Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Abe and Ella
Estelle, Janette and Miriam
who married
Al, Joel and Harry
who begot
Richard, Lynn, Niel, Barbara, Judy and Jerry
who married
Judy, Michael, Meloney, Mike, David and Rebecca
who begot
Dan, Adena, Lisa, Debra, John, Amy, Ashly, Jake, Sarah and Laurel*
(*most of whom have married now and have 0-3 children each)
By the time we were this many (40)
and you added Joel's father and mother, brother and his wife, and their two daughters, (55)
and later their husbands;
who also married and begot four or five children
and you added the family who worked for Uncle Harry in his store (61)
and you added another family friend and/or neighbor (65)
Our Thanksgiving Table(s) GREW and GREW and GREW
until the children of the grandchildren had children
and no one any longer had a house big enough to hold them all
and they began to split up into smaller households
and have their own Thanksgiving dinners in their own homes
with each original grandchild with their children and their own grandchildren
and so it goes some near
some far away
some passed on
and so it is
traditional Family Holiday
one of being together
and one of
Giving Thanks
for all we are
and all we have
counting our blessings
PS: In the photo that's me about 64 years ago eating the turkey leg!
(with my grandparents Abe and Ella, my parents, brother, two aunts and uncles and the first two cousins)


  1. What a wonderful photo of your family. A family treasure for sure. I wish you and yours a happy healthy day of feasting.

  2. My goodness.. Your family Begot a lot. :)) That's one large family and a great family photo to treasure. I love that it is Black & White.

  3. wonderful photo and I think you might have shown it before? Hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

  4. Suki, probably yes, perhaps last Thanksgiving!? It simply dipicts what Thanksgiving has always meant to me "FAMILY"~!!
    I put it on my facebook page and a young cousin (daughters generation) saw it and said that it is a "famous photo in their household"...her mom is the blond little girl in the high chair. ;-)

  5. I hope your family begots a Happy Happy tHANKSGIVING, Lovely Lynn! Enjoy !

  6. Lynn, such a nice photo. Looks like fun 64 yrs ago! Lisa in Santa Cruz says Happy Thanksgiving 2010 to you!

  7. What a lovely post! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Lynn!

  8. I love this photo! Our family has been scattered to so many places and we hardly ever get together like this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. What better way to celebrate thanksgiving with all the family sharing a meal together.

  10. I love this family photo Lynn. Is that your father sitting next to you? Your enjoyment of that turkey seems like a precursor to your zest for art and life!

  11. Hannah, yes.
    For all.
    from left front around the table sit my cousin Barbara(now mother of three, grandmother of six), me, my dad (died 1972) my brother now 74); my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother,(all deceased) my aunt Mimi (still living at 92); uncle Joel, aunt Janie, (both deceased); cousin Niel now 65. Uncle Harry must be taking the photo and he is now 92. I spoke with Harry and Mimi this morning. They were going to their grandson's for Thanksgiving dinner. to sit with thier son and his wife, his three children and their four children. ;-)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn! Thank your for sharing your family with us. What a wonderful photo to cherish!

  13. Wow wonderful memories!
    HTG dear!
    Aren't we blessed to have such wonderful friends and family?!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lynn. Looks like it was a big one!

  15. How neat that you have that awesome photo!

    I know you had a great day wherever you and hubby were on T-day!

    We did too!

    God bless you Lynn!


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