Saturday, September 18, 2010

Individual 4" X 4" Pockets

I feel like a little production bunny at my sewing machine spitting out these adorable (if I do say so myself) little pockets perfect for business cards, ATCs, or other small trinkets you need to carry with you. (hearing aides/batteries [just thought of that for myself]; camera memory card; earrings; jewelry; extra cash; credit cards; ID; pills; drivers license; you name it if it will fit into a 4" square it's easy to toss in your bag or pocket and find easily. #1 Front SOLD #1 back #2 front SOLD #2 back #3 front SOLD #3 back #4 front SOLD
#4 back
#5 front Available for Sale
#5 back
each has a few handmade by "Julie beads" and recycled wooden beads on the imported tie yarn. Soft machine quilted batik fabrics on black felt
Sulky threads
Lined with colorful handmade paper fabric by Lynn
Decorative buttons
$12.50 each
free shipping in USA think gifts for self or others Want one or more?
Leave me a note and #(s) in comments! Can be customized with pins on back, fabrics of your choice
(batiks; kids fabric designs; flowers, jean denim, leather, etc.)


  1. These are all cute as the buttons on them. :) Great idea for little things.

  2. These are very cute!! Love the buttons!

  3. Nice colors, your own style and absoluty more beautiful in a series. Well done!

  4. Lynn, these are wonderful, if I had the money I would buy a bunch!
    Love to that Henry cat. xoxo

  5. Those are adorable and reasonably priced. You should sell a lot.

  6. Oh, Lynn...I am so happy the beads coordinate perfectly!!! Good idea for individual pockets! You've got me thinking now about using mine as a wallet for all sorts of things!!!

  7. They really are cute Lynn - what fun

  8. Lynn these would fly on Etsy!!

    I have to start working on the pocket stuffers for my little purse ;)

  9. Lynn, your sewing is awesome. I am SO impressed. Love them.

  10. Great idea Lynn. These are adorable and the price point is very affordable.

  11. I think you have hit on something here! And I like the 'SOLD'on many of them, too!

  12. I would love to buy # 4 if it is still available......
    Tell me how to


  13. Marianne, I have marked #4 sold (to you). Thank you for your purchase.
    You may pay by Pay Pal if you wish or send me a check or money order, what ever is easiest for you and your mailing address to If you don't have my address I will email it to you.

  14. Do fun to do in a production line.I am making triangle pouches that way with a darling charm on the zipper tab


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