Friday, September 28, 2007

Sewing Problem Fixed?

I have just returned from the Viking Sewing Center here in town. I have to praise Becky who works there, manages that department in the middle of the Joanne's fabric center. She sat at my machine and fixed the needle threader device, but could not fix the tension problem in the bobbin area after doing everything I had tried. She said I had two options. 1] She could send my machine in for repairs or 2] she could swap it out. What did swap it out mean I asked? She could just GIVE ME a brand new machine still packed it it's box! OHMYGOODNESS! Such a choice. Of course I opted for #2, the new machine. So she did the paperwork and I am home now with the brand new sewing machine. She said sometimes these things just happen (meaning the problem)... So now I'm going upstairs and see if I can finish my quilt as planned today! I hope your day is going as well.

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