Monday, February 11, 2008

Purple Project Day Two

Back says enough Lynn, take a break. And I do, but I want to go on. It's fun this process.
I have an email into Melissa Bula...question about her pattern...what do I do with the dotted lines? Do they mean this or that? Hopefully she'll tell me soon.

First I had to cut out a 30" x 23" piece for the background from a yard of material. This is to go on my "design board", which I have yet to purchase. For now it's on the back of a flannel tablecloth backing. If you knew me and numbers you would know why this took a very long time to do. Good news is: I did not screw it up! ;-) However, the book then says to make it the same size as the enlarged pattern drawing so there may still be some tweaking to do before I adhere fabric to backing cloth, as the pattern page is less than 30 x 23. Melissa???

Then my next step was to iron fabric and then cut out fusiable web that stayed within the margins of that fabric for the pieces I wanted to trace and cut out first in the background area.

Then I laid the blueprint/pattern out on my design table (that sounds so arty!!!)

And taped it into place. This is shows pattern page two of two, the first layer of pieces.

All my supplies I need are neatly (?) laid out on the table. Book to follow directions CAREFULLY. F.WEB that goes on the wrong side of the fabric. Pins and tracing paper. Pins are glass tipped so they will not melt into the fabric from ironing heat. Tracing paper and extra fine tip pin for tracing.

Then I pieced together traced pieces and cut them out.

I was pleased to learn that the sticky stuff stuck to the fabric. (The cheap stuff). I just saved $30 if it continues to prove effective, please!!!!!!!!!!)
And finally, the cutout pieces shown on the pattern where they will be on the background eventually. Whew. I guess all this took about two hours. No wonder I feel it in my back.

The good news was I could move clients around today so I didn't have to go in to work until one.

Now I must scurry as it's suddenly noontime and I need to prepare a quick bite to eat and run to the post office to get grandkids' Valentines in the mail in time!

I'd call this a successful morning. (I did cut one piece backwards and had to redo it, just so you know I am also not perfect, but am pleased with this progress nonetheless).

[Is anyone else not getting spell check to work on blogger?]


  1. Love this post! I find it fascinating to watch art in progress. I'm looking forward to the update!

  2. Oh my, this is so interesting to watch, glad I'm not doing it. I'm so bad at measuring. But I bet it will be beautiful in the long run.

    I can't get blogger to spell check either and it's driving me crazy.

  3. Wow this looks like a lot of work. But it looks like a professional who knows what they are doing. :) But how do you know what color to use where? I would probably cut out the wrong color for something.
    This will be fun to see how it comes together, and how fast too. lol

  4. oh and...Yes Spell check works for me. but it only works if you misspell something.

  5. Cris, in the book there is a color chart and the colors are all numbered. Actually they are lettered A-V. And the pattern has the same letters on it's individual parts. So I trace a section designated as "T" and cut "T" out of a green fabric and place "T" in the spot on the pattern that says "T". As Melissa said to me the day I met her, it's much like painting by numbers.

    It's also much like building a 3 deminsional puzzle starting with the bottom most pieces and layering up to the top most. I hope this gives some clarity of how this proceeds. it is a bit complicated and I have read and re-read the book to know how to do this.

    Later i would like to make one using my own photograph which would mean having to trace out the colors and sections of that photo/flower and make my own pattern. Lots more work. An even bigger challenge.

  6. Oh, neat! I love seeing the process behind things like this.

  7. It looks like fun and a lot of work, it's nice to see your work in progress. I love the big big shape of the flowers!

  8. Two exciting posts... we are like a bunch of buddies going treasure hunting.... we go on step by step and at he end... Another awesome sparkly thing from lynn!

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful moments with us. Enjoyed reading and watching the process.

    That array of lovely!
    ABE... Aab... so close... beautiful...Thanks for your nice comment.

  9. glory me, looks so complicated. you won't have any time for that special phonecall when it comes (grin).

  10. Interesting to see your process here. That flower looks lovely. Spellcheck is NOT working on my blogger form and I'm glad you mentioned it, I wondered if it was just me and my computer or blogger.

    Cant wait to see the progress on this quilt. Take care of yr back. Suki


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