Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meet Diane and her wonderful artwork

Today is Sukkot.
I was invited to lunch in the Sukkah of friends Diane and George.
Diane is a quilter par excellence of some 32 years. She does most of her work by hand and it is exquisite.
The photos show a small sampling of the many works of art in her home.
Top left is her work in process on a large hoop. She said she always has at least two pieces going at once, one being pieced and the other being quilted. The middle top photo shows another friend, Karen, looking at the beautiful hanging quilts that made up the
walls of the Sukkah (outdoor hut) under which we ate our lovely & delicious lunch. The far right piece shows a close up of her hand stitching and it is perfect.
Middle left is a piece of the same quilt honoring Faith Ringgold, a famous artist and quilter of great renown and one of Diane's teachers. Center photo shows the back of this quilt and the details of her hand stitches. Right center you can make out Diane between the two panels. Lower left is a part of another beautiful quilt denoting a summer beach scene.
Center is a striking piece and I regret I cannot recall the name of the artist of some of this fabric designs, but it was extremely interesting.
The final bottom right photo is Diane holding another beautiful quilt she made for her grand daughter. Each piece so significant and so beautifully done.
How lucky am I to know such an artist and to be able to see first hand what she creates!
Thanks for having me Diane and for sharing all your wonderful art work.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It makes me feel good just looking at what you and your friends are creating. I am sorry about the machine frustrations and that you don't feel well. Hugs.

  2. Thanks Kelly...I am feeling better today. Its such a nothing, I shouldn't have even mentioned it.
    Yesterday a client told me she has been dx with throat cancer. Like I said, mine is such a nothing.
    The sewing machine (the last one home) did work after having a tension problem for a minute) and I did get the big green quilt done on it. Now am hand hemming the binding.


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