Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roses for Those In Need

A client brought me roses the other day. I'd like to share them with Suki in her time of grief, and Marianne in her's as well. With Elspbeth who is healing from surgery, and with anyone else who could use a little boost of roses today.
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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lynn! I just read your profile, and it says you've been quilting for a year? REALLY?!?! You've done all of those lovely quilts on the video and you started less than a year ago?!

    I am truly inspired. I just started a watercolour class and I love it, but I can't imagine coming as far as you've come in that amount of time.

  2. WOW.. How Sweet of that Client. How nice they show their appreciation in this way. Nice of you to pass them on to those in need of Roses at the moment.

  3. Heather, welcome. Thanks for coming by. I took my first quilting class July a year and a half ago now. I guess I better change my profile. ;-)

    I see that there is a watercolor class being offered at our community collage in March. I am seriously thinking of signing up too. I am so inspired by the painters in blogland that I visit.

  4. Lynn thank you so much for sharing these lovely roses. You do indeed have such sweet clients. I am sniffing in the scent of rose and feasting my eyes on this lovely red. Thank you.

  5. Thanks, Lynn. Very thoughtful.

  6. Oh this is so sweet of you Lynn!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    And also for your heartwarming comments this last week on my blog!
    hug >M<

  7. Thank you for the roses for my dear friend Marianne.
    Rosegarden from Lynn Anderson was the favourite song of my mum,so I had to leave you a message.
    Have a nice day.

  8. I'm glad the roses gladden so many.


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