Friday, January 11, 2008

Painting Class #2

(NO, I did not paint this picture...but I felt my post needed some color...thus the road to painting perhaps? These are the colors we used last night in class.)

(Written last night after coming home from Painting Class #2)

I am just in from painting class. I am very, very tired from this long day...painting standing up for two hours after being with clients all day is a lot to ask of my feet. When I drove home tonight I got a Charlie horse in my right foot and it was hard to keep it on the gas pedal. And I got turned around in a parking lot behind the art studio and went way out of my way to get home, making the drive in pain much longer/harder. Poor me.

Painting hills was not an easy feat. But I did it. Mine are again different from everyone else's. I had hay stacks that I had to turn into hills and now have a very, very hilly area. No idea how I'll do my foreground. But as the teacher reminds us as she teaches us "her way" of painting she has twenty years of experience and this is my very first painting. Could be my last too. LOL

One more class on Thursday next week to maybe finish this “masterpiece”. NOT!

I also learned that for $7 an hour and cost of supplies I can go into this art studio and paint anytime. And the teacher may even be there to guide me. So who knows maybe I'll get brave enough to do that. Brenda will be teaching more classes too. For skill of learning how to draw water, and other things, anything we want to learn.

The class is fun and the people there are fun to be with. I especially like Jill who paints next to me...we get a lot of laughs out of the evening together. She wanted to commission me to do her clouds. She really likes mine. But I had to tell her I'd charge too much. She needs to do her own.

We were so all into our painting last night that we forgot to take a break. That must mean something good. Or we all became painting zombies on robot mode unable to stop...


  1. Yes those are loooong hours to keep.. and maybe you would do better with an earlier class. My teacher said she liked to teach in the mornings because people were fresher and at their most creative then. But then you work so that doesnt help you. and sometimes doing something YOU LIKE makes a big difference in how you do. It is good you are trying these new things. It will benefit you in the long run even in your quilt making. Kudos to you for being so brave. That studio sounds like a cool place. Can you go in when you like between certain hours?

  2. Some thoughts from a fellow artist, (hope you don't mind):

    a) You forgot to take a break = very good sign. (Personally, I find painting totally absorbing and very addictive)

    b) You had a laugh and maintanined your sense of humour = good sign

    c) This is the teachers style of painting; after a while, and with a bit of confidence, you will naturally fall into your own way of doing things

    d) Greens are incredibly difficult to mix and paint with... so many shades, hues and tones, so VERY easy to end up with a muddy mess.

    e) Don't be too hard on yourself, it doesn't have to be 'perfect' or 'good', EVER! (please remind me of this frequently = my worst habit)

    f) Sit down while you paint.

    LOTS and LOTS of Love and a BIG well done.

    Me :-)

  3. Now you're in the groove, just like I knew you'd be.

  4. Thanks for sharing your account of bravery with us once more... you are not only creating an artwork on a canvas, but another one in us... I love that..
    Sure your work IS a masterpieec... Masterpieces are works done with love ... the way you are absored in your painting, the way you tolerate the pain in your feet, they way you are joyful while painting... all show that this work is done with love...
    Two thumbs up for Lynn!

  5. Painting class? What a wonderful adventure. It's so nice you have a classmate next to you who is warm and has a sense of humour. Those are the little things that make life better, don't you think?

  6. I love this photo, the greens and the path!
    It reminds me of the time, when I got into psycho-analysis (did that intensly for 4 years). I lay on a sort of canapé and in front of me there was this large framed painting. Dark trees with some sun shining through, a path beneath. I knew that painting in and out and studied every leaf and every colourshade while wandering through the wounded alleys of my brain...
    A lovely photo!


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