Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mitzvah Day

No time to draw yet today...I could maybe draw this passion flower. I planted it. I tended it. It now adorns my backyard fence. Is it not an awesome flower? I think so.

I spent a delightful Sunday at our temple social hall filled with kids and adults of all ages making quilts for the Linus Project. These delightful soft quilts will go to children in need. I learned how to make a wonderful blanket using two sheets of fleece (mine was cute with sheep and stars on a deep blue background) and a sheet of deep lavender fleece for the backing. You just bring the two pieces wrong side together, and then you measure with your hand a square at each corner to cut out, then you measure two fingers width and to the top of your finger (approx. 3") the height to cut in from the edge all around in. Afterwards you tie together one strip from the top piece to the matching strip on the bottom piece of fabric all around to the end. And Wah-La it is done! And some child has a soft, soft blankie with built in fringe to hold on to and rub against his/her cheek.

I had fun meeting new people. Roberta who had a new sewing machine just like mine! Talking to Siepi, who is from Israel, in Hebrew! Young Areilla, who with a young friend made another tie quilt of fleece. Linda who headed the project and did such a good job explaining how to do the different things. Linda shared a wonderful tradition they started last year. That is to wrap the youngest child there in the finished quilt and fill it with the blessings of our whole community to send to the recipient of this finished blanket.

I also started a quilt of squares that I agreed to bring home to finish and return in two weeks. It was called Mitzvah Day! Doing a mitzvah is doing a good deed...something for others. It feels good!

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  1. Hard to believe that flower is for real. !!!! Love the idea of doing a good favor to others day. Look fwd to your future drawings.

  2. I agree the flower is beyond real.
    So many layers.

    I just finished sandwiching and turning out my first ever "pillow quilt". You piece a top, then sew the three pieces of top, batting and backing together and then turn it in-side out like a pillow case.
    So cool. Now I need to either learn how to tie the joining corners of the quilted squares or machine quilt it. I am tempted to do the former as it's so soft. I gave it a flannel backing. Photo to follow. Did this at the temple (started it there) and brought it home to finish.

    What an amazing day. I made a blanket with tied fringe, a pillow case quilt, drew a picture, and took a picture.
    Whew! My creativity runnith all over the place.

  3. Wow, such a lot you have created... I'd love to see photos of the blankie's please if you have any?
    Also, you speak Hebrew? Goodness I'm impressed!

    Go Girl!

  4. I will take a photo of the small quilt soon, after I finish tieing its squares. I forgot to take my camera with me yesterday unfortunately, so didn't get a photo of the fleece blankie. Darn it. I will make more of these I'm sure because they are so cute. They would make ideal baby shower gifts. Easy, fast, inexpensive and adorable. And babies love the tags around the edges. They can grasp them.

    I am able to speak some Hebrew. I lived in Israel in my early twenties for five years. Didn't speak it then, but it came back to me when I revisited the country 12 years later. So now whenever I get the opportunity to practice it's great fun. I'm always surprised by what I remember. Yesterday words for scissors, machine, beautiful, came back to me easily. And I learned that the Hebrew word for quilt is...quilt! LOL

  5. This is a magic flower! I don't see it very often here:)so thanks for the photograph. Have a nice day,

  6. This flower is awesome. I had to9 come back and see it again. If you stare at it you can almost see a face with a head dress on top and the purple around it could be a necklace. Maybe a native dancer or ballerina. I could see Andrea doing something out of that. ;)

  7. Great to see a passion flower as the photo on my birth date! And the night before I drank passion fruit juice at another friend's birthday celebration. This must mean it will be a passionate year!

  8. Elspeth, thanks for coming in and so glad you like and enjoy the passion flower. Happy Birthday to you. Seems we have several October birthdays here in blogland.


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