Monday, June 4, 2012

The Smith Brothers or My Brother and My Husband Unrelated Plus Hammock Incident

On Saturday night
My brother (left) and my husband (right)
sat across from me at dinner
at Amicis' Italian restaurant.
The food was delicious!
I took a photo of them
on Sunday morning I drew them from that photo.

When people see me with my brother they sometimes think he's my husband; even family members sometimes call them by the other's name! One is taller (DH), but still there is a remarkable resemblance due I think to the beards and mustaches, hair color and dour expressions.  There is no blood relation there! (except my brother and me, he's my real brother. I was NOT adopted like he is often telling me I was!)

Actually they were smiling more in the photo, but they came out looking rather dour! Several drawing oops' here too. My brother is not punching himself in the jaw...his elbow is supposed to be resting on the table top. Oops! My husband does not have pink eye. I was trying for some blush color but missed. Oh, and they both have blue eyes which I neglected to paint in. Oh well...none of us is perfect.

 I couldn't stand it...I added a line under my brothers elbow so now he is resting. Hated leaving him hanging suspended in air...

However, speaking of being suspended in air:
Maybe you can read this journal page and maybe you can't.
The story goes thus: I wanted to lay in my hammock but it was in full sun. So I dragged it to a corner where there was some shade. HOWEVER, I neglected to make sure I had pushed the long white steel bar on the far right side into the bottom bar that connects to the bar on the left. See red X at joint point circled in lower right corner of picture.

What happened next happened fast and furiously. I got into the hammock with my book per usual.
But because I had not secured the pieces together firmly enough they came apart and I went flying to the ground, but not before my head hit hard on the steel wheel barrow under a lot of ivy next to the hammock; my shins both received a hard whack from the wooden bars which hold the ropes in place; and my back tail bone landed on the steel bar across the ground under the hammock.

And that my friends was my restful Sunday!

I laid there stunned for a few minutes...I knew my husband had gone to the store...the dog next door barked behind his fence. No one came to my rescue. I felt around for possible broken bones, blood
(g-d forbid)...but except for some fast appearing purple bruises on my shins and an ache in my lower back and a bump? on my head I decided I was probably okay. I went in the house and read in my recliner (safer) and later went back out and fixed the hammock. Got to get back up on the horse. I did.

I am sharing this a day late with
Sunday Sketchers


  1. Oh No!...that sort of thing would happen to me. Hope you are recovering from your Extreme Sport {healing hugs being sent your way}. Stick with your drawings, much safer and it's remarkable how alike your brother and husb. are, but then you are good a drawing people.

  2. Your DH and brother look so amazingly alike. Very fun.
    Watch out for flying hammocks Lynn!!!! lol

  3. Son casi iguales, es genial Lynn. Me gusta mucho tus dibujos.


  4. They do look alike and having met your DH in person I can tell it is him. So glad you weren't hurt and were able to draw your hammock snafu afterwards. I heard about it now I can visualize it from your Drawing. OUCH is right..Very Scary. Your colors on both are well done.

  5. This is really awesome, Lynn! You're art/painting is wonderful and love how you captured the feelings/emotion. :)

  6. Lyn....OUCH! Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt....this sounds like something I would have done! I hope your bruises reach the end of the *Rainbow Colours* soon.... Love your *action-packed* sketch!

    Yes...your DH and Brother DO look alike! A-ha-ha!

    Big (but gentle) hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Oh my, glad you are okay after that fall. Scary. Yes, the guys do look a lot alike. Interesting. And I chuckled at the fact that your bro teases you about being adopted.

  8. I love this, all so fresh and entertaining ! Really enjoy reading your posts as well as your art, your drawings are so fluid and spontaneous in feeling and I get a strong sense of who you are! Wonderful!

  9. great pages... they do look alike and i loved the hammock incident page... fantastic fun... sorry I am late getting around to check out Sunday Sketches this week... so glad I got here eventually...xx

  10. oh you poor thing! that must have really hurt, but I'm glad you were able to still get back up and try again. Nice job on the sketches!

  11. Lynn, I am glad you are okay, but you should have had the bump on your head looked at. I hope you are on the mend. Fun drawings, your brother and husband do look like brothers. Kisses to Henry. xoxo

  12. These pages look great! I like how the two guys turned out. Love their expressions!

  13. The brother / husband thing is so funny - did they look alike when they were younger? I like the way you've done DH's arms in the final pic, very good.

    Sorry about your fall...glad you are OK and that no one witnessed your tumble


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