Monday, September 10, 2007

New HUGE quilt project Fear sets in

Oh myG_d what have I done? My double closet door is covered in "auditioning" pieces of cloth, hundreds of 6" squares, three bars each/rails they are called in quiltdom. My bed is covered in as many as will fit over a queen sized bedspread. And I still have rows of squares to place somewhere? The floor? The ceiling? Parts of it I like, some are so-so okay, I think I like them/how they look placed next to each other, other parts I hate, my stomach turns wondering if there is a way to pull this one off, bring it together to something I can live with. The plan was a quilt for my office. Something to throw over a 16 year old high back wing chair that is in need of a sprucing up. But this thing looks huge. I'm not even to the place of worrying how it will fit in my sewing machine to quilt the top once (if it's ever pieced together). Even my new much roomier sewing machine! I like the fabrics each by itself. The batiks are attractive. I like the colors. But now I'm not at all sure my choices for joining them together without much rhyme or reason while doing it was such a good idea. Me not wanting to follow an exact someone elses' pattern. Me wanting to be "outside the box" (again). Oy. I'll bravely post a photo/oops I already did/and wait for honest feedback that may be helpful. I saw another beautiful quilt that the creator did in quadrants of colors and I sort of thought I might follow that idea a bit here. Okay, I am helplessly lost. LOL It's not easy airing ones stumbling efforts for all the world to see even if just a very few are looking in.

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  1. Oh, I see. This is the auditioning phase. I'm sure I'll get to find out how scary it is when I start to quilt. Hopefully in this lifetime!


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