Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Night Of Chanukah & Erika Visits Us

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Yesterday was a stay at home day for me. I didn't step foot outdoors. All that ice and snow...this California gal just wanted to hibernate. I watched a marathon of HOUSE on TV while knitting and adding fringe to scarves. I've finished two since being here. In the evening DH and D-nephew went to get Erika. She seemed fairly comfortable being here. She drank coffee and ate cake, watched The Sound of Music on TV, ate a nice dinner with us. We lit the final eight candles for the last night of Chanukah and goofed around. Karen put hot rollers in Erika's hair. She loved the attention. Her very thin straight hair did not curl so Karen turned it into a cute top knot. Erika liked how she looked in the mirror. She needed more bobby pins though until it was perfect. When it was time to take her back to her "home" once again they had to "trick her" by telling her they were going to go for a ride to see more Christmas lights. She was excited to go then. Much like a little kid getting a special treat. When they got to the "home" Allen told Erika he wanted some M & Ms and she said she had some in her room...and that is how they got her to go there!!! More tricks for a reluctant woman whose memory prevents her total feelings of ease especially while in transition. When the guys got back Allen and I played our favorite card game. Once more we stayed up till very late playing, laughing, talking. We talked politics and I learned about his studies at college, his senior year in the drama department...his hopes of directing...perhaps teaching drama one day... I've been playing cards with my nephew since he was a little's the glue of our relationship. The game is Spite and Malice! Such a thing to teach a child! I know, but it's great fun and we laugh ourselves silly. It feels good. Three more days until we fly home.
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  1. You always make such a wonderful collage with your photos.

    Today was so sunny and 70 degrees, ah, wonderful. Had to rub it in a little LOL. I know you can't wait to be warm and sunny again.

  2. Looks like your still knitting and having a good time. Yep when icy out it is nice to stay in.
    Cons cousin is staying another day and night. so we will go from bye to her to hello for the next company. I will crash next week sometime. lol
    but it is fun. I've got some photos but no time to post them.

  3. Thanks Teri...yes its 10 degrees here and SNOWING!!! Two more days until we leave for warmer clime.
    But important to be here longer. Glad you like my collages.

    Cris, enjoy your company!!! Have fun! You'll rest up later. ;-)

  4. Hope your last three days are full of fun times. It is nice to tuck up inside in the frigid cold weather. Unless your an outdoor person who skis and does all those other things in snow.


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