Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kid Sitting and Kids Art

Before leaving to babysit yesterday I quickly cut out and pieced together some squares to quilt so I would have something fun to do when the kids were asleep at nap time and night time.
This is the start of a kids small quilt or wall hanging. More about this's much further along today!
My husband and I had the HONOR of babysitting our three year old twin grand kids this weekend!
What a ball we had. And oh how I wish I could share photos of them, but you will just have to take my word that they are growing, talking, being absolutely DE-Light-FUL.

They had a guitar playing/singing jam to beat the band. Both kids have little red guitars with real guitar strings and they strum them and sing songs that they know. My husband brought his guitar and jammed with them teaching them a few new songs.

Craft time went well, first with a bag full of fabric scraps I brought and two small paper bags (from my quilt shop), and glue sticks! The kids loved asking for colors, shapes, feeling the textures, and gluing the pieces to the bags! These became "birthday gifts" to their parents, to "Trick O Treat Bags for the parents for Next Halloween!"

The drawing in orange was on their kitchen wall done by grand daughter! Her first endeavors into portrait painting! LOL

The cloth books went over exceptionally well. I was surprised. I sat on a pillow on the floor. The kids sat in front of me. I showed them a book, asked them to look at the cover picture and then tell me what was happening, or what the story was about. I wrote down what they told me.
Here is their first written work!

Book #1:
Girl: Sometimes I sleep all night long.
Boy: I go to bed and I touch my guitar and I wake up and I play my guitar and I make sounds!
Girl: There was a butterfly and he landed on the girl.
Boy: I saw two butterflies and they landed on me!

Book #2:
Girl: There are girls everywhere and they are yelling!
Boy: Sometimes the girls are talking too loud and they hurt my ears.
Girl: One girl is inside and one is outside. All of the persons are drinking milk.
Boy: Sometimes when I wake up in the morning light I go to my mommy's bed and my daddy wakes up and they play with me.

Book #3:
Boy: Sometimes when I go to sleep and wake up in the morning my guitar sleeps out in here. (living room)
Boy: She's telling the girl she is going to San Francisco. She's going to see her friends.
Boy: She said back to her: "I'm already home." She is sick. Sometimes when the kitty throws up over there my daddy cleans it up and it dries.
Girl: She came home with her hat and her flower stars. She was coughing.

They both said I should put the other three books away for another time, and we did.

One of my favorite times is bedtime when we get them into pajamas, brush teeth, wash up and then to sit on the couch, me in the middle with a cuddly kid on each side of me as I read a pile of books they have chosen and/or I have brought with me. It's a very warm and lovey time. Last night we read a wonderful book by Maya Angelo set in South Africa and told by children, photos of the children who are joining their mother's painting their houses with bold, bright, designs! The kids asked lots of questions about the different sort of clothing, beads, etc. It held their interest start to finish.

Needless to say a good time was had by all.
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  1. Those Kids have got the best Grandma in the whole world. ;-)
    How fun you do crafts and things. Did you do this with your kids too?
    I cant believe how quick you are at getting things done.
    They will have lots to treasure and pass on when they grow up.
    I have been sorting thru pix trying to find ones I have saved to work from and found something I am working on. not done yet so maybe tomorrow I will get it done.

    Glad your still creating. Check out Creative everyday.. Leah. she wants everyone to creat all year long next year. well not to have to post it everyday but keep up the creating and posting when you have something to post..Good way to help motivate each other.
    Oh I found my quilt pix and posted them.

  2. it sounds like a lovely time! i love the stories that the kids made up!

    thank you for joining in aedm this year!! it was wonderful having you along on the journey, lynn!!

  3. Lynn, what fun times you creat for your grandkids. The books were so sweet and funny. I love the drawing too.

    YOu could cut out and piece together a quilt that quickly!!! Amazing.

    On Flickr (I think) or maybe on any similar photo thingy you can upload photos of family and more personal things and then restrict access to only those who are on the list. I'm not sure how it works but I've been on people's photo sites where it says this, access only for those accepted by poster or whatever. I'm not saying it very well but maybe you get the jist. You could have photos of your family and then just allow family or friends access. That way you could share.

  4. The new quilt is brimming with colours, there are many many things to discover on this piece! I love the red-orange portrait, it is just gorgeous and the kids' stories for the books are funny, I smiled about the girls who talk too loud and the cat that threw up:)

  5. Cris, I had a small nursery school when my kids were toddlers and pre schoolers and I took courses for a certificate in Early Childhood Education then too. So yes, I did this with my kids too. And it's still fun now!!

    If anyone wants to be added to my photo mailing list you can give me your personal email address and I'll share photos of the kids that way.

    The new quilt just needs it's binding, and to be washed to make it's frayed edges. It's adorable if I do say so myself...I added two types of yarn around the inner squares (lime green fun fur and yellow yarn). It might get a few more embellishments before deamed completely done. It's a young childs wall hanging or little play blanket. I may put it up for bid! It would also be a great blanket for a baby to lay on as there is so much to see and touch.

  6. Lynn, Under that head of hair is a LOT of surprises. ;)I have been seeing bits and pieces here and there. No wonder your so talented with about anything!

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  8. they must be adorable at three. are they identical? do two of them gang up on the other one? what a handful, are they your daughter or son's kids? how many grandkids do you have?

  9. I love reading what you get up to with the grandchildren... it gives me LOTS of ideas of how to keep my son entertained on a wet day. Thank you!

    Please feel free to write out a list of ideas for me to copy...... ;-)

    Is there anything you CAN"T do? It still amazes me how fast you get everything down, I feel down right inadequate! And to think that you once said MY work intimidated YOU!!! Ha Ha that's a joke :-)

    Lovely to catch up with your blog after all this time. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement - they mean a lot to me.

  10. FY: There are two kids age three a brother and a sister. So no, not identical. Of course they get on each others nerves at times, but this weekend they were delightful together and with us. No fighting, no tears, just a lot of fun.

    Lizzi, Thanks and feel free to use my ideas!

  11. The new quilt is so FUN! So whimsical and jazzy!


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