Monday, August 20, 2007

Quilting class was a mixture of fun and stress yesterday. Remember I am a BEGINNER!
The name of the class and quilt pattern we were making is called '9-Patch Pizzazz' and it's by Judy Sisneros. My beginning pieces shown here are not all the nine squares or use of colors as I only had time to do one set. There are two more sets to go. The book cover says "Fast, Fun & Finished in a Day." Yeah, sure! Not even close Ms. Sisneros! But a full day of good, hard work!

The class was small, just four of us and the teacher, which was good, as I see myself as "high maintenance" needing lots of help. The teachers in our local quilt shop are very willing to help and I do appreciate them. I've never been a precise crafter even in knitting and especially not in crochet where mistakes are easily hidden. Maybe it's from coming from a more laid back hippie era when we didn't yet know the word stress, but in quilting it's just not so forgiving. You really are supposed to be exact. So therein lies the difficulty for me.
Measuring and cutting precisely are a real challenge. Thus my only getting part of the sets done. Others, more experienced than myself nearly had all their pieces cut out and laid out in full by the end of the day. But I do enjoy it.
I come home with a very sore back, but it's okay. An ice pack was all that it needed and is fine today.

I'm making this particular quilt/wall hanging for my soon to be 14 yr old granddaughter.
It has mermaids in it too that can't yet be seen. I think she'll like it. Hope so anyway. Not sure if she'll get it for her birthday next month or a larger holiday in December!

I'll post more of it as it moves along.
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  1. This is gorgeous! Oh, I think your blog might still be "by invitation only." Sylvain says he can't get to it, and just now I had to enter my Google/Blogger username and password to come see this.

  2. I love how each of the plain squares has a big fish in it! Can't wait to see it progress--

  3. Thanks folks. Those are just cut out pieces being "auditioned" on the back of my couch. Nothing sewn together yet. I am in the process of piecing what's called 9 patch squares, three strips of three small squares each to make up a 6 1/2" X 6 1/2" square with nine small squares. Actually there are some of those in that photo already done.

    I'm excited about this piece coming together too. In fact I want to be sewing right now.


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