love having this long string of drawings I can pull out and look at all at once. Accordion books are great fun.

Next prompt for EDiSeptember: "Raindrops"

Followed by prompt: "Sand Castle"
I'm really having fun drawing from my imagination.

I found a new accordion art journal in my stash I'd purchased on our last trip to Oregon, I'd forgotten about. It has a pretty satin cloth cover in red with multicolored dragon flies on it. And it's quite small.
4.5 " X 3.5".

It started to present challenges, as I got used to the size and the paper. Something that happens to artists drawing in public from real life: I started to draw a guy sitting in a chair (far left) when a woman came and sat next to him so I could no longer see him at all. So I drew her (looks like she is sitting in his lap) then she got up and moved to a different chair so I finished drawing him underneath her. The next guy was further away and I wound up drawing him quite small. And finally I started drawing folks the sizes I like them to be and these I think came out pretty well in the last panel.

As if I don't belong to enough drawing groups now, I joined one more. It's called Sktchy. An app on the iPad. We draw from photos, which is very different from drawing from life. I got some practice in drawing folks eyes.

Next prompt for Every Day in September: "Upside Down". My grand daughter does yoga and is often found to be standing on her head or doing some other poses that put her 'upside down'!

Still in the tiny accordion art journal were these folks at Starbucks in Dixon, CA this week. There weren't very many folks there when we got there. These guys were not together. But they fit on my page as if they were. Maybe they are friends now, who knows? Could happen.

Lots of employees milling around, cleaning the place and bringing in a set of four new chairs. This is one of them!

These people are still sitting on old chairs. I wondered if they were going to get rid of the burgundy fabric chairs. I like drawing them. Please note this woman was eating lunch and the guy had a very shiny head!

Prompt for EDS: Vegetables   so I did 2

Next prompt: First they had Warhol, but since many people drew Andy Warhol art for the Pop Art prompt last week (see my post from last week) they changed it to "Wishful"... I decided to combine the two, thus my "Wishful "Warhol" Walrus":

My first real Sktchy drawing from a photo is of two guys, who I could have caught sitting live outside somewhere near where I live, right?

And finally today, Sept. 24 we went to Barnes & Noble Café in the morning and I drew women only!

And one child and his Clifford dog! Whew! Busy drawing week. I am always amazed when I sit down to post my weekly art just how much I have done. It really has become just about a daily habit and I enjoy it so much.

I've also started reading books again after along hiatus. I'm currently reading Unbroken A World War II story of Survival Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. I had a hard time putting it down to write this post. Now I'm going back to reading it. Oh and I have a next prompt for EDS to do too. "Ying Yang".  You'll have to come back next week to see what I did for that!

Have a Creative Week! And thanks for coming by. I appreciate your comments, they keep me drawing!