Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Angelina "Hot Fix" fibers

What do you think of this addition?
The gold fibers on either side of the middle large photo.
It's called Angelina "Hot Fix" fibers from Embellishment Village.
I've added it to a few places around this piece to give it a little bit more sparkle.
I am open to critique!
Vote now:
Yea, or Nay!
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  1. My favorite line in a movie was from Sabrina the newer version. She was taking photos and asked to take some view shots and asked what he wanted in it..simple subject matter or more in the view. then she said "Sometimes more is just that, More". So ask yourself, Is this enhancing the quilt, Or is it just MORE.
    My opinion doesnt matter, besides I can't see much of it to really tell. You need to Pack this sucker up and mail it before you go crazy over thinking. LOL
    It is GORGEOUS. It doesn't need anything else. Truly.

  2. I think it's up to you as the artist, what feels best for you as you go with your creative flow. Putting it there indicates that it meant something for you in the moment. Then again maybe its purpose is to make it interactive - by your readers commenting. So in that light I would say that it does not seem necessary to me. I am a minimalist.

  3. Well as many a writing teacher says, "Less is more." This is my view although as Cris says seeing something in person is different from seeing small sections or a photo.

    I vote no new addtions and yes for mailing it off now.

    I think the new stuff is cool though and am sure you will use it in a new creation.

  4. Thanks for asking. What do YOU think?? Personally I say nay, and agree with what Cris said above. Big Hugs.

    BIG WELL DONE on the painting classes... yeay Lynn!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Definitely yea! Absolutely beautiful, Lynn.

  6. I repeat Cris:
    It is GORGEOUS. It doesn't need anything else. Truly.

    I love this quilt vey much .. it's full of love an art... may be if it gets crowded, some nice details will be missed...
    You are FULL of love and ideas... why don't you start a new work? You are brimming.. :D
    Bet your new work strikes off lots of sparks...
    I'm much honored you let us have a vote...
    Lots of love...
    Caaawww Caaaawwwww

  7. Thank you all for your votes of confidence and your takes on this piece.

    I am still in a personal quandry.
    Probably because I am having a hard time parting with "ELLA".

    I may have to do another for myself to keep.

    My head spins with ideas...again.

    Life is good.

    It's okay to feel confused.

    It's fun sorting it all out.

    And it's especially nice to have the likes of YOU to bounce it all off of.

    Thanks again!

  8. It's okay to feel confused.

    It's fun sorting it all out.

    So true, so wise, so beautiful!

  9. Maybe the quilt IS meant to be yours and you could send another quilt to your neice. ???

    All creativity comes out of chaos and confustion. Thus spake sukithustra

  10. Hi Lynn, I wonder if you still want to hear another answer to your question...I'd agree with some and say, less is more, your quilt is beautiful as it is. You are so sparkling with ideas: what if you try the angelina fibres on the next quilt? I guess one can fuse them with fabric with the iron, (put a teflon sheet between it) and then it becomes part of the surface. It is always great to experiment with new fibers, play around a bit with them before using them on a more "precious"piece..
    I love the Ella quilt as it is.
    Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to here what YOU decided to do:)


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