Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Card Sale Coming Soon

Step One: I am getting cards ready to take to the art gallery for sale.
These are on nice sturdy green card stock with matching envelopes, blank inside. And in individual clear cellophane outer envelopes. They look good.
Step Two will be getting a vendors number; then possibly setting up an ETSY store from which to sell them to a wider audience. (Possibly in June/July).Coming soon to a blog near you!
The cards have names: Lily; Bee; Owl Couple; Dragonfly; Red Poppy; Rose Bud; Passion; Peach blossoms; Purple Iris; Purple Thistles; Sunflower bouquet; White Poppy; etc.


  1. OMG Lynn those look great. wow.
    They are very attractive and catch you eye right now. Kudos. You have come along way since you started blogging. I am so thrilled to have been in on the start of all this and see it all happen. :)

  2. Lynn these are fabulous. I esp like the green boarder rather than the usual white. Your photos are so colorful and fun (the owls). Good luck with yr new venture. Let us know when we can buy some. :)

  3. These are lovely cards! does etsy # mean you wil be selling them online?

  4. Lynn, first of all thanks for visiting my blog !!!! How did you find me?

    I love the cards you've pictured here. I think they look just great.

    I've been working towards producing cards from my paintings and am hopeful that it will be a profitable adventure. Maybe we can compare notes. I think you have a large market for cards with the photos on them as yours are of such high quality.

    I'm also greatly inspired by your fitness blog.....being healthy without sugar seems impossible to me. Though, I know you are right. My friend Colleen has been on a path similar to yours for almost a year now and the transformation in her is amazing.

    Well, again, thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope we'll get to know one another.

  5. Thanks all.
    Yes, Lisa, ETSY is the online store and I hope to set it up probably in July when I return from vacation. As I will feel the need to be here to ship cards when the orders come in. :-) Am thinking positive here!
    Suki, you will know when the time is right! Thanks for showing an interest.

  6. cool... i know where i'll be getting my cards from now on...

    p.s. think you could do one of a grasshopper???

  7. How exciting to have your photos printed as cards and sold at an art gallery!
    They look amazing good!

  8. Paula, I found you at C'est Andrea's Blog!
    Thanks for your compliments on my photos/cards. Would love to compare notes with you regarding card selling. Good luck with yours too.
    Glad you found my healthy eating and exercise blog as well. It wasn't hard for me once I made the decision to change. The no sugar has actually made me feel much better. I seem to love a challenge and now I am challenging myself to be the best I can be.
    Do come back again.

    Marianne, the photos are simply taped to the cards, not printed on.
    Thus the bold colors perhaps? Glad you like them.

    Hopper, I will be scouring my garden for grasshoppers to photograph now with this challenge from you! Thanks too, glad you like my photo cards.

  9. i'm an owl person, they are just the cutest birds! you go girl and keep on going!

  10. Lynn, these cards are soooo beautiful. You are very talented you know? And I just love your little owls and the way you succeeded in capturing their oh so sweet poses:) And all your other pictures, the libellule (dragonfly?) is my favourite (another one)

  11. oh, i already see five that i'd like to buy ... can't wait :)

  12. I love the dragonfly and that sensual calla lily. All of them are beautiful! Good luck with sales!

  13. These are the green card stock.

  14. lynn, the cards are beautiful!!

  15. a collection of beauty...
    thanks dear gardener-photographer

  16. I am so happy that you all are so taken with my photo cards.
    I am struggling to do pricing on them, as they cost a bit to produce and to send out. It seems I will have to charge more than I wanted to in order to just make a tiny bit on a sale of one. I hope that will be acceptable.

  17. So you asked how I found your blog...through Leah's creative every day.


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