Thursday, October 4, 2007

My cat likes it!

Last night I sat snuggled up on this chair with my newest quilt covering me from neck to toes. It felt so warm and comfy. This morning Henry V took it over. He apparently likes it too. I love that it's this big. Big enough for the both of us! Enjoy your day. Had to share this.


  1. Oh my goodness what a cute Kitty!!! I bet Bailey would have fun with him. Well maybe not. Miss Bailey is a bit of a princess, she doesn't like to share. Your work is just beautiful Lynn. How much do you charge? :-)

  2. Your quilts turned out lovely! Great job!!! (and as for not having a reliable sewing machine...what kind are you sewing on? I have an older Elna...and I love it. If you ever start looking for a different one try to find a Elna "quilter's dream" is the favorite one I've ever used!) Your Kitty has taste for cuddling up under such a great quilt! ;)

  3. Thank you Sylvain and Ladybug for your praise of my work. It warms my heart.

    Ladybug, I am using Viking machines, the Sapphire models 830 (the one I bought) and 850 (the one I now am borrowing until mine works correctly). I've never heard of the Elna, I'll look into it.
    Do they call it "quilter's dream" or do you? And what do you like about it? What makes it a "quilter's dream" machine?

    I like the wide space inside the elbow of the Sapphire, about ten inches. Viking has also come out with a new model 870 that is for Quilting. Says it makes stitches that look like hand quilting. I want to see that!

  4. I see the cat has very good tase.

  5. Elna makes a machine called 'the quilter's dream' :) and I like how easy it is to use, clean, and go from just your normal stitches to more decorative and quilting stitches. I'm working on the newsletter for the quilt shop where I just started working, as I gather info on machines I'll send them along to you! :)

    (I also like how portable the QD is) Easy to take it with me and a sew where ever I go!) :)

  6. Lynn, this quilt is amazing! Thanks for your enthousiastic comment on my masks, I come to look at your beautiful skillfull quilts. I'm admiring the precision, and the colours which remind me the sea and the plants and creatures in it.
    And the cat!!! I see a lot of quilting-arts and arts women here in the internet with kitties. We are all connected:) Your's is so sweet cuddling up in a save and soft place like this.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love the rose-quilt too!

  7. Andrea, thank you for your complimentary words about my "mostly green quilt". Yes, the sea and it's creatures, you are right. Interesting since the quilt before this "series of 2" was my first big quilt: The Fish Quilt! I must have still had those fish on my mind when I picked these colors.

    For anyone who hasn't already done so do go to Andrea's blog to see her amazing masks. Her work is phenomenal.


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