Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday and Sunday Creativity

We were supposed to go visit my aunt and uncle today (age 89 this month) but uncle called to say my aunt was not up for company after we stayed home.

I hand sewed the letter I wrote of explanation to my young cousin Amy about her Great Grandmother Ella on the back of the Ella quilt wall hanging. (I know you must be tired of hearing about this piece by now...but for my own journaling purposes I post this). The hand stitching is not so neat...I do better on machine me thinks...but it is what it is...used sparkly gold thread which I like. It's done on Computer Printer Fabric using my Epson printer. The text is taken from what I have written to you here on my blog in past blogs with some editing.

Last night I embroidered my full name in the bottom right hand corner on the black border in bright yellow like the flowers and then the year, 2008, up the side in same corner, also in yellow. Gives it a little more sparkle.

I guess it's really done now...and it's time to kiss her goodbye. Send her off in the mail to my Cousin Amy and hope for the best! ;-) ;-( :-0

I can't believe the emotions, and memories that were evoked from making this piece. It really was a journey. I wish I could know how long it will last in our family, how many will care and care for it? I'm pretty sure Amy will.

On Saturday I was also creative. I started piecing some fabric collage pieces around (children's fabrics with animals, bugs, leaves and flowers, and fairy people (sewing, gardening, cooking, like their grandma, well except for the cooking ;-) and photos of my grandchildren peeking out from all these pieces. I wasn't sure it was coming along well at all until I photographed it. And then it looked delightful all of a sudden. But I can't post it because it has the kids photos full face on it. Too bad. Very cute if I do say so myself. Not sewn yet at all...just pieces laying there on a sheet of muslin cloth.

Feels good to be being creative again...even if it feels as though it's moving much slower than before...maybe a more normal pace? Lots of thinking between actions.


  1. Sorry you couldn't go visit your Aunt. Good thing he called before you left.
    Sounds like you have been creating. Good. Slow is good. you enjoy it more. But sometimes you just have to see it done. and no I am not getting bored with hearing about your creation..or creations. Nice you could print out that letter on cloth to put on your Ella quilt. Maked it more authenic.
    Wish I could see your kids creation. Sounds cute.
    I have fallen behind in creating. boo hiss on me. But I am going to get with it. This dreary weather is making me want to hibernate. I think the back is doing better tonight. Lets hope!! Hard to create when you can't sit upright long.

  2. Sometimes that sort of project is just what I need...the kind with thinking in between sessions of doing.

  3. So you've returned! To you creations... great! We never get tired of reading about them as Cris said... they make us creative ,too.
    I loved your reflection on "return"... touched my heart... wish you can return to your birth place and your dear ones soon.

    I agree with Kelly; those meditating intervals... they are so fruitful most of the time...

    Lynn thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.
    Thank you also for your insightful reflections on my blog... they always brighten a new aspect of the thing i knew before..
    What you wrote on 'Epiphany'...
    A very beautiful interpretation and wish.. I do hope all of us have many many returns to better things.. this is the way we go forward .. the way we grow..

    I wrote again about that sculptor!!! :D

    Lots of love.

  4. This is another creative artwork from Lynn that I'm honored to have in my blog [post:cosmos]:

    to be full of the world
    to encompass the world
    to embrace the world
    to be embraced by the world
    to circle the world
    to be one with the world
    to have but one world
    to be united
    with all who are full of the world
    filled with world
    be world

    Lynn, as i was reading through your beauuuuuutiful poem, i felt i'm really embracing all the world... i could hug it all... your poem gave me such a joy and power i think i can tolerate and 'dissolve' all the negative things.... It was a bomb of positive energy destroying all the doubts nad sorrows, planting hope and love...
    Wish we were bombarded with such bombs! Love you so much...
    This is for you who are full of the world, full of love :

    W.....We have
    R.....religion, and

  5. YOur creative self abounds with energy and delight. Thank you for sharing your world with us/me. You are an inspiration. And now a poet. Love the meditation on World on hb's blog. hb you are inspiring us to new things and aspects of self through your poetry and insights.

  6. Wow. Just words flowing from my mind...nice to think they made you two feel good. I do continue to be in awe of how we are all connected through this machine I didn't think I needed or wanted when DH suggested I get one (computer)...and now, wow, I am truly ONE with the WORLD because of it. And connected to such wonderful human beings from near and far...its truly amazing and wonderful and life fullfilling beyond my wildest dreams.

    A humble thank you.

  7. Suki, Lynn,
    Just a big big hug! :D

    Thank YOU!

  8. I was thinking today about how the pace of knitting and crocheting and weaving (my passions) changes after Christmas when there is no deadline for certain things. It's a nice pace, one I look forward to each year. It's nice to hear someone else mention something similar.

  9. Slow can be very comforting and good.


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