Sunday, November 18, 2007

Down to the Hemming by Hand of B and W

I am not going to show a photo yet...but last night I got the last of the black thread out of the B and W "Ashley" quilt. It took hours of slow tedious work. But I got it all. Today I top quilted it in white on white. I decided that the black thread would take away from and over power the dark abstract shapes of layered fabrics. So white on white looked best. I used a simple back and forth pattern of long narrow loops. I think it looks good. Then I used black thread to go over the outer border in larger/fatter loops. You have not seen the back yet. It's pieced together from all the different fabrics used on the front in varying sizes and shapes. The black and white threads from the fronts on the back look good too. I am very pleased with the way this is turning out. I also sewed the binding on the front side and tonight I will sit with it and hand sew the binding to the back. Tomorrow it will get it's bath and drying. And then it shall be done! You can see it then.


  1. Sounds WONDERFUL. Cant wait to see it done. Congrats for getting all that black thread out. NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??? lol

  2. oo, i'm excited to see what the quilt will look like when it's all done!!!

  3. Hi Lynn, you are so quick! I looking forward to this new quilt, I'm sure it will be a beauty. I'm curious to see the white stitching and the back! The way you adjusted it sounds good!
    Have a great day, Andrea

  4. You have so much lovely here on your blog! And you are not a beginner on quilting anymore?!
    thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  5. YOu are tantalizing us with your show of things to come. Sounds lovely. They are one lucky couple. !!!

  6. the black and white quilt looks perfect
    i too love the back and think it could be
    used reversible
    jumping down...
    the spider pics are out of sight
    what a glorious day


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