Saturday, January 5, 2008

The rains they rained for forty days e-days, the rains they rained for forty days e-days or so it seemed yesterday...The Lord said to Noah get ye an ark e-ark...(from a song I learned in Jewish summer camp years ago...) That's how hard it rained yesterday.

But were were safe and dry inside having a wonderful time with our two grand children. Here they are at "craft time" (former nursery school owner/operator grandma still has the skills) The kids loved it.

This is the chair that was in my mother's kitchen as a young bride...then her two children, my brother and I sat on it, then my two children sat on it, then my sons two children sat on it and now my daughters two children sit on it...the chair is about 76 years old I figure.
It holds the children's pasta necklaces very well.

And they were very productive in the art department!

We had a wonderful day babysitting yesterday, there were torrential rains all day long non stop so we did not get outside.

The kids loved "craft time"...they strung necklaces with the colored pasta I made the night before, and then glued pictures some for special people;

(Judy, I found the needed alcohol and it worked great just like you said it would, they dried quickly. And Patty, does this remind you of when we did craft time with A. (DD) in our nursery school?);

...and we were trains running through the house, lots of stories, lots of talking, guitar playing, snack time, naps on my nursery quilts: "Did you make these for me?" Yes. "On what?" On my sewing machine! They know.

DGD can identify all the letters in her name and can WRITE THEM too. Granted not necessarily in the right order but she writes each letter. The A is upside down but perfect otherwise, the E sometimes has more than three prongs! Very cute, very smart kids. DGS can spell his name out loud and writes the A's too. His are right side up! They both count far...and we did some easy subtraction problems in a new Thomas the Train magazine I brought. They could do it!

Lots and lots of questions about steam engines...we have to take them to the near by train museum in the Spring...and get them on those trains (steam engines there) so he can ask his many questions to the people there that grandma can't always answer. I assured them there would be people there who would know the answers to his questions.

He had the sweetest smile and thank you when he heard he could keep the little book/box of small cars I'd filled and had in my grandma's bag. DGD asked me to take her dress with the rip home to sew on my sewing machine to fix it for her.

They both snuggled up to grandpa a lot as he drew pictures for them, worked on creating triangles out of squares which DGD later added to and cut out with scissors. She cuts right on the lines. DGS asked grandpa to get out his guitar to play and played with him for a while.

Beautiful Shabbat dinner when the parents came home, candle lighting, blessings over wine and bread...just lovely...the kids have their own little silver kiddush cups to drink their grape juice from. In Hebrew her cup says Yelda tova/Good Girl and his Yelid Tov/good boy...Sweet.

It was a blessed day. No tears...lots of laughter...lots of hugs...we are blessed beyond belief! WOW.


  1. What a lovely day you all had. I never did projects like this growing up. How fun this all looks. What a wonderful GMA & GPA they have.
    I too thought we might need an Ark yesterday. LOL
    Thanks for the synopsis of your wonderful day. Glad you got there & home safe and sound.

  2. I forgot to mention the hand me down chair. How cool is that to think how many thru the years used it. Priceless.
    I am using a chair that my Dad sat in at his desk in the early sixties. I cant part with it because of the sentimental feelings about it. oh and his desk is my sewing desk. altho I had to paint it as the Maple wood had gotten pretty beat up. Still I love it.

  3. I read about heavy rain and storms in California and even the electericity being out... I jump in here to see you are ok... I read all through this wonderful post: those happy moments with your grandchildren and their artworks and the lovely old chair and the nice dinner and the blessing ..all made me so relaxed that I forgot all about the storms... then I saw the header of the previous post and I remembered why I was here in such a hurry..
    Thank God you are safe and sound. We are blessed too...Thank God for the friends we've got.
    In Iran our weekly holiday (the day we don't work)is on fridays, like Jews.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, dear Lynn.

  4. I love the pasta necklaces and the old children chair! And I love reading your stories about your time with your grandkids.
    Have a good Saturday/Sunday

  5. Yes Lynn, you are truly blessed -- but guess what --- your kids and grandkids are truly blessed, as well for having YOU in their life - as it sounds!

  6. The coloured pasta is so cheerful, the patterns it can create! How wonderful that you still have the chair and it is still being loved. What a great day you had with your sweeties. What a blessing.

  7. What fun at Lynn's camp! You're nurturing artists there.

    I didn't do anything to make my photos enlarge. Maybe there's a setting to allow or disallow it but I am totally unaware. Perhaps you could send an inquiry to the blogger team.

    I'm glad you are safe inside, safe from the storm.

  8. I'm here again to thank you for your poetic and impressive comment on my blog(on Snow poem)
    I've written about the name Andrea found in it...
    I forgot to say that I loved that song you wrote on top of you post... the number 40 has got a mythical and symbolic value...
    Thanks again.

  9. YOu are the best grandparents. Love the pasta collages. And the handed down chair. You create wonderful days for yourselves and others. Hope the rain stops soon. Blessings, Suki

  10. Lovely post Lynn - I was wondering if you were floating around. Nice to see you and your loved ones are warm and happy. 3 is a wonderful age, but then again - all the ages are wonderful, my 14 year old twin nephews are coming over to spend the day today, our fun is different now but no less wonderful
    I have a table and chairs that was my great Grandmas, then my mom's and now mine. Probably from the 1920's. I love that set.
    Stay warm!

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful coments. I want to respond to some of this.

    I'll go from bottom up:Mim, I love that you have twin nephews to share about too. I hope I am still around when mine are fourteen years old. And able to enjoy them.
    And yes, old family heirlooms are wonderful possessions. I also have my grandparents card table and chairs that is a blond wood with green fabric top and seats. The chairs have a leaf carved back. I should post it.

    And yes, we are "floating" but not in rain water, just floating high from the joy of our day with the kids.

    Thanks Suki, being able to grandparent close to home is just the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    Human being, there are many numbers in Jewish religion that are important and meaningful. I do not happen to know them all. But might look up "forty". Also from your earlier post, Jews do begin thier Sabbath on Friday evening but it is Saturday that they rest from working (at least in Israel this is the case). I just happen to not work on Fridays by choice.
    Nothing to do with my religion. ;-)I will look for your explaination of Habib.

    Annie, it's fun to give the kids these art opportunities. As a former nursery school teacher it just happens naturally.

    Clevelandgirlie, thanks for saying what we know about being blessed and sweet to hear we in turn become blessings to our grandchildren. I do feel it's a mutual admiration society!

    My mother wrote a poem about that chair that got published in an anthology of poems. I ought to post it one day.

    And thanks to the rest of you who wrote wonderful comments about our wonderful day.

  12. Thanks Lynn for your explanations.. Yes I was mistaken... when I thought more i remembered all the Jews i knew, had their holiday on Saturday. Sorry!
    Here number 40 mostly denotes abundance and the completion coming from it... we have many references to this number in our culture.. for example a quilt work is called a 40-piece(chel-tikeh).
    Thanks again.

  13. Well you deserve it... you are just the coolest Grandma in the whole wide world (alongside my son's, of course ;-)) BIG HUG.

    Will catch up again soon - you do SO MUCH while I am away....!!


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