Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Secret Project = Kitchen Fire + other stuff

So I was busy this Sunday morning working on a project I cannot show (Seth Apter's request for art submissions for his new book being published in 2012/I'll find out in Feb. 2011 if I get to be in it or not, but my submission must be in by end Dec. 2010) so I am working on it and had put a pot of apple cider on the stove to heat up and I was out in the garage when I heard this beeping sound, and I wondered what it was...was the surge protector going off on the computer? Was it the house security system going off for some reason? No, it was the FIRE ALARM and I came in from the garage to find DH dismantling it to try to make it stop beeping! But then I went into the kitchen and found out WHY it was beeping! My pot of apple cider was boiling away and flames were shooting up from under the stove burner from the accumulated drippings of cider that had formed there. LOL We really had a fire and neither of us knew it. OY VEY!!! Just wanted to make the damn alarm shut up. LOL I could have burnt down the whole house! Okay, I am not laughing now. It's not funny. Shame on me. I think I have been banned from cooking anything ever again! Showing off my busy endeavors. Yesterday I went to UPS to try to mail off the art I had sold and they wanted over $40 to send it! I had only charged $10 for shipping~! So I brought it home and found and cut up an old box we'd used for our renovation packing this past summer. I made my own box. Now I hope it ships for much less!!!I will take it to the post office tomorrow.
DH, finally over the awful cold he got right in time for Thanksgiving break from school, is upstairs for the second day in a row grading 150 notebooks! Due tomorrow when he returns to school.
And this is a very sweet story about my grandson: When the family was all here on Friday for our feast I was sitting with them in the living room drinking some egg nog (I love egg nog) from this cup. I saw my six year old grandson sitting across the room from me staring at the cup. I could see his mind churning. A little later we were up and walking around and I still had the cup in my hand. I asked him if he knew what it said. He said "Yes. Ema!" Ema is Mother in Hebrew! And he was right! He could READ THE HEBREW WORD!!!
Needless to say, their new school is doing a bang up job and he is brilliant!
Proud Grandma!


  1. That's the trouble with smoke alarms, they go off so often, when there's a real fire we don't pay as much attention! Thank heavens you are all okay!

    How exciting that your grandson can read hebrew!

  2. That is too scary having fire flaming and no one noticing. I burnt sugar waster once and had the whole house smoked up BEFORE the smoke detector went off.. I was suprised to find that burnt sugar water makes ASH. It was very strange to see and something I hope not to do again. My mind went off on to something else...
    Yes he is a very smart Grandson!!! :)

  3. oops.. that was sugar was a waster tho.. lol

  4. I am glad you didn't have any damage. I was thinking about your beautifully remodeled house getting a coating of smoke. UGH... I am glad it wasn't worse. Your Grands are a blessing.

  5. Yikes! Good thing you went to look!x

  6. hello lynn, happy post thanksgiving. i'm glad your smoke alarm worked and i'm glad your family surrounded you, your little guy included. i can imagine how that must have felt.

    no apple cider for you for at least five days! :)

  7. Sorry to hear about that. I just put my cider in the microwave and no fire problems if I forget it is in there. I hope you were able to salvag some of it.


  8. That sounds very dangerous. I don't think you sgould be banned from cooking however, just forbidden to leave the kitchen when you have something simmering? (If I have something simmering I do whatever creative I want to do on our diningroom table, which is right next to our open kitchen).

  9. Ohhhhh, my goodness! Thank heavens the house didn't burn down and you're all OK!!! That's the important thing!!!! Good luck at the post office today!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. My smoke alarm goes off whenever I use the oven so I have to open a window..even in winter!!

    Lynn, here's a postage story for you. I went to UPS with the frida painting I did for Marianne and they quoted me $208 to pack and ship it!!
    I told them I mail lots of art and I know it wouldn't have to go in such an oversized box, so I bought a box from them and came home. Oh wait!! They told me it would cost $230 at the post office!! (they looked it up.)
    I took the box home and put the painting next to it. Frida would fit in sideways with lots of bubble wrap for protection. That made the box able to be cut in HALF. I took it to the post office and it was around $30 or so to mail!!! UPS makes a KILLING on people. If I were elderly and I didn't know better, I would have had to pay that money or not send it.

    Very sweet of your Grandson to be figuring out what the cup says. yay!

    Next time the smoke alarm goes off, RUN, don't walk ;)♥

  11. You and I are alike as I would also find the humor in almost burning the house down! Nothing bad happened, you are both ok and I'm sure you'll be more careful in the future. : )

    Your Grandson is so smart!! I know how proud you are of him. Grandchildren are such a blessing!!

  12. What a fantastic header!!! This is so cool, Lynn!
    Your package looks postal-ready to me. I've delivered everyting from beach balls to automobile tires and bumpers, so this should be a piece of cake!
    See, this is why I hate cooking; so many things can go wrong in the kitchen, even when you're not even trying! I try to stay out of that room as much as possible! Glad no realy harm was done.

  13. OMG! I, too, almost burnt our house down over Thanksgiving weekend!!! I left a pot on when we went over to my Moms on Friday night. Luckily it came to me about an hour after being there,and I walked back home to check. The house was full of smoke...I took the pot directly out of the house and opened all the windows!!! Scary. I know the darn feeling!!!

    Love your new blog banner area!!!

    Your grandson is brilliant! I could feel your heart singing as you told the story, Lynn!!!


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