Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Eight of 29 Faces in September

 I have taken up the challenge to draw 29 faces in the month of September...Many of my faces are parts of larger drawings with multiple people in them....and with full or partial bodies attached to the heads. But I offer these as my first eight faces!
#1 Is my husband drawn on Labor Day
#2 Is my Uncle drawn last weekend on a visit when the car broke down...

#3 Is my aunt drawn that same day.

#4 is my cousin also drawn at the same visit and all three appear together in the same drawing.

 #5 is Carlos at Jalisco's drawn behind a cash register also taken from a larger drawing.

#6 is a woman in a larger drawing done at the Pure Grain Bakery last week.

#7 is another woman, drawn at the same bakery in the same group drawing.

And #8 is Carlos' aunt who waits on me at the restaurant weekly. Also taken from a larger drawing that will probably appear on my blog later in the week.

But now at least I am up to date on 29 faces challenge. You can see what others have done by going to the link via the icon on my sidebar that says 29 Faces Challenge!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Fabulous Lynn....good idea to post them second...I should do that!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Another Challenge??? This is no challenge, its a piece of cake, you do faces all the time. lol You go Girl!!! :))

  3. wow, you sure do shine with faces, your work is amazing and you are such an inspiration!!

  4. What a challenge but I know you can do it!!!!

  5. Great faces! Love your pared down style and awesome use of color! This challenge is the best ever! :)

  6. Your faces really capture the personality, I really like pretty woman.

  7. Really great faces! I like #1 the best :-)

  8. Hey, nice to see you joining the 29 faces too! With all the people you draw you have a lot of faces to choose from!

  9. These are great - signature Lynn-creations! I like the one of your hubby best:-)

  10. Loved seeing al our faces so far. I am loving this challenge. It makes me do art everyday.

  11. You have a definite style of your own - I particularly like the one of your husband.


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