Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quilting Class: French Rose Quilt

I went to the quilt making class today to work on my French Roses quilt. This is my machine (in front, unattended) and my roses in progress next to it. You can see partially the quilt we are all working on, on the wall behind the woman sitting across from my machine. I came to class more prepared than most. I'd done more than the required pre-class homework. I got called "an over achiever!" I felt proud of this. As the day progressed I realized I wanted my quilt to be as large as the one on the wall so I had to cut out fifteen more roses and did so using the fabric I had left down to the last scrap. (That meant sixty pieces in very small, small, medium and large pieces) needed to be traced out and cut out and then layered together in ways pleasing to my eye. I also had to buy more background fabric, which I now need to wash/dry/and cut into fifteen 9 1/2" squares.

I like the classes. It's fun to meet other woman and learn about their lives. One woman had been in another class I took before, and I hope to see others again in future classes. I feel like I am really branching out socially in my community this way. It's fun.

I was also surprised to learn that I was the only one in the class who is planning to do the final top quilting on her quilt herself. Others will send theirs out and pay someone to do this for them.

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  1. That is going to be a beautiful quit. I love it. I did a log cabin quilt when I did mine. We had to rent stretchers at the end to do the tie's that went thru the squares.... we didnt do that detailed quiting on top. I would have liked it better. All we had was a one day class for doing it.
    I am going to keep checking on your progress.

    I will check out the pomegranates too. Thanks for mentioning them.

    oh and my drawing today will make you feel better about drawing. It's not so good. I just couldnt get into the mood to draw. But I did it and posted it. Tomorrow is another day. ;-)

  2. Cris, I think the lack of quilting on top makes for a softer quilt. I believe that is why they do the tying of knots. I bet yours is lovely and soft. I suppose if you wanted to you could always quilt the top.

    I will go look at your drawing now!

  3. It is soft. I made one to fit a Queen bed so it's big and heavy and old now. But I still love's nice and warm. But it's in blues and not the colors I use now so it's only used on occasions.
    Look forward to your doodle.
    By the way are you in the States?


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