Monday, October 8, 2007

Mizvah Day quilt done!
I like this photo because the toys around it have significance to me.
The Leo the Lion behind/top of the chair was my daughters when she was a little girl.
Somehow it has never left our house.
The dollhouse in the lower left side is like one she had when she was about three years old. Now its here for her daughter to play with.
And the blocks on the lower right are grand kids toys too.

The quilt is the "pillowcase" type, no borders, layers sewn together on three sides then
turned inside out. I figured out how to add the ties at the meeting of four squares.
You can't see it well, but it's sparkly blue and white yarn.

The ties are more noticeable on the reverse side, which is flannel.
It feels very soft. Some child in need is going to enjoy cuddling up in this blankie. It was fun and easy to make.
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  1. Hey you say it was easy to make? To me it looks very complicated and certainly involves lots of patience. It is beautiful!

  2. Thats the same way I tied my quilt off. with those ties that knot. How did you do yours? I went with a couple others to this class and we all rented a large stretcher to do our quilts. Mine was a queen size and I remembered we used big needles. I need to hunt up some old photos of it.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my drawings.

  3. Andrea, thanks! They are becoming easier and easier for me...the beginners class laid the ground work, and now I am on a roll.

    Cris, I used a large eyed embroidery needle and poked it from the back to the front leaving enough yarn on each side to tie off. Did double knots. Wish I'd left enough to tie knots on ends of ties as they are fraying. I just held this on my lap as it is just lap size.


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