Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am too full...A grandmother's poem

I am too full yes of food but also of love but one cannot be too full of love that is foolish to say
I am full of a wonderful day
Cleaning house takes a lot of energy and time and effort
And then I sat back and looked at it shining
every corner cleaner than it had been in a long long time
as one cannot clean while one is quilting or drawing or sketching
so the dust accumulated and layered like layers of a collage
Thick, chaotic
magazines piled high
in places
stuff everywhere put into place
so nice to see as DH took out boxes of his magazines to the garage no longer stacked under tables
in living areas
bare then
open spaces
room to breathe and move
then the company came
kids came
toys got taken out of their neat places where they had waited patiently for little hands to find them
found they spread over all the newly opened spaces filling them up
then food came out and was spread over two tables and people filled all the chairs brought in for the occasion
food got on the once clean table cloths
napkins fell to the floor
crumbs followed
children with dirty faces, cute, sweet food strewn faces
getting their fill
eating some and then rushing off to play some more
gifts opened next and paper flying
new toys played with all over the house
find all the parts so nothing is lost
time to pack up and put into pajamas
read a few books on a grandmothers lap
play a few songs with grandpas guitar
then pile all that they came with and all the new toys into the car
carry a child who is suddenly too heavy for the back that worked so hard to mop the floors
cook the dinner set the table do the dishes
but what a joy to carry this child
in all her heaviness to the car
to buckle her into her car seat as mother buckles brother in his
covers them in blankets as they clutch two books they got to take from grandmothers stash
reading them in the light of moon
over head full
like my stomach is full from the food
and my heart is full from the love
of having family over
to clean for and cook for
and be with and hug
happy to do it
happy to be it
happy to have it
feeling full y blessed


  1. Dearest Lynn, Thank you for writing my blog for me tonight. Well up to the kids came. That was me today. that is my house too.. we just finished cleaning up.. the dish washer is going, the washer/dryer is going and I am going.. to bed.. with a smile on my face for the company we fed and enjoyed.
    Tomorrow I will put everything away till next time I get a hair brained idea to cook for eight. lol. and I WILL. oh and that extra burnt pie wasnt even missed. ;)

  2. oh I forgot..Glad you had a wonderful time too.
    Hugs.. old faithful here. LOL

  3. Sounds lovely Lynn. I think you have a wonderful, warm and loving family. Now today, you can rest. be well, Suki

  4. Wow! this is terrific!... breathtaking... with that beautiful ending ... me,too, felt that bless.
    Thanks for your nice comments and that beautiful poem about hate...

    I read the newspaper today.
    I wish I hadn't.
    It was full of hate.
    Such a waste.
    Such a waste.

  5. what a young looking grandma you are, and how fortunate and blessed, but luckiest of all is that you know how lucky you are and you appreciate it, so many people have so much and don't even realise it.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    I'm on my way out the door toward my own threesome where I'll be happy to do it, happy to be it and happy to have it all through the holidays.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  7. Lynn.. Thanks for comment on my blog. Yes its cool how people are checking each of us out and joining in the fun. I just posted my pix of living room all cleaned up for company. It usually looks good except for the blankets to protect the couch from Annie and the cats laying on it when no one is visiting. lol
    I just saw what your friend gave you for gifts.. Wow Art gear.. HOW DID SHE KNOW. LOL. you will be very busy creating next year me thinks. This blogging has sure inspired me to keep it up.
    Thanks to you and everyone else coming along for the ride. ;) The more the merrier.

  8. The best thing about a clean house is having loved ones over to mess it up again.

  9. :) So you are experiencing 'emotional overload of a pleasant kind' Most of us are and hopefully all of it is pleasant.

    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  10. What a beautiful, beautiful poem.

    I just re-read it, and love it even more.

    Love your MN pictures--sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Hope so!

  11. Thank you everyone, thank you Karen, yes we are enjoying our time in MN...every night or day with my MIL makes me that much more aware of the sanctity of life. Each day is a blessing we often take for granted in our day to day routines of life...but it's fleeting really...


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