Monday, September 10, 2012

The Juke Box and The Taco Story

I really enjoyed this lunch hour at Taco Jalisco's. I sat facing the juke box on purpose because I wanted to draw it. When I was a young girl in the 1950's my father had a business that serviced juke boxes. He had mostly Wurlitzer's and Seaburgs.

This is a Werlitzer taken from the web

 As a teen I had a job in his shop typing the record label strips for the larger machines like the one pictured above and the smaller models that were counter boxes that sat on tables or the soda fountain counters. They played 45 rpms. Those small plastic discs with the big fat holes in the middle. I liked singing stars like Fats Domino and Perry Como.

So sitting there drawing that juke box that was blaring Mexican music took me back a few years! (a few?) ;-) Quite a few. About 55 years!

The first wave of customers came and went and when there was a lull, Carlos, the owners son, who has become my art friend there came and sat down at my table to talk. He wanted to see the drawings in my art journal. He also brought me a recent drawing he had done to share with me.

And he told me a funny story. He was looking at the women in a drawing in my book and he said "I know those women! That one is Chicken Enchilada, and the other one is Beef Burrito!" I said, " You know people by what they order?" He said " Yes, when we just see your face in the door they start making your fish taco!" He said "You have only changed your order one time and that day I had to eat your taco!" I can't tell you how much I laughed hearing that!

The three people in the painting above were NOT sitting together. The woman on the right was sitting with her back to the juke box. But the woman and daughter were sitting at the table between hers and mine.  But my job at perspective was not so great so I wound up putting them together! I think they are getting along just fine! Never a dull moment at Taco Jalisco's!


  1. I too loved jukeboxes when I was young- actually I still do. Remind me of some hapy days. Have a good week.

  2. ha ha!!! I love the fact of knowing people by their restaurant orders :D fun & awesome drawing as usual - it feels like being there! (BTW thx for the advise re my painting -- I am contacting the people who leased the building to the restaurant - will try the licensing office if I can figure it out)

  3. Love the story that goes with this. I too loved jukeboxes.. It does take one back a few moons doesn't it? :)) Love to colors too. Very bright and you know why I love them?? Because I FINALLY broke down and bought me another new monitor that WORKS. wow.. I can see colors now. :)) and what a great post to begin seeing it on.

  4. any mexican would be damn proud of your color, lynn!

    you've found a home at jalisco's.


  5. I enjoyed reading your post - once again - and your artwork! You have such a spontaneous, lively style - both with words and images. I liked the story about the owner having to eat the taco:) Thank you so much for joining in on Mandarin Orange Monday. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  6. Loved this drawing and the stories you share. I think the ladies belong together,they look like they are having a nice visit together.

  7. How cool- your art brings out the fun in people and brings people together! I used to be somewhat shy about arting in front of others- but your blog has shown me how powerful it is to art in public. Thanks for another wonderful sketchbook page and story!


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