Monday, September 3, 2007

Done at last!

The fish quilt is done! Fini! Completed. It feels like after having a baby. Tired, but loving. Sure don't want to give it away right away. Took a million photos of it. Good thing today is a holiday here, Labor Day, no mail going out! But excited to give it to Kaeli for her 14th birthday gift too. It may even arrive in time! I also want to show it to the women at the quilt shop, my teachers. I like the way it looks. Lots of mistakes, lots of outside the ditch/box, and I like what I did!!!!!!!!!!! The quilt artist in the magazine article in Paper. Scissors... gave me such absolution/permission after the fact! Remember, this is only my third project with quilting. 1. the wall hanging I made in the beginners class, 2. the two nap time mat/quilts for my youngest grand kids and now 3. this Fish quilt...done with the "Nine Patch Pizazz" pattern (with my own discretionary changes) and fish buttons from my garage sale finds around the inner boarder, and a few jumping in the waves!

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