Friday, November 9, 2007

Creativity in the Planning Stages

I woke this morning with creative ideas flowing out my ears...had I dreamt this or did it come upon waking?

Not sure but I got up and quickly drew the quilted "wall hanging/table topper/whatever my young cousin wants to use it as. It's to be a wedding gift.
I knew it would be black and white. With maybe one tiny touch of red.

It's a modification of the French Rose quilt that you all must be exhausted hearing about by now...but done with only nine squares and in black and white. Two of the fabrics are batik, the rest other cottons. I spent two hours at the quilt shop pouring over everything black and white in the shop and finally felt I actually picked all the fabrics myself. There were a few ideas I took from Patty who was helping me. She liked the batik border (fabric on the lower far right end) instead of my original idea of plain black. The narrow inner border will be black. The background white, the roses a mixture of all the other prints. I'm excited to give this birth.
Of course all the top quilting will be done by me, free style sewing in black on white! I am so excited! (again!) ;-)

While there my beginning quilt teacher, Connie, came in. When she saw what I was doing she gave me a huge compliment. She said,
"Lynn you inspire me, I never would have thought to do that."

My next creative step was to phone Borders to find out if the new Cloth, Paper, Scissors mag was in yet. It was! I ran down there to pick it up. And guess who's on the cover/and has a long article about her art inside? Judy Wise!

Judy is the mixed media artist who has visited my blog! Probably after I found hers and visited there. Wow. Wow. Wow. She teaches art classes in Oregon. How I would love to take one or more of those! I'm encouraging Cris to check them out.

I came home and sewed on the first Rose Quilt...darn border is puckered in one corner. Am looking for my stitch ripper...or thinking of puckers being pleats outside the box, arty...maybe? Nu?
It's just in one corner. And the backing there is fine.
Couldn't have been the other way around? {Several hours later: I took out the puckers. All smooth and all borders sewn in the ditches. Now on to top stitching them free style! Oh goodie, I do love this part.}

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  1. Wow Lynn where do you come up with these ideas? Lucky family member..That is going to be really nice. Can I be part of your family??? lol
    Your drawing is coming in handy now. Sketching out your quilts after your dreams now. How cool is that?
    Can you get that Magazine anywhere? We only have a small Waldons bookstore here. Never heard of the magazine before tho.
    I DID check out Judys blog. It took for ever and a day to get it to come up. Looks like a cool blog if I can get it to come up again. arrgh.

  2. Cris the ideas are just flowing now like a rushing's hard to contain them all.

    I'd ask at your Waldons if they'd order the magazine if they don't already carry it. It has amazing stuff in it. Lots more ideas of things to create with directions of how to do it. You can always subscribe too, that's my next move!I believe it came out first in 2004.

  3. Lynn, your new Quilt project looks great, beautiful fabrics, you did a great choice! Can't wait to see how you progress on that! I'm amazed at how many creative stuff you manage to pack in a day!
    Have a great day

  4. PS: your slideshow is getting better and better, I love : she wanted a bikini and all the other rocking dolls! Great knitting and so funny, Ilove them all!

  5. Yes, nice to see yr sketch of a project idea and then to see the materials you purchased to carry it out. I like all the black and white. It will be a pretty cool, or warm, quilt.

    How wonderful that you are bursting with creative ideas. That sounds so enriching and energizing.

  6. it's hard enough to get out of bed some days, never mind wake up full of ideas, you're super.


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