Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lynn is Brave...Lynn takes a Painting Class...

Brave Lynn went to painting class tonight. She joined Lisa, Sandy, Jill, Brianna, and Cindy at the huge painting easels. Cindy has past experience at painting. I imagine Brianna does too, (Cindy is an adult, Brianna about 12 years old). Brenda is a good teacher (she was my drawing class teacher too). We used acrylics. We had a palate with two whites, a yellow, a green and a blue paint. We learned how to mix paint to make darker green and mint green. We followed what Brenda did and sort of copied her but were allowed to add our own style. We started with sky...two shades of blue and white to make it even lighter. Clouds were white. Mine got thick. I like texture. I like texture in collage, in fabric collage, in quilts and now in paints too. My clouds have texture. Brenda said that was okay. Others were told to smooth theirs out, to be more this or that. I was told to stop and leave mine as they were. They dried with texture. Then Brenda painted hills. Two hills. One hill overlapped the other. We needed to put bumps in our hills so they weren't just smooth lines. Mine were pretty bumpy. Then came the trees. I was okay at clouds. I was a little okay at hills. I do not think I was okay at trees. My trees looked like rabbit poop. Little dots of rabbit droppings all over my hills. My trees lacked texture. They did not clump right. They did not have enough space between their clumps. I was told to smooth out my hills and start again. I did that I clear cut my hills of trees, and then I had trees with texture or hills with texture that might be trees and not rabbit droppings. I am still not sure. The class was over and we had to go home. We did not have to clean our brushes. We did not have to fix the brushes that broke (mine). We did not have to clean up the paint that got spilt (mine) on the floor or on the easel. We could just go home. I was relieved I got to go home. I feel safer at home. I'm going to go look at my quilts now. Good night. I was very brave tonight. I went to painting class. Good night. Sleep will be a safe place to be. Do you think I might be tramatized by painting class? It's a possiblity.


  1. LOL. Lynn you crack me up. Yes new things like that are a bit daunting. but it will come. You will learn how to use your brush to make trees or mountains or leaves. It's all in the brush stroke. Did you leave your painting there? I'm proud of you for trying all this new art. Just think if you hadn't have gotten a computer You wouldn't have found out all this stuff about yourself. That you CAN create in all mediums :)Now take three deep breaths and go pet Henry. LOL

  2. LOL.That was a quite an expressive description of a painting class!

    Keep being brave:)

  3. Very funny, Lynn. You are tres brave, trying new things. Trees are some of the hardest things to do, methinks. I can't do them except as blob.

    I do believe in using only the primary colors to mix colors. Red, Blue and yellow can make just about any other color depending on amounts of each you use. But this is probably old fashioned.

    Anyway, did you think it was fun to mess about with paint regardless of the results??

  4. I woke up safe and sound in my own home today. Whew. The paint devils did not get me!

    "Did I like messing about in the paints?" YES I did.

    "...Trees are hard...": These trees are in the background far away on hills and only needed to be tiny dots. But I could not get my dots to line up right or cluster correctly. Or they were too lined up with not enough space between clusters. Something like that.

    I had a very hard time keeping my tongue bit so as not to swear in front of the 12 year old who was doing just fine with her trees next to me at her easel.

    I think my next class may be as a stand up comedian. I may do better at that...making a fool of myself!

  5. At last!
    Today i had a hell of time with this commenting winwow of Blogger...
    Lynn, i was so excited about your bravery , but i couldn't express it! Sorry for being late...
    I think you are more than brave.. you are full of life.. this word "full" reminds me of you... Remember that poem about grandmother you wrote and playing with the word 'full'? Also in your poem on World in my bolg, this fullness was present... i think it's because of this fullness that you like 'texture'.
    Yea, you are full of life and this makes you brave...
    The tone and style of the account was very creative and unique... you talked as if a child is narrating her first day of the class...with the same innocent tone and the same excitements and fears...Very dramatic indeed! You are a good writer, too.

    I'm sure, very soon we see your paintings on your blog, enjoing them as your other artworks...
    Keep up the good job.
    Lots of love...
    and thanks a lot for sharing so sincerely and artistically your expereinces with us ... i feel something's changing in me too
    i feel i'm braver, too!
    i may start to do new things... some 17-18 years ago i went to a drawing class for a short time and i was good at it... some years ago i tried to pick it up again but didn't got the chance... maybe i was not brave enough!

  6. Dear HB. Thank you for supporting my "fullness" (you have only to see me to know how full I really am!) and for supporting my bravery.
    I do not think I am in line for any medals here, but it was scary for me to try painting. I still am feeling a bit traumatized.
    But I will go back.

    And I do support and encourage you to be brave too and return to your drawing. Somehow all this support and encouragement here is leading me down all these new paths (or it will end with me being a patient in a looney bin somewhere, one or the other! Only time will tell).
    Caww Cawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  7. I know just what you mean about being brave to try this new thing. I've been encouraged by a couple of friends to go to their art class and I haven't been brave enough to do it. Yet.

  8. Ah ha, Annie, "YET" is the operative word here isn't it?

    Be brave.
    Even though I felt very child like in this class, even felt the one 12 year old child was older than I, I was glad I was doing it, trying it. I may not become the next Grandma Moses, but I am going to try new things, challenge myself, see what I can do. It may be that my camera and I are the best thing or me and my sewing machine are it, or me and my crochet hook and/or knitting needles (although I am not that great a knitter), but all these things I have tried and succeeded in some small way...I just want to do all I can while I am still here!

    I invite you to join me in the brave march forward!

    Brave women unite!
    Brave people unite!
    Try it,
    You might like it.
    If not,
    Try the next thing instead.
    What have you got to lose?
    A little dignity?

  9. This post made me laugh out loud! I'm so proud of you!

    One of the things that I have to keep reminding myself is that we really cannot 'fail' at art. It's all about experimenting and playing and creating. The joy of it comes from the process...

    I talk a good game, but you notice I'm not signing up for any painting classes!

    Loved the post!

  10. Wow! Lynn thanks for the encouragement; i'm a big step forward.... Soon you'll hear about me taking drawing classes again.. I owe it to you , Cris. Suki,.. and the rest of blog freinds.. and my husband ,too!
    That march song was amazing... that ending!... the way you have encouraged us , i think even if we are not successful, we gain something..
    O Lynn you are full of Life, full of positive energy... You are a blessing...

    You end up to be a crown on our head, as the Persian saying goes.
    A BIG hug!

  11. A crow from the crow for encouraging its crows:
    Caaawww caaawwwwww! :D

  12. oh, LOL, how I love to catch up with all your posts:)
    You are one funny woman and I love this Paint-Poem! Don't worry, the painting devil doesn't get us, he only frightens us. He is jealous.
    I love the idea of trees that look like rabbit droppings. This world needs trees like that, I'm sure.
    Great Lynn, keep on painting,
    (I'm smiling here)


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