Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tall and Slim

I always wished I was tall and slim.
I'm not.
So this is a "feel good picture of myself"!
I do not feel good today.
If you want to know how I feel you must go to Sylvain's comment and my response to his VERY VERY FUNNY comment under spooky, creepy sewing machines or something like that...I'm too pooped to go look for the exact name, but it's a sort of recent post.
I do not feel good
I woke with a sore throat and head cold.
I am not a good patient.
Godforbid I ever get seriously ill...stand back world!

But if you read Sylvain's comment and my response to it you will know why I feel the way I feel beyond the head cold stuff.
I got started on my homework assignment for the French Rose Quilt today.
I did way more that I was supposed to.
Instead of cutting out just two squares I cut out all 25 squares.
Instead of cutting out 2 roses (just the large part of the template) I cut out all four layers of four roses.
The roses are so pretty.
I know Jane, the teacher, told me she was going to teach us how to conserve fabric...probably why she did not what us cutting too much to start before class.
But I am a bad girl/rebel student
and often march to my own drummer.
So march I did and I have four completed roses on four squares all very pretty and pleasing to my eye.
I hope I didn't waste too much fabric.

I'll stop now because I don't have a reliable sewing machine to sew on anyway!

It's fun being tall and slim
in shadow.
I feel a little better already just telling you this.
I might cheat and make more roses before class on Saturday!
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  1. Sending you blessings to feel better soon!

    I got a kick out your rebellious quilting escapade. Keep on marching to the beat of your own drummer.

    Remember, you're beautiful just as you are. Look forward to more quilt photos. (=^;^=)

  2. Love this picture! I may have to take one of myself like that, just so I can look at it on bad days...

  3. Yey! I'm all for marching to one's own drum too ... let's rebel together. Your teacher will have to show you how to use up what you've got left for another project, now won't she?!

    I've just given you an award over on my blog ... for being a great blogging mate.

    P.S. I like the tall slim trick very much; if only... ;-)

  4. Hi, Lynn! I am having trouble emailing you. All my messages come back to me as spam. We are working on getting it fixed. Talk to you soon.

  5. Everyone go to motherwintermoon's site to hear the most calming music and read poetry that sooths the soul.

    Vist Karen too and see her absolutely awesome art! Really unique and fun stuff.

    Thanks Elizabeth for the award today. I do love being your blog mate. Elizabeth has wonderful sketches and wonderful photos on her blog! Some will make you laugh.

    Kelly, we shall over come!


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