Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stuffed and Sold ART!!!!

Yesterday was our Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. Once again I had relied upon my Joy of Cooking cook book for the stuffing recipe I have been making for years. I roasted chestnuts in my small counter top oven. I love them in the stuffing, but the work it takes to separate the meat from the shell is not an easy task. I still have one piece of shell wedged under my thumb nail.
Sauteed mushrooms and onions add a wonderful flavor...
and celery, parsley and more mushrooms go into the mix...
I prefer corn bread stuffing crumbs the best.
This 13 lb free range naked bird raised in a farm near where we live got stuffed and gave enough meat to feed 11 guests and we still have enough left over to feed a small army. You are all invited over for leftovers.
The stuffing inside the turkey is always the most moist and best in my opinion but there is always too much and I heat up the excess as well.
My design table became the buffet and three smaller tables became the guest seating. It looked, my daughter said, like a restaurant.
I think everyone had more than enough to eat and left feeling quite "stuffed!" Just like that turkey!
Other News!
Remember this art work I did last year using re-purposed dryer sheets and paper towels?
I sold "EARTH" this week on my ETSY shop!
The other three pieces in this series are still available for sale:
"Fire" "Air" "Water".
SOLD: "Earth" Still available for sale:
left to right: "Fire", "Earth", "Air"
top: "Water"
Close up and personal they are must richer looking with their gold threads, hand done stitching, and rich texture from the soft papers!
Check out my ETSY shop on my side bar
for your holiday shopping needs.


  1. It looked like a FIVE STAR restaurant. :) Sounds like it was fun and yumm on the stuffing. And Congtats on the sale. They will love it in person even more.

  2. I just love old cookbooks that have a lot character "on" their pages. You know some goood dishes have come from those pages. Congrats on your sale. I hope you sell the rest of them.

  3. A big congrats on the sale and on that thanksgiving feast!

  4. What time are you serving the left-overs? : ) Your feast looks wonderful! Congratulations on your sale!

  5. Yum, I am hungry for more turkey again.

  6. This is just TOO funny. I have made that SAME dressing. Shouting to let you know I want to come for leftovers. Much better than what I had!

  7. I'm in too much of a hurry. I forgot to add had delighted I am to read one of these recycled dryer sheet pieces sold. They are lovely. I hope the rest sell soon, too.

  8. Woooooo-hooooo on the Etsy sale girlfriend!!!

    I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was a perfect day. So much in your life, our lives, to be thankful for.♥

  9. I am a little late. Happy belated Thanksgiving! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Congrats on your sale!!! xoxo

  10. All I can say is D..Licious!! And congratulations on your etsy sale!!

  11. We are all so very thankful for you and your creative spirit...:) Your "love worn " cookbook page brought a big smile here...:)

  12. Congratulations on your sale...that is good news....and see we have a lot more than our creative spirit in common...I too still enjoy The Joy of Cooking cookbook. It was one of the first I purchased back in the (19)60's....lunch looks yummy.

  13. I missed the main event, but I'm here for the leftovers! LOL! They always taste the best!!!! OMG! The very first present my husband gave me was "Joy of Cooking"!!! Still have my original, much-loved and much-used copy complete with food stains and crumpled pages!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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