Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hopping frogs

The frogs have landed! Thanks Kelly for telling me how to delete cookies. That seemed to have done the trick allowing me to continue to upload photos.

I have suggested to Mommy frog that she apply green face paint to faces and arms for that complete frog look! The "eyes" are worn on the head!

PS. The missing quilt photos in lower post are now in! Go see! And you can rest assured that you have finally seen the last of this quilt.

The update is that it went to my office today, and it hangs across a room divider and looks quite nice behind the wing back chair with colors that blend with it. It also got several positive comments from a couple of clients!

I am full of beginner quilter's pride!


  1. Wow kazow, Lynn! I cannot believe how all-out you go for these lucky grandkids. What fabulous costumes. They are going to be the talk of every house they trick or treat.

  2. Won't they be fun on Halloween! Will they hop up to the doors and say "ribbit, ribbit" instead of trick or treat?

    Those costumes might serve as wonderful art pieces hanging in your office the rest of the year. They are colorful and quite attractive to look at. I'm in awe of your artistry, Lynn.


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