Saturday, October 6, 2007

It takes Guts!

Okay, I did it. This took all of fifteen minutes maybe...sitting with sore back from sewing all day long. Not an excuse to excuse my drawing ablity or lack there of...just a fact. Sat curled up in a chair inside looking out through glass doors onto patio where I'd just earlier watered my plants. Started to and then decided not to attempt the folded down umbrella over the table. So, for what it's worth...
Enjoying playing with you.
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  1. Lynn that is GOOD. It is spontanious and I like it. Good sketch. I spent way to much time on my mug and I wasn't happy with it. Love the 999 more to go on your drawing. ;-)

  2. Love your quilts. Gorgeous colors. Hurrah for being brave enough to draw and then to even post it! I like the sketch. Fifteen minutes seems like a goodly amount of time. Ps on my blog I recently posted a phto of an old quilt I found in my mom's garage. I'm no sewer, but my mom's family were quilters and I have a trunk of their quilts in my storage unit where I pray they will not get ruined.

  3. Sukipoet: Thank you for your very kind words about the "sketch"! Glad you like my quilts. That is my real love right now, my passion.
    Yes, I saw your mom's quilt and I posted a commment about it on your blog last night. I hope you find it there.
    I appreciate your great find of a trunk load of old quilts. A true family inheritance. What a treasure. I too hope they are safe in the storage. I'd probably cover my walls with them!

  4. Hi lynn, now I finally made it here and find your first drawing which is just great!!! Spontanious like cris said and I love the atmosphere around this table!!


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