Friday, January 4, 2008

Its pouring cats and dogs here

heavy rains and storms, electricity is out many many places so am writing quickly as I may not be able to later. drove down in heavy winds and rain, hard to see, car just staying put going slowing down freeway...wonderful fun morning with the kids...they loved "craft time", making pasta necklaces and gluing pasta to paper bag paper, reading stories, coloring, playing being trains all over the house, guitar playing...snacks and lunch and now nap time. DGD is asleep, DGS in quiet but still awake. Grandparents are tired but blissed. They snuggle up to both of us and we eat it up. Can't get over how much rain is falling right now. Sheets of it. So hugs to all until next I can get in.


  1. Happy, Happy Days!!! :-))))))

  2. Hey there, in the rain, have fun playing:) and snuggling with grandkids

  3. wow.. hope you get home safe and sound. We are getting quite a storm here too but sounds like you're getting a bit harder rain. Altho they posted flood watch warnings around here I'm not to worried. Glad you had fun with the Grandkids. Good you had DH to go with you today. Will look forward to some pix.

  4. The weather seems to be a bit wild everywhere right now! I hope that you stay dry and warm and full of good 'snuggles'. :)

    My favorite memories growing up were the times spent doing arts and crafts with loved ones...what a blessing that you're creating those memories with them!!!

  5. I heard on the news abt storms in California. Sounds like a good time is had by all when Gma and Gpa babysit. Blessings, suki


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