Monday, November 22, 2010

Apricot-Cranberry Conserve or I CAN TOO COOK!

Okay, granted, my dear husband does most of the cooking around here. But a few times a year, especially around holidays I take to the kitchen! Today I am planning/cooking ahead. Making this wonderful recipe called Apricot-Cranberry Conserve that I have been making for several years now. It's stuffed into the Joy Of Cooking book, that my dear mother sent me when I lived in Israel on a Kibbutz in my early 20's. I did not cook there either, as we ate communally. However, I would read the book like a novel, becoming more and more homesick for dishes I loved and no longer had access to. Back to the present: This recipe was torn from a copy of Better Homes and Garden's magazine November 1996. Wow, I've been making it for FOURTEEN YEARS??? Where does the time go????????????? And I have had that book 44 years!!!!!!!! OMIGOD! Sorry, let me regroup here as soon as I catch my breath. So, I gathered the few ingredients: fresh cranberries (1 bag is a little more than two cups called for so I added a little bit more of everything else); dried apricots; orange marmalade and sugar. I buy sugar once a year to make this needing only a forth of a cup. Then it sits in the cupboard!
Maybe you can enlarge the recipe to read it yourself. If not let me know and I'll write it out.
So you boil the water with the 1/4th C sugar!!! Oops! I just realized I was supposed to use 3/4ths cup sugar. Well, I like tart! And tart is shall be!
Then you add the rinsed off fresh cranberries to the boiling water letting it boil again and popping the skins open on the cranberries.
Then you add the apricots and marmalade! I taste everything as I go...oh so sweet and good.
Stir them in...
for about 3-4 more minutes... That's me stirring, PROOF that I can cook!!!!
And that is all there is to it. I am going to freeze it till next Friday when we'll eat it with our turkey sandwiches and yams and stuffing. Since we are celebrating the day AFTER Thanksgiving proper I am having the more casual "left over" turkey meal for family and friends!
I love the sweet tart taste of this mixture. Maybe you will too. Feel free to try it!


  1. what a hoot you are! anyway, this looks delicious and hope you have a wonderful holiday

  2. Oh yum. I like most anything with apricots in it.

  3. sounds yummie. i still remember your post a long time ago about a casserole or something that burnt cause you went off to sew. LOL.

  4. October 24, 2007! Suki, that is when I posted the "I can't cook" with the burnt casserole! I drew it!!! What a good memory you have! I went to my blog BOOK to look it up!!!

  5. I, too, am not much of a cook...(my EX is a gourmet...) but, I like apricots and love, love, LOVE think I am going to give this a try!

    Thanks Lynn!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Okay, if i cant find my gingered cranberries recipe, then i'm definitely trying this!

  7. Sounds yummy. If you're like me you have to keep your focus on as not to burn it. Then it's a piece of cake, so to speak, to cook. :))

  8. I've been looking for this recipe! I've made it for years and lost the recipe. I recognized the magazine you posted. I love this recipe. Thank you

  9. I am not keen on cranberries, but love apricots, hate orange marmalade, but love sugar! Oh dear.

    Hmmmmm...I am impressed that you have been making it all these years! It must be delicious! Sure looks good!!!

    Happy T-day!!!

  10. AWesome! Isn't it fun? I love being in the kitchen.

  11. OMG, I own that same Joy of Cooking. Mine looks a lot like yours with the stains on the pages. TOO FUNNY.

    I used to cook a LOT. Now I only do special occasions and cook simple things for myself. Tonight it will be potato soup (handmade, of course).


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