Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Long Weekend; I can Craft! I can Iron! I Can Laminate! I can Sew!

I had a few gifts but no boxes to fit them so I made these boxes on Friday!
I made them out of brown paper bags covered in fabric inside and out Then added brads and wove yarn up the sides and tied them together!
Added buttons and loops.
Yes, the same box design I taught my grand kids to make
a week ago.
So practical and so cute!
On Saturday I got out my linens for the up coming holiday dinner
and ironed the napkins (I found a few years ago at the thrift store! Like new!)
Perfect~! I found some of my decorations that went missing in the recent house reno!
The flowers I got at Michael's at 90% off...almost free!
Today I made these coasters. I can't remember if I got the idea off
someones blog or a website; but they are really easy to make.
I laid out strips of cotton in fall colors on brown felt squares
and added laminate on top and on the under side as well.
And then I sewed them on my sewing machine!
I made ten of them! This is the laminate I used, which I bought at Michael's in the scrapbook dept.
Easy Peasy!
I am so ready for the party to begin! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


  1. You are such a creative lady Lynn!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving--I know you will. I'm cooking for my family--I think I still remember how to do that ;)

  2. Wow you always come up with new creative ideas! Those look great!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Holy Moly, girl! You are a dervish of creativity! You must sleep about one hour a day. These are really cute, especially the fabric bags, like getting two gifts in one.
    I've been invited to a friend's for Thanksgiving. Enjoy yours.

  4. Those gift boxes are a gift unto themselves. I too am getting ready for the big day of eating and giving thanks. Our napkins didn't get ironed though. Ours were crammed into some napkin rings. No one will notice. ;)

  5. the gift boxes a fabulous. love the coasters too. You are so Martha Stewart. Really, no joke, I think you could be on her show in the craft section. I wonder how she finds the people she has on.

  6. My are a whirling dervish of imagination and activity...enjoy your feast day!oseevo

  7. Well I lost my orignal comment....anyway..These are cute boxes. They must love getting gifts from you because they always know its going to be something different and something fun. Looks like you are keeping busy and having fun doing it all. Have a great family time.

  8. So colorful! So cheerful! So NOT brown! Lovely work! Hope your Thanksgiving is special and warm and sweet

  9. good for you - have a lovely time ms creative

  10. Good grief! Do you never tire??? I want to cry after reading this because I am so...just darn lame!!! I keep trying to make some curtains for the back room, and you could probably have them done in 30 minutes of less. I just need to do it...

    I am surprised your needle on the machine didn't gum up with the adhesive on the laminate. They sure turned out cutely!!!

    Those bags are just plain amazing! Gosh darn it...gosh darn it.

    Hope your T-day is wonderful, Lynn! I'm sure it will be. You probably make a mean turkey too! Hehehe!

    Oh, I took a close look at your napkins...I bought two of the matching tablecloths many years ago back when I had 14 here each year! Two long tables back then...brings back memories!!!

    Love ya...your lame blogger pal...
    Julie!!! :)

  11. You are so smart and creative! A wonderful combo. I am cooking for friends as family is far away.
    Happy Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  12. My gosh, Lynn - I am in awe of your creativity!! Have just spent a few mins going through all your recent posts - stuffed guitars and snakes, recipes, turkeys, - so much - I enjoyed it all and will come back later to read in depth! Thanks for your sweet comments on the wedding too!

  13. love that you made different shapes of coasters! great idea.


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