Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Big Mostly Green Quilt is Done at Last!

The #2 quilt in the series of 2 (doesn't that sound important though?) is finished. Top photo shows front and back. The other three different angles and degrees of close ups. I liked the process of doing this quilt. I liked that I got it done even though it took the frustration of three machines to do it. And I am ever so glad it is done so I can get on to other projects.

Next: The French Rose quilt class on Saturday.

And then picking fabric and design for two small bedspreads for grand kids (the three year olds). I went to the quilt shop on a break today and found some adorable Moda fabric called Critter camping group. Very cute. Now I have to go back and photograph it, show it to daughter and get her okay, oh I hope she likes it as much as I do, and then get going on making two of them different enough to be unique for each child, but same enough to look nice in their bedroom together. Excited to get started.

Life is good and full and fun. Hope it is the same for you.


  1. I just love green ... how great to be cuddled up in this!

  2. I adore the fabric you chose for the back. I think that choice was the "make or break" decision for the whole quilt, and it's wonderful.


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