Friday, September 28, 2007

Creepy, spooky sewing machines

Before you read this, go down several paragraphs to the beginning of today's posts and start reading from there up...or you'll have the story backwards! Start at "Frustration City..." You are NOT going to believe this! Okay, I brought the brand new still in the box sewing machine home (just like the top of the line machine I already had for the past month, not even received the first bill on yet machine)... and I started doing the "free style stitching" with the free motion spring foot...and guess what? It did the same gathering of thread on the backside just like the other machine I brought back to the store! Then it straightened out for a while. I was able to finish the side I'd been working on in one direction and almost got done going in the opposite direction with my super-dooper awesome self designed stitching...when bang, crash, bing it did it again!!!!!!!!!! @#$#@%@ I said loudly, probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear even though my windows were all shut! I stopped, I re-thread the machine, did all the checking steps I'd done before, but no was just as bad as the original machine. I got on the phone to Becky to report my woeful findings. While on the phone listening to her say she'd have to call Corporate Office in the morning...too late today, I said I'd try sewing regular stitches with the A foot. Good she said the more she had to tell them the better. Got off the phone and tried A foot...straight stitch and immediately it did the big darn gathering on the back side again! So I called Becky one more time and while I was talking to her, while I was relaying this terrible tale the machine started sewing all by itself. I was NOT touching anything. My foot was not on the foot peddle. My hands were on the phone, not on the machine in any way, shape or fashion. But that machine was sewing down the fabric I'd left in like a ghost had taken over. It's possessed! I told this to Becky and she did say "Machines seem to have minds of their own." Well, yeah, but ohmygosh...this was spooky! Not yet October, not yet Halloween...but a sew-ing machine sew-ing allbyitself? Made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck I'll tell you right now! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ So...after going down and eating some much needed ice cream...and watching a rather provocative new show on TV...I went back upstairs to the unplugged sewing machine, plugged in my iron instead...and ironed the new fabric for the French Rose quilt I hopefully will have a machine to make next week when I go to that class. It was relaxing to press the fabrics and they are so pretty. They are called Hannah Sentimental by Moda and are all 1940 era floral designs and reminded me of my mothers' old house dresses of that day.


  1. A haunted machine? Oh, great. What next???

  2. What next is I brought back the second nonworking machine and got to take home the floor model of the Sapphire Viking 850! It's got a few more bells and whistles than the one I had originally. (the 830 model)Hopefully it will do the jobs I need it to do.

  3. Umm..if I paid that much for a sewing machine, I think I would EXPECT it to sew by itself. In fact I think it should make me some shirts, a pair of pants and a cup of coffee while I wait. :-)

  4. Sylvain, I hope you can hear my laughter clear up in Canada! I am laughing so hard from reading your comment and I needed the laughter today believe me.

    I woke with a nasty head cold and that on top of the third sewing machine (yes even the tippy tippy top of the line model that I brought home yesterday) did the same darn problem gathering the thread in back of the quilt after sewing with it a while. I was so frustrated. I let the machine rest. Then tried again. It kept breaking the darn thread. I loosened the tension. Then it gathered the tension again. Then it broke a needle. I was ready to spit. I did get it to do my bidding on and off and got the boarder finished. But not without a lot of hair pulling and teeth nashing.

    I just got done cutting off the excess batting so it is ready to bind. But God only knows if this machine will allow me to do that.

    So your comment couldn't have come at a better time. I am still tickled by it and see the machine like Repunsal in the castle spinning gold...maybe I just have to go to sleep tonight and wake in the morning and YOUR suit of clothes will sit there finished neat as can be. I'll let you know when the coffee is ready too. Thanks.

  5. Just a shot in the dark here, but do you think it has something to do with that particutlar fabric? Does it do it with any other fabric? If you bring a sample of that fabric to the store and try all kinds of machines with it, maybe they will all do the same thing. Meh, what I do know, I haven't sewn anything since making a blanky for my teddy bear when I was 8.

  6. Syl, I love the fact that you made your teddy bear a blanky at age 8!
    Warms my heart.

    No, the fabric is not the issue. I have been sewing on various thicknesses and frabics. I did go on line however, and found one person who did a review of these machines say that there was a "dealer service advisory adjustment on the tension for the Sapphire 850." So I will rely that info to the person at the Viking Center and hope she can rely it to Corporate and get something done.
    Too much money for such big problems!

  7. A sewing machine that sews all by itself. I love it.

    I've never gotten along terribly well with sewing machines, though I will say that the super-dee-duper one that my sister bought us a few years ago is wonderful and doesn't seem to hate me as other machines do! It's a fancy embroidery machine--does everything--

    And I did do some sewing this weekend!

    Hope you get your sewing machine issues straightened out...


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