Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Home is 40 degrees F in my backyard at 7 a.m.
Home is green grass and flowers blooming.

Home is a familiar place, comfy, warm and inviting.

Home is my quilts on the walls and the chairs waiting for our return.

Home is a fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables (instead of chocolate and sweets)

and a scale that says I ate way too much of the latter and not enough of the former.

Home is sounds in my head of kitty meowing for me...just before we go to pick him up.

Home is not needing to put on layers and layers of clothing to be warm outside.

Home is the two of us on New Years Day knowing we can just hang out and do whatever our hearts desire.

Home is two hours earlier than it was where we were and being a little foggy headed but knowing we have a day to catch up and will.

Home sweet home.

Glad to be home.

PS:... and now Kitty is home too, checking out the house he too missed for a week, outside marking his territory...he too is glad to be home.


  1. Now clap your red shoes together and say; "Theres no place like home. There's no place like home" :-)

    There is ice all over our field & all the bird baths are frozen but sill this is far better then where you've been freezing at.

    Enjoy your recovery day.

  2. Glad you made it home safely and found all in order. Take care, Suki PS thanks for staying in touch whilst on vacation. It was fun to meet the family!!!

  3. I was going to say what Cris said - oh well - there goes my creative thought for the day.

    Happy New Year and look forward to more of your wonderful quilts and artwork.

  4. Your deep and sincere emotions through these poetic words made me love my home much more...
    Welcome back home ... Welcome back to warmth... to you...
    H ...haven
    O ...of
    E ...emotions


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