Friday, September 28, 2007

Frustration City in the Sewing World

All is not right in my sewing world! I am using my "wonderful" "Fab-U-Motion device to free-style sew around the border of my lastest quilt project. It worked for one end/side. HOWEVER, last night it or the sewing machine, and I think it's the latter not the former, started to balk. The result of balking is that on the back side of my fabric the threads have all gathered up into a huge mess of loose threads, as opposed to lying flat on the surface of the material. I have: taken apart the bobbin housing and cleaned it maticulously with the little handy brush. (twice) I have: changed the needle I have: adjusted the tension (doesn't matter) I have: re-programed the machine...made sure the computerized part is showing "free motion spring sewing" and nothing else I have: changed the thread I have: re-threaded the machine multiple times I have: cut away a lot of extra lost thread from the back of my material!!!!!!!!!! I have become VERY FRUSTRATED because I cannot finish this quilt which was my plan for today! Unless someone sees this and can think of another something I can try (this has happened before and I somehow fixed it but I can't remember what I did that I have not again tried as mentioned above) I guess I will drag the heavy machine down to the sewing machine store and have them take a look at it. Oh, and the automatic threader is not working all of a sudden either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OY!

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