Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Arty Life by Lynn Cohen

So I've been knitting a doll for our grand daughter. Allie Bel. Allie was born deaf, but through the wonderful invention of Cocular Implants surgically implanted in Allies skull at ages 1and 2  years of age she now hears well! Her doll sports implants too that magnets attach to just like her real ones. Soon she'll get a face and hair and more clothes. Stay tuned.

I drew this week at Starbucks...

And when my husband bought me this cool hat I took a selfie and drew from it! My new purple vest goes well with my hat and purple glasses! 

Today I drew at Tacos Jaliscos... First using my new Pilot Varsity fountain pen another spontaneous gift from DH ... 

I added just a bit of color with my beloved Prismacolor colored pencils. Both these guys were wearing red shirts. 
One guy looks like Picasso drew him, or maybe I was channeling Picasso!

This picture is a lie. The man was not touching the woman. But in my picture he got away with it. You can decide if she's ok with it.

The gal on the right has an animal peeking out of her coat ... The guy she's talking to all animated like
overlaps her!

Things like this happen when I draw!

So this week, I knitted, I drew, I worked, and I baked a vegan cake for a Thanksgiving party! 

The drawing of me baking was drawn by a Sketchbook Skool Klassmate, Jutta Wenz, from Austria. We met up with Jutta and her wife Heidi when we visited Austria in September this year. Jutta made this cake for me. It was so very delicious I asked for, begged for the recipe! So she drew it with me baking it.

I'm sure my friends will love it too!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who enjoy this delicious holiday! I'm grateful for my life everyday, but it's fun to have a special day to gather with friends and family and focus on our gratitude!

Thanks for stopping by! New classes start in January in Sketchbook Skool. Checkout and see what you're missing!


  1. Great sketches, Lynn!!! Love the line at can always count on one there and if it moves too fast I just combine bodies to make one figure. Cute sketch of you by Jutta of you a whirlwind. The doll is adorable. How large is it? Wishing you and your husband a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks ?Joan. The doll is 15" tall and 8 " chest. And yes, I do the same at Starbucks! All people have the same parts more or less! :-) isn't Jutta's drawing a hoot! I l love her and her art!

  2. That doll is going to be adorable. Nice job so far. Clever grandma. :)
    Lots of great sketches here. Wonderful job on your selfie sketch. :)

  3. Oh can't wait to see the finished doll I love it already!! Love all the sketching but especially you all in purple!! Love the glasses and the hat!! Excellent work busy lady!! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!! Enjoy your family!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks Giggles and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!

  4. loving the doll already, so beautifully made and of course I love all your fab sketches as well. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Your sketching is so inspirational. I always love it (with a bit of envy that I can't step out there and sketch in public). Love your doll! I hope we get to see her with her new "mama".

  6. What a delightful painting packed post Lynn,
    The doll is going to be so loved and how thoughtful that you've included the implants too ;D
    All of your sketches inspire and make me wonder why I don't do such sketches when I'm out and about.
    That cake looks yummy plus the recipe drawing is brilliant. You look like I do when I'm working (basically an octopus)
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I think it's a wonderful idea to gather friends and family together to appreciate what we have. It's not celebrated here but I try to do this on a daily basis.
    Happy PPF ;D

  7. Wonderful work - and I especially love the doll you are creating! What a special gift for your grand-daughter! Happy PPF!

  8. I really enjoy getting a peek into your world each and every day/week, Lynn. You have an amazing heart and I LOVE to see the world through your eyes. Truly! :)


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