Sunday, October 7, 2007

Guts runnith over from encouragement

My DAY TWO drawing. I guess I am in the game. You have fostered something that may not really be there but someone is channeling these drawings! It's fun. And when real artists tell you what you did was do more. LOL
Can you tell we have a messy house?

If anyone wants to tell me to stick to my quilting I'll understand and my feelings will NOT be hurt.

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  1. Hi again, lynn,
    your house seems full of soul, love the cap and everything you draw, it is soulful.
    You do great I'm looking forward to the next drawings,'love the big draw, it just tears us along;)
    Have a nice day
    (here it is already evening)

  2. It's pretty inspiring when real artists visit and say what I drew "has soul". I leap to hold my ego in tact today! Thank you Andrea, and I am honored by your visit here.

  3. Don't be daft, of course you can draw! These are great!

    And by the way... YOU, yes YOU, are a 'REAL' artist. /can't wait to see some more of your drawings....

    Oh and I added you to my blogroll too.

    WELL DONE! Good to see you getting your feet wet ;-)

    This is really awesome for being your SECOND drawing. You are Definitely IN I hope.
    I agree with Andrea. This is great fun.

  5. Hi Lynn

    I'm visiting from Elizabeth's blog. Welcome to the Big Draw. I hope you're enjoying it. I like your 'messy' drawing. It has personality:)
    And your quilts are beautiful. You obviously have an appreciation for colour.

  6. Lynn Love your drawing of piles of stuff. Hard to draw so many things at once. It's kindof a portrait in itself of your life. Can't wait to see what's next.

  7. oh you guys...I am peeking out from under the covers...feeling shy now (and I am NOT shy!) LOL

    Thanks Andrea for your soulful comment! Went right to my heart.

    Elizabeth I bow to you. No words...except thanks.

    Cris you are funny. But thanks too.

    Bad Faery, glad you like my quilts.
    but the "personality is not mine, I have to give it to it's prideful owner my DH. Thanks for your kind words regarding my quilts and color appreciation.And...

    Sukipoet, the "life" is mine only in that I have to put up with "his" messes!!!! LOL Glad you enjoyed the pile drawing. I wonder what's next too!


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