Friday, January 23, 2009

Guilty Cat; sketch book finds and Ready for Show Not necessarily In That Order

I am ready to take these to the art gallery tomorrow to enter them in the new show called: Reflections. I have put the two art pieces in shadow boxes. I really like this look. It seems to make the art stand out and gives it protection at the same time behind glass without the glass being flat on the fabric. On Boy With Red Lips I glued the words around the 5 X 7 inch frame of the box as seen here: Hard Times is in a 16" X 20" shadow box and I've added letter beads to spell out Hard Times and some green weird stuff that I burnt in place with my iron (another garage sale find last summer.) This piece is made of all recycled materials, and fabric paper I made with glue and water. It really shows how I am feeling now in our economic crisis. Has it hit home for you yet?This is my very GUILTY CAT...I was wondering why I kept finding the fabrics in this cupboard poured out onto the floor? Was the door not staying shut? Did I not have them pushed in there firmly enough?
Well, now I know. Mr. Henry V is nesting!!!
These are finds in my sketch book. I tend to sketch and/or doodle in the evenings while watching mundane things on TV (or the news that lately hasn't been all that mundane!) I may have blogged this one already, it was for the last Big Draw, but when I saw it I couldn't even recall drawing it let along posting it. so here it is (again, maybe?)... Enjoy your weekend, what are your plans?


  1. Wow. you have been busy busy. I like the shadow box affect on both pieces. I didnt see that the bigger work was in a shadow box. Very clever. The portrait really looks fantastic too. stand back like looking at an oil painting and it really comes together.
    I got a chuckle out of Henry V. My Daisy likes to sleep in my closet so I gave up trying to keep her out and put a bed in one corner of it. We can all relax now. :))
    I never saw that Tea for two drawing. you must have thought you posted it. all very good and colorful. no depressed person here. :)

  2. I dont remember seeing that yoga sketch before. You have a huge array of artworks here. Magnificent. I love the two pieces for the show and the shadow box frames work well. Very funny about your fabric falling out. Tee hee. That Henry.

  3. You amaze me everytime I come here. Your pieces for the show are just wonderful. You are going to sweep the show!

    Like the doodles also and while doing the same thing-mundane TV.

  4. What a delightful post!
    Lovely piece about the hard times!
    Hope it doesn´t hit you too hard..... These are difficult times for a lot of people I realize......
    Henry V is naughty or iss it a girl?
    The pages are very cheerful!

  5. No weekend plans here - still recovering from a cold which is taking weeks to go away.
    Those evening "doodles" would make wonderful quilt designs - especially the one with the circles overlapping. I can see some see thru sorts of fabrics overlapping each other with stitched designs.

    Anyway - have fun!

  6. Jasper and Henry are nesting experts!

  7. Cris, how fun that you see an oil painting....guess YOU would! ;-)

    Suki, thanks, your words mean a lot.

    Teri C., this how has two GREAT long time artists in Guest Artist and Spot Light artist, the latter being a textile artist as well, I feel honored to hang in the same show as them. Your words warm me.

    Marianne, I do feel the financial crunch of trickles down from client losing homes, making less, etc. So the I do believe what came out in the art piece is true feelings.

    Mim, I do hope your cold clears up soon. You need to stay home and get well!!! Mother Lynn speaking.
    Fun that you see quilt designs in my sketches.

    Elspeth, what can I say, our cats will be cats!

  8. Oh, neat. I really like your doodles. Oh, and your shadow boxes are so cool, too. I love how free and uninhibited you are.

  9. Kelly, thanks for coming by. I missed you here. And thanks for your warm compliments.

  10. haven't visited for a while, love the new header and all your work, you have come such a long way in the past 6 months, and i have enjoyed watching you do so. thanks so much for all your lovely and loving comments about my little mags, she is such a little petite sweetie pie, and i am getting such 'nachus' every time i see her, which has been nearly every day this week as they have needed help and asked me to come...her mum lives out of london but is coming down for the day today. wow, this new grandie stuff is highly emotional and overwhelming! HUGS.

  11. SB, thank you for coming and thank you for your compliments on my work.

    I imagine that being a new Grandie is overwhelming, but in a most wonderful way. Good to have a break too to rest up for more as they will invite you again and again....Enjoy, as there is no better naucus than this. I know!


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