Monday, October 1, 2007

Morning glory from my front yard!
What a day!
Stuffy nose, sneezy nose, runny nose, I feel like at least three of the seven dwarfs!
Elizabeth gave me a blog award!
How cool is that?
Roses resting ready for Saturday's class...excited about that.
Big Mostly Green Quilt #2 of series of it's binding hand sewn around three sides tonight.
Diane said they need grandma's to oversee young girls sewing squares together on Sunday, will I go and help? If I feel better I will go! Sounds like great fun. I love being grandma and to think of helping kids get interested in, what could be better than that?
A good day!
[In comments on yesterdays post: I made mention of the blogs and what to see on several people who'd commented on my posts today, blogs. I can't get back in to tell you to go to Kelly's blog too. She's the wonderful person who got me blogging in the first place and she writes about things of great interest in a most wonderful way. She takes great photos too.
I will try to figure out how to add links soon.]


  1. Hi, Lynn. Wow, you already have a blog award! See?

    Still working on the email problem, I'm afraid.

  2. Fabulous flower - one of my favourite flower colours, I planned my whole courtyard around purple flowers, but some white musk roses snuck in and are too beautiful to get rid of. They sit quite happily with the purple :-)

    Thanks for nice comments, I like being your blogging buddy too. Like Kelly you have a generous spirit and i am in AWE of your skill and speed with a sewing machine. Whoooosh!

    I've left detailed reply about tv shows on the comments of my blog where several people got talking about them, and also in the comments over at CRIS IN OR, who started it all off (i think, I'm losing track).

    I agree with your choices, except I haven't seen 'Coupling' - is it good? I watch about 40% American, 60% UK shows. As Time Goes By is hysterical but it stopped running here a few years ago, no repeats yet either... strange since it is so good. the only repeats we get are of the rubbish shows
    (in my opinion). I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY ANYONE FINDS 'The Office' funny... maybe just the real office workers?

    Mostly I am too busy to watch tv; sometimes we rent a video/dvd and husband irons while i work/blog on the ancient laptop.... domestic harmong ;-)

  3. P.S. (i'm doing a lot of p.s. typing lately, brain is foggy!) I like the idea of you being 'grandma' - too young really though - to those young girls, inspiring the next generation. Lovely!

    Hope you feel better soon - you have my full sympathy.

  4. I can only imagine how beautiful the white rose is among the purple flowers. Do photograph it and share on your blog site please. Would love to see.

    Yes, Coupleing is very clever. They do funny things 'side by side' and other stuff that is cleverly done. Not a lot has us laughing outloud but this show has.

    You husband irons? Wow, that is weird! LOL
    I only iron since I am quilting and have to press fabric seams! Not clothes! Nice that he shares the work load though!


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