Saturday, November 10, 2007

Creative Saturday

Saturday is Garage Sale Day for my DH and ME. We get up early and make the rounds.
I can see how my new CREATIVE LIFE is changing what I am looking for and buying.
From top left to right:
Oranges for you from California; dropped off a book at the library; the wicked witch in a new pose!
Middle row: What a find, this tin full of vintage hair clips, the woman who sold it to me for $1.00 said she & her sister wore them as children.
I saw them as collage materials. Now I have yet to make a textile collage or mixed media collage, but I am collecting NOW.
In the center were these precious vintage children's' clothing. Also collage stuff? Or may give the white pinafore to my little grand daughter to dress up in.
An artist sold me the fill able never used pen set for $5. He paid $72 for them in 1990. He said they were still good. Any artists opinions out there? Silly to buy pins you need to fill with ink?
Bottom row is a sweet little tray for I don't know yet, maybe for art, maybe for grand kids 25 cents). The 2007 Quilt calendar for collage pages 25 cents; and in the last photo is a brand new journal made of all recycled papers and bark ($1). I think I spent a total of $8.50 today!
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  1. Oh how fun. I love garage sailing. You would love it up here. GS seems to the IN thing to do in Oregon. We have found more good things we have recycled and used in our home and yard. Looks like you made quite the haul for a little over 8 bucks.

  2. O.M.G. !!! I am soooooo absolutely jealous about the refillable pens!!!! SERIOUSLY! I hate you! HATE YOU!!! ;-) LOL

    Basically they are the STAEDLER equivilent of the Rotring Pen I use: a very good make used by professional draftsmen. It looks as if you have bought a set with a variety of nib sizes as well as a bottle of ink. I take back what I said about your earrings (next post) being the bargain of the century... this definately beats it.

    Rotring have stopped doing disposable pens and now only do the refillable ones (like yours). I asked Hubby to buy me a Rotring set for Christmas, which will cost approx £60 (or $120.)

    If you don't want your new acquisition I could always take it off your hands for you...?! ;-)

    Basically Lynn - yes this was a GOOD find! Don't you just LOVE car boot/garage sales!

  3. Elizabeth: I am laughing hard regarding your jealousy for my pens find! I do wish I could share them with you at least. So expensive there. I read DH what you said and he said: "Well that is your Christmas present then!"
    Thanks Elizabeth, he spent a mere $5 on these! Nothing!!!! I hope I come to appreciate them as you make me believe I should. Hugs.

  4. Wow - great score on the garage sale booty. I've paid $$$ for those pens in the past - those are wonderful to draw with.

  5. Wow...those are some great finds! I went to garage sales today and found a few things...but nothing as great as yours!

  6. Great GS booty. The pens sound great. On Cape Cod--fabulous garage sale and thrift store stuff because, I think, lots of what I call "rich" people there who buy top make designer everythings then don't want them anymore.

    Here in NH at least in this area GSales and thrift stores are a BIG disappointment and borderline waste of energy to go to.

    My possibly inaccurate conclusion is that the sales in wealthier areas are better than the sales in depressed finacially areas.

    such a high to get good deals.

  7. Lucky Lynn, it looks as if you got the maximum out of the minimum investment:) I love those pens and the hair pins! And the californian oranges too. The library looks good, your's must be a beautiful neighbourhood.


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