Friday, October 5, 2007

Roses beginning to bloom

Meet Rose.
A rose by any other name is still a rose...My eldest grand daughters' middle name is Rose. My grandmother's sister was Rose.

This is the or could be the first row of five more rows of roses in the French Rose quilt. The designer is Heather Rose. I have just begun cutting out and sewing these five squares.
Each layer is cut away in the back, which gave me more extra fabric. Five smaller roses.
I wonder what I shall make from them?

There will be 25 Roses in all. Five by Five.Five across and five down.
The blog will not allow me to move the two photos closer together to show how this will look. But you get the idea.
There will also be an inner border and an outer border, but
I won't show that fabric yet. Give you something to look forward to in the process of things.
Tomorrow is the class. I have already done way more than was assigned pre-homework.
It's fun, it will take time and patience.
Once washed "several times in hot water" the edges will fray giving the quilt an old, worn look.
Like something your grandmother made years ago and you just dug out of an old trunk in the attic. I wonder if any of my grandchildren will discover this in an old trunk someday
after I am long gone? Nice to imagine making family treasures for them now.

(You can double click on the photos to see them close up.)
(This is not necessarily the order the final roses will be.)
(Any one recognize some of the leaves? Know where you've seen them before?)


  1. Saw your comment on Elizabeths blog and decided to check out yours. WOW. Nice work. I love your colors and I love roses. I made a quilt once. long long time ago but it was machine done. It was a quilt in a day class..which was a joke, more like a months work straight. But I still have it up in the cupboard for company.
    On drawing. If I can you can. You should just go for it. Get some drawing pencils, sn inexpensive sketch book.. so you will use it and not want to ruin it.. and a good ERASER and go for it. ;)Looks like you have a good eye for art already.
    Can't wait to see your Rose Quilt finished.

  2. Welcome Cris! Always really pleasurable to meet new bloggers!
    I will go look at your blog after I respond to your comments.

    Thanks for your positive response to my new Rose Quilt in progress.
    All my work to date is machine done.

    Yes, those "make it in a day come on's are pretty funny." But I find that I learn quite a lot in a day class and then can go on my own pretty well. This time I've figured out so much before the class I think I'll only be there for the comraderie! I feel I could finish this one with what I already know so far.

    Okay, I'll play with the drawing idea. My husband does it very well. It's always a bit intimidating when others can do something...I'll try not to be intimidated.

    Going to check your space out now. Do drop in again.

  3. Hi Lynn ... I agree with Cris, you should definately give the drawing a go... sounds like you have plenty of ability. I always feel very self conscious but try to post my stuff and not judge it. Since I think most of my work is rubbish, and the people who read my blog seem to disagree, I guess I am NO judge of my own work: not many artists are.

    Hope you do do some drawing and post it for us to see. If you would like to join the Big Draw let me know and I could add you to the blogroll on my site (or not, if that is too scary!).

  4. Thanks Eliz. It is definitely scary (to be posted on your blog for "my possible drawings". Oh dear. I may try...when I'm done with my roses quilt. Right now I am up to my eyeballs in roses.
    The class was fun today. Lots of nice, interesting women. It felt a bit like a rose making marathon to me, as I decided to enlarge my quiltby three rows and needed fifteen more roses. I did get them all cut out and started on the sewing. Must wash new material needed for more backgraound squares though. Big project, this! Time to draw? Hummmm? Not sure.

  5. Oh, wow, this roses quilt is so different from the last quilt. It is so romantic and feminine looking...and fresh. It makes me think of a sunny morning with dew on the flowers. You are so full of creativity!


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